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David Grewell flipped on the augers that carry corn from a truck to a biorefinery. Then, with a few more clicks of his computer mouse, he turned on the pumps that send grain all the way through an ethanol plant, from storage to hammer mill to slurry tanks to jet cooker to liquefaction, fermentation, distillation, water separation and ultimately to ethanol storage. Don't forget the centrifuges, evaporators and driers that recover distillers grains for livestock feed. All of this happened in a small office on the north side of the Food Sciences Building and the Center for Crops Utilization Research at Iowa State University. Grewell, an associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, calls his virtual control room "Nintendo for biofuel nerds." But I BOS (the Interactive Biorefinery Operations Simulator) is no game. It's based on real Iowa biorefineries that are producing ethanol and biodiesel. It's designed to help students in Iowa State's biorenewable resources and technology program learn about biofuel production. And it could be used by the biofuel industry to help train employees to operate a biorefinery. "This could be the major component of a curriculum for teaching biofuels operators how to run a plant," Grewell said. "It's like a flight simulator for pilots." And like a good flight simulator, the virtual control room is calibrated to match real world performance. It's based on differential calculations that describe the fundamental transport phenomena and incorporate the principles of mass and energy conservation. The simulations also take into account more than 20 specific production attributes including moisture, starch content, contaminants, temperature and particle size. All the attributes change as biomass is converted into biofuel. And they can be changed by instructors, giving students experience with a variety of production conditions. The virtual control room is now written to simulate the operation of ethanol and biodiesel plants. It keeps track of energy consumption, production efficiency and fuel quality. It also features interactive video clips from real biofuel plants that gives students a good look at the entire production process. It can also give them an inside look at a plant emergency. The virtual control room, for example, can simulate a fire in an ethanol plant's distillation column, right down to a red emergency light flashing on the control room wall. "Students will have to respond to the fire and learn what to turn off to minimize and contain the damage," Grewell said. The virtual control room can also offer training and experience with new feedstocks and technologies. Grewell said as new ideas are developed, and as researchers understand the processes and conversions, feedstocks such as cellulose from plants or oil from algae can be written into the simulations. The virtual control room was built by Grewell, Melissa Montalbo Lomboy, a post doctoral research associate; Priyanka Chand, a doctoral student; Christopher Rempe, a senior in industrial technology; and former students David Chipman and Yuriy Gritsenko. Department of Agriculture, the Renewable Energy Group Inc. of Ames, Lincolnway Energy of Nevada, Fastek International of Cedar Rapids, Cargill, Crown Iron Works Co. and Emerson Electric Co. Grewell said there's a reason industry is helping to support the research project. "This project will increase the productivity of biorefineries," Grewell said. "Companies will be better able to train their workers. And those workers will have less of a learning curve." Source: Iowa State University SharePrint this Article30 days Re analysis of clinical trial data can change conclusions, say Stanford researchersUT Arlington research uses nanotechnology to help cool electrons with no external sourcesSharks more abundant on healthy coral reefsWill the real unemployment rate please stand up?Gibbon genome sequence deepens understanding of primates rapid chromosomal rearrangements Potassium rich foods cut stroke, death risks among older womenA metallic alloy that is tough and ductile at cryogenic temperaturesRosetta Alice spectrograph obtains first far ultraviolet spectra of a cometary surfaceCalifornia blue whales rebound from whaling, first of their kin to do soSoy supplementation adversely effects expression of breast cancer related genes Ancient mammal relatives were active at night 100 million years before origin of mammalsNew Milky Way maps help solve stubborn interstellar material mysteryDo gut bacteria rule our minds?Organic photovoltaic cells of the futureWalking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty ,Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 10 Powder Blue 2014 You are feeling full of anticipation and naughty. You are waiting for your husband to come home. You dab on the most provocative perfume you own, which is your husbands favorite. You are wearing a teddy with a leopard print. While checking yourself in the mirror you look at your choice of your accessories and smile to yourself. You feel so vamped up. You feel like your sexiness is second to none. When you look down you see your prized pedicured feet. Painted red, they provide a wonderful match for your lingerie. This sexy package is topped off with an ankle bracelet. Yet you have this carping feeling that you are lacking an essential piece to complete your sexy package. You think to yourself, what am I missing? Then it dawns on you that shoes are what you're missing. You quickly slip on the kitten heels you bought and complete your sexy outfit. The hell on a woman's dress shoe that's short and slender is called a kitten hell, or a kitty heel. A kitten heel must be no higher then two inches, or five centimeters, to be considered a kitten heel. The kitten heel is sometimes considered a type of stiletto heel and there are other types of kitty heels which have a sharp pointed toe which adds to the sex appeal of them. There are many women's sandals that have kitty heels, as well as strappy shoes for any special occasion, as well as mules (which are a type of