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On a day the player he replaced set a franchise record with his new team with a 105 yard kickoff return touchdown, Texans kick returner Keshawn Martin finally tasted a little success of his own.The rookie from Michigan State had his longest punt return since taking over for Trindon Holliday, a 26 yard runback that helped the Texans pull away from the Buffalo Bills in the third quarter."It felt good to get out there, bust a little return," said Martin, whose Texans won 21 9 on Sunday at Reliant Stadium. "It definitely set the offense up for the touchdown. Those are the important things that we've got to do on special teams get good field position and go from there."Martin's return came after a three and out by the Bills to start the third quarter, when the Texans still were nursing a 7 6 halftime lead. He took a 43 yard punt back to the Bills' 43 yard line.From there, the Texans ran five plays to score, with Arian Foster's 3 yard TD run giving them a 14 6 advantage.Going into the game, Martin had just 28 yards on five punt returns, including a 19 yarder. Take that one out of the equation, and the rookie was averaging only 2.3 yards per return in two outings."He's come close a few times to making some really big plays, and I think the potential is there," kicker Shayne Graham said. "It's just a matter of actually getting that seam and breaking it free."I don't feel like it's something that can't happen. We have confidence in him. We just have to block our assignments and make plays."It didn't look like that would happen early, for Martin or the rest of the special teams.Martin decided not to field the Bills' first punt in the first quarter, and it rolled all the way to the Texans' 4."I probably could have got it, but I just played it on the safe side and let it go because it would have been a close one," Martin said.Punter Donnie Jones had to try again after his first punt, which pinned the Bills at their 9, was erased by a penalty. They ended up at their 27. And Graham's 46 yard field goal try was blocked.Graham hadn't had a kick blocked since December 2009, and it was his first miss inside 50 yards this season."It felt like a great hit, so I don't know what happened, where the guy (defensive tackle Alex Carrington) came from, any of that," Graham said.Still, the net returns from the return game were as good as they've been all year.Martin also returned three kickoffs for 62 yards (with one for 28), Jones averaged nearly 50 yards on five punts (49.4), and the Bills managed only 9.3 yards per punt return and 13 yards per kick return.The Texans' average starting position was their 25, the Bills' their 26."Obviously, the last punt of the game, we were trying to punt a ball out of bounds, and you serve it up right down the middle of the field," Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "That can't happen."But for the most part, we did cover better."Special teams didn't, however, score any better.The Texans still are looking for their first return touchdown, while the player they jettisoned just recorded the longest TD in Denver Broncos history and his former teammates were excited to hear it."I'm happy for him," Graham said. "He had a great preseason for us, and it's unfortunate it didn't quite work out for him here. But I'm happy to see him do well and help another franchise out. Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 ,Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver According to the report, basketball shoes that are sold at about one thousand Yuan a pair will increase five to ten percent, and then reach to fifty to one hundred Yuan. It was said by Nike in China that notice has not been sent to them. Nike is a big brand of sports goods, however, it is not possible for it to support any longer with the cost of labor forces, raw materials as well as the transportation's increase. In this morning, it was reported by the "Wall Street Journal" of the United States that in the fall of this year, Nike will rise the price of its products to five percent to ten percent. On the basis of the report, Nike has announced at present that in this year's autumn, it will release the Nike LeBron X Nike Plus. There is motion sensor inside the shoes, so this version of upgraded shoes can help you know the height that has been jumped by athletes. But the 315 dollars price still shocked the Nike fans. "The price is definitely the most expensive one". Actually; there is the foundation version simultaneously at the time when this upgraded sports shoes version was released. It was priced at 180 dollars, and compared to the last year's 170 dollars, the price was higher. With the analysis of the "Wall Street Journal", Nike is going to increase the price of its shoes and clothes to five percent to ten percent with the increase of the labor forces, raw materials and transportation's cost. There was a style of Jordan basketball shoes, which was sold at one thousand Yuan or so, and we can take it as an example. It is going to be sold for about more than fifty to one hundred Yuan after the adjustment of the price. In addition, the report pointed out that since the first pair of "Air Jordan" was published, Nike began to be known by its shoes' high prices. In this year's December, the new version series of the "Air Jordan" is going to be released. And it is going to be sold at the price of 185 dollars. Compared to the version that was released in 1985 and was priced at 64.99 dollars (if calculated as today's dollar price, it is 138.38 dollars) . Due to the inflation factor, the price was adjusted up to thirty three percent. Not only that, the price raise of Nike was reflected in the low end products as well. The enduring "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star" sports shoes were sold at fifty dollars, which was higher than the previous year's forty five dollars. When Chinese Nike's public relations received the reporters interview of the "Legal Evening News" this morning, it was said that until now, they have not received the notice of price increase. According to the present information, there is no plan to increase the price. In this fall; however, we leant from the report of the "Wall Street Journal" that Nike will raise its price to five to ten percent. She said that the companies will not respond. Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011,And that's exactly what happened, as Cano nipped Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez in the end by hitting a finals record 12 home runs in front of a boisterous crowd of 44,820. "Everybody told me I was going to win it," Cano said, "and I was like, 'Wow, we got a lot of guys in this. We've got (David) Ortiz and (Prince) Fielder. We've got Gonzalez, and we got (Jose) Bautista.' That's a lot of power. Cano flew in his father Jose from the Dominican Republic to pitch to him in the Home Run Derby. The father pitches to his son during the off season, and the chemistry worked to perfection. "It worked today," Jose Cano said. "Thank God, it worked." Cano and Gonzalez each hit 20 homers to advance to the finals. Gonzalez then went first and hit 11 home runs, setting the stage for Cano's dramatic victory. His 12 homers surpassed the finals record set by Bobby Abreu in 2005 and equaled last season and this season by Ortiz and Gonzalez, respectively. "They put on a show, man," said National League derby contestant Matt Kemp of the Dodgers, whose two homers were the fewest of anyone in the competition. Toronto's Bautista, considered the derby favorite in part because he led the majors in home runs last season (54) and is leading again this year (31) at the break, failed to get out of the first round. He finished with just four home runs. Fielder, the NL's captain, hit the longest home run of the competition a 474 foot shot to right field. But during most of his swings he was booed loudly, presumably because he left Diamondbacks right fielder Justin Upton off his derby squad of sluggers. "It's one of their players. You expect that," Fielder said. "That means it means a lot to them." The boos didn't bother Fielder but they bothered his two young sons, who were on the field during the derby. "They were mad. They wanted to fight," Fielder said. "I had to tell them to calm down. It wasn't personal." NeitherNor was the Yankees Red Sox rivalry that occurred in the finals between Cano and Gonzalez personal. Not according to Cano, who said: "I never thought it was Red Sox and Yankees. I know I was facing Gonzalez, but I didn't have that in my mind." Competing in the derby is something Cano, who is tied for 28th in the majors with 15 home runs, has always wanted to do. "As a kid, being up here and thinking about a bunch of guys you watched back in the day like (Sammy) Sosa, (Ken) Griffey (Jr.), (Mark) McGwire and (Jason) Giambi and how much fun they had, you want to be there one day and see how it feels," Cano said. "Today I'm here and it's a great feeling." The AL derby squad, captained by Ortiz, out homered the NL by a significant 76 19margin. State Farm and MLB will donate $150,000 to Ortiz's charitable foundation, $100,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and $25,000 to Fielder's charitable choice, the Ronald McDonald House.

The Premium Quality Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011,Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Tom Austin, managing partner of Berret's Restaurant in Williamsburg and River's Inn in Gloucester Point, will lease the Yorktown restaurant space from York County for 10 years, with an option to renew for another 10 years. The amount Austin will pay to lease the space will depend on annual sales. The unnamed restaurant, which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2005, will anchor Riverwalk Landing, York County's seven acre commercial development along the York River. The development includes space for as many as 18 other businesses, a 270 space parking deck and an outdoor performance area. The parking deck will replace Nick's Seafood Pavilion, a local landmark that will be demolished around the end of the year, said County Administrator James "Mac" McReynolds. County supervisors have said they would like the Nick's name preserved in the name of the new restaurant, and they reserved the right to veto the name of the new restaurant. The late Nick and Mary Mathews founded Nick's in 1944. The Greek immigrants were known for their philanthropy and willingness to provide a free meal, particularly to those who served in the military. In October, supervisors voted to tear down the restaurant after they learned renovations would cost about $1.3 million more than the cost of a new building. Austin said he is not sure if "Nick's" will be part of the restaurant name, but he said the restaurant will include a tribute to the Mathewses. "People who come to the restaurant will have no doubt that Nick and Mary are being recognized," he said. Some items from Nick's will be incorporated in the new restaurant, according to a statement from the county. Those that don't go to the new restaurant will be auctioned. Austin said he could not promise jobs for Nick's employees because his restaurant will not open until 18 months after Nick's closes. County officials met with Nick's employees earlier this week and contacted the Peninsula Workforce Development Center to help them find jobs, said Jim Noel, the county's economic development director. Plans for the new restaurant are not complete, but Austin said it will have a fine dining area with seating for about 125 people, casual seating for 25 to 30 people, outdoor seating for 50 as well as a banquet room. Austin, who is 58, moved from New York City to the Williamsburg area in 1972 and has 40 years of experience in the restaurant business. He managed restaurants for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for 14 years, purchased Berret's in 1984 and opened River's Inn in 1996. Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 Seems they need to start selling more sneakers in Georgia. The Augusta Chronicle reports that Ms. Police reports say on Sunday night the two got into a heated debate and Carter responded by striking Higdon in the head with one of her heels. Ms. Detectives for the Augusta Police Department are unaware of how many times Higdon had been hit with the angry shoe, but they state he did show signs of head trauma. Robert Higdon's autopsy has been performed, but the results are not available to the public as of yet. For more fashion news, LIKE me on and FOLLOW me on !! National Designer Fashion Examiner Shea Peters, a Buyer for online boutiques and a wholesaler, currently lives in her adopted home of Brooklyn, NY. While in this position, Shea learned the art of trend spotting, dressing women in clothing to fit their bodies, and the beauty of a great sale! Shea's witty and opinionated tips on personal style, home decor, and fashion have been featured on numerous national websites. Contact meOutdoor exercise tips: What to wear for cold weather workoutsWhen there is a chill in the air, it's easy to think you'd be better off to put in a workout DVD, take your daily walk indoors at the local mall, or better yet, skip it all together. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants. TechTechGadgets TechVideo GamesInternetTech GearTabletsiPhoneGoogle GlassWearable TechXbox OnePlaystation 4PhotographyMMOGsHandheld GamesAnonymousSocial MediaConsolesBitcoinGoogle

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