backless shoe that can be open or close toed). The actress Audrey Hepburn made the kitten heel popular in the late 1950's. You can pair sexy lingerie with the perfect pair of kitty heels. You can try an open toe pair of leopard print kitty heels that can show off your nice red toenails. This will go perfect with your sexy lingerie. If you are feeling sexy you could try to wear something a little revealing. A light weight, short nightgown in a nice spring color such as pink, blue, yellow or green is fine. In addition to the nightgown you may want to wear a pair of small heeled neutral colored shoes. I would suggest that the heels be no more than 1/2 inch as the conditions at home could be dangerous and an accident could occur. Kitten heels are a very fashionable shoe for women of every size. This shoe is often embellished with beaded detail, colorful designs, sequins, and feathers. Kitten heels are a must when playing dress up with a partner. They add a special touch to a French maid or nurse's costume. Kitten heels are the number one shoe choice to pair with lingerie. Kitten heels can be worn both in and out of the bedroom. Langley Nov 2nd 2014 Stretch marks occur once the skin is being stretched too much. It generally happens to those who have a whole lot of weight and the skin is not elastic enough to deal with it. It may even occur to bodybuilders at the same time. Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty,What do I do if my baby resists taking the bottle?If your baby isn't having any of it, try these techniques: Use a bottle nipple similar to his pacifier. If he sucks on a latex pacifier, use a latex bottle nipple (rather than a silicone one) and vice versa. If he just chews on it, let him for now. Or try feeding him on your lap with his back to your chest. It could be your baby prefers his milk to be slightly warmer or colder than what you've been giving him. Experiment with different temperatures to see what he prefers. That won't work for you, but it might work for Dad! Make sure you have lots of time to put your feet up and relax during this process. If your baby starts crying and pushes the bottle away, back off, comfort him, and then try again. If you've tried three times and he's refused three times, then call it a meal. The last thing you want is a bottle battle. Don't breastfeed him immediately. Wait an hour or two until after your next breastfeeding before you try again so he won't associate his refusal to bottle feed with immediate gratification. Even early success isn't necessarily an ironclad guarantee that your baby will take the bottle when you really want him to. Many babies who have been getting bottles all along will suddenly decide at about 3 months that they don't want a bottle anymore, that they simply prefer breastfeeding. And why not? It's warm, cozy, sweet smelling, and done with their favorite person Mom. But don't worry: For most babies, this is just another developmental step that's short lived. If your baby suddenly refuses to take a bottle, talk to your child's doctor to rule out anything else then try reintroducing it again. What if I want to skip the bottle and start my baby out on a cup?In some countries, babies who can't nurse are taught to drink from a cup from the get go even the tiniest infants can learn to do it. There are some advantages to this method: There's no chance of nipple confusion, you won't be tempted to prop up your baby with a bottle (sucking on a bottle at nap time or bedtime can lead to tooth decay), and you'll never have to break a bottle habit. Of course, helping your baby drink from a cup is time consuming. Unless you use a cup with a spill proof top (commonly known as a sippy cup) or a built in straw, you'll have to help her drink and be prepared for the inevitable mess. Daycare providers may not be comfortable with this arrangement. Many of the same principles of introducing your baby to a bottle hold true for the cup. Have your child get used to a cup at an early age (but not until breastfeeding has been well established), and introduce it gradually one feeding a day. If you are going back to work, start a few weeks before you actually head off to the office so your child has time to get used to this new feeding method. My baby absolutely refuses to take a bottle. What should I do?Some people will tell you that if you just wait him out, he'll eventually be hungry enough to take a bottle. That's not necessarily true, and starving a baby into submission isn't a good idea. Don't make mealtime into a battleground now, when he's 2 years old, or ever. If all attempts to bottle feed him fail, go the cup route. Hold him upright in one arm and bring the cup to his mouth, tilting it gently until a wee bit of milk, formula, or juice (depending on the age of your child) goes in. He'll first begin to lap it up and then to drink it. You can also use a hollow handled medicine spoon to do the same thing. Young babies often favor the bottle because it satisfies their sucking needs; older babies and toddlers like the novelty of drinking out of a cup. Once he can drink from a cup fairly proficiently, you have an alternative for when you are at work either cup or bottle and his caregiver can try both. In situations like this, it's not uncommon for a mother to blame herself, saying, "If only I had given him a bottle a day from the beginning, this wouldn't be happening." But this just isn't true. Some babies never take a bottle. What if I decide to wean my baby from the breast?If you've decided to wean your baby, or to nurse only before and after work, you deserve congratulations and support for having given your baby weeks or months of breast milk. Just be sure that your baby gets the same one on one, physically nurturing and affectionate time with you during bottle feeding that she did with breastfeeding. For more information on easing this transition, see our article on how to wean your baby. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

Where To Buy Authentic Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty,Air Jordan Spizike Space Blue Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight and place it at least 2 feet away from radiators and heating vents. Cigarette smoke and other airborne indoor pollutants can cause leather to change color. Keep sharp objects away from leather repairing cuts can be expensive. Common household cleaning products may damage leather furniture. Don't use stiff brushes or microfiber cloths. Don't rub hard when you're cleaning it, even if you're using a soft cloth. Use gentle strokes and blot up spills rather than wiping them. Use a damp cloth or a baby wipe to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Dry the area with a soft cloth. Use baby wipes sparingly, as some contain ingredients that can break down the leather finish. Dust leather furniture regularly. Ink spots will come off with a Q tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Apply the alcohol to the spot and then wipe it dry. Use a neutral soap like Ivory to clean up grease spots. Dampen a cloth, rub it across a soap bar and wipe up the grease. You can vacuum leather furniture as part of your regular cleaning regimen. Use a vacuum attachment with a soft brush. Remove the cushions and clean the cracks between the base of the furniture and the arms. If your leather is spotted, combine equal parts of lemon juice and cream of tartar to make a paste. Brush the paste onto the spot and let it sit for a couple of hours. Apply a little more of the paste to the spot and then wipe it with a clean, soft cloth. Keep a leather touch up kit on hand in case of minor scratches. Leather furniture, shoes or clothing will benefit. What to Use for a Leather Conditioner Almost everyone owns something made of leather: shoes, clothing, furniture, the seats of your car or maybe horse tack. Keeping your leather. The Best Leather Treatment Leather furniture is a popular choice because of its beauty, durability and comfort. . . 1 oz beeswax; 1/2 cup olive oil; Microwave safe dish; Wax paper;. The Best Leather Care Products Repair Leather Furniture; The Best Leather Care Products; X. . Leather conditioners help coat, . Leather furniture can really make a statement. The Best Ways to Clean Leather Furniture Leather is the ultimate in luxurious upholstery. Fine, smooth leather is handsome to look and easy to care for. With the right. Homemade Leather Furniture Cleaner Homemade Leather Furniture Conditioner. Day to day care of leather furniture is a simple matter of cleaning up spills as they happen,. Homemade Leather Couch Cleaner Homemade Leather Furniture Conditioner. Day to day care of leather furniture is a simple matter of cleaning up spills as they happen,. Home Remedies to Condition Leather Sofas How to Care Condition Leather Sofas; Home Remedy for Conditioning Old Cracked Leather; Comments You May Also Like. . Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty I'm back home after spending last week in New York City. There really is no better way to start the New Year than a trip to New York. Many of you might think that is better to go to the Carribean, or Hawaii, but I get my juice from the energy in New York. I stayed in a pretty flaunty hotel during my visit, they had people who saw to it that your every need was well taken care of. Well, not really every need, just almost. The funny thing about my trip was that I went here to find inspiration, yet I have not found any in the real upscale places. The places that nobody has ever recommend or written about is the one thing that I love most about New York. Three doors down from my hotel is a small Cuban restaurant that opens at 6 AM. As soon as you open the door you are transported to another time and place. The music is blaring, the cooks are singing and dancing, and they remember your name and what you like to eat. So as soon as I walked in, they greeted and waved, then one of the girls approached me and said, "Spanish coffee, cream, sugar, and cinnamon, right?" I just nodded. Then the grillman said, "Cuban, or ham, egg and cheese sandwich?" I ordered the Cuban one which is really one of their best items here. It's not the phony imitation you'll at many places in Florida. So while waiting for your ordered breakfast, they will provide you first with some starter food like fried plantains, as your breakfast comes in stages, and you'll only get them when it's ready. Meanwhile, more and more drivers and deliveries are coming in and out, bringing in everything under the sun, they all get food and drinks before they go. Their customers come in different faces and shapes, different professions, from cops, construction workers, young, old, short and tall, skinny and stout, and all New Yorkers either by birth or assimilation. This kind of self generated and natural humor is outstandingly different from the pretty elegant or fashionable joints, where laughter is hardly ever heard. I noticed the absence of one regular girl in that restaurant after a while. I asked the grillman about the girl or where she was. And I learned that she was mugged two nights ago on her way home from a party. She ran into a couple of junkies, she fought back, she was beaten and bruised her face. She could not win, she didn't have enough power to bring them down. Stun guns and pepper spray, are for the most part illegal in New York. They would have stopped this attack in seconds, and a real working girl would not have had to miss work because of a street beating. I told the grillman to hold my table, and that I'd be back in few minutes. I went to the hotel and loaded up a few samples in a bag, then went back to the joint. The grillman, (he's the owner too), and I had a little chat in the back, and I misplaced my bag of samples. My memory is really hazy these days. I forgot a couple of Wildfire Sprays, Hot Shots, and a box of Lipstick Pepper Spray. My loss is their gain, and there were enough tools to cover the whole crew. New York City is an incredible place, they have made many improvements to make it a nice and safe place to live, visit and work. But still, everyone should have the right to protect themselves all the time.

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