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Company PropertyMine Detailed Company and Property Reports, Document Search, Drill Results, Capital Raisings, Property ExchangeCountryMine Mining Countries: Argentina, Chile, South Africa, China and moreThe contiguous 840 acre claim group consists of 7 claims, all current with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Situated in sections 10, 14, and 15 township, 15 North, Range 68 east Mt. Diablo Meridian, White Pine County, Nevada. From Highway 6/50, access is by gravel road near the bottom of Sacramento pass, about 4.5 milesin a southerly direction. The claim group lies at an elevation ranging from 6,500 feet to 7,300 feet above sea level. The Alluvial fan is gently sloping to the west and is one of the only unmined alluvial fan deposits in the district. Description of PropertyPast sampling has shown that two types of gold bearing gravels exist at the property, and upper unconsolidated gold bearing layer of alluviam laid down in three distinct stratas. The material is a mixture of granite, schist, and quartzite with all material except the granite being of pre cambrian origin. It consists of smaller, well rounded boulders, gravels, pebbles, sand and some clay in the lowermost strata. The other layer is cemented alluvial gold bearing conglomerate both of these rock types are gold bearing and experience from past mining operations in other areas have shown that both types of ore may be processed successfully. A glacial drain channel is evident and contains the cemented alluvial gravels as mentioned above. The deposit indicates the upper layers eroded from four different canyons (all at the higher elevations on the claim group). The bedrock underlying the deposit consists of granite, with indications of vein structures (outcroppings on the surface) that may contain other valuable minerals such as tungsten, molybdenum, beryllium and associated minerals. A wide distribution of gold exists throughout the deposit. With today's technologies, the gold is easily recovered at an economic rate of return for the investment. Testing Work PerformedOriginal test work on the property was carried out in 1980 and 1981. A 1500 + cubic yard bulk sample test was administered albiet rather crudely by todays methods and standards, but nevertheless did prove the deposit contains economic mineral at today's prices, with gold you can see in a pan. The sampling consisted of setting up a test plant on a leveled area which used a hopper, trommel, kolberg double deck screen and 3' X 60' sluice. A 3/4 cubic yard excavator placed the material in a dump truck which transported it to the plant. A pumping station was set near the creek to supply the plant with water and 3 settling ponds were built to settle and recirculate the water. 10 20 cubic yard pits were selected along a diagonal line through the approximate center of the claim group. Two 60 cubic yard pits were dug and also a 1200 cubic yard pit on top of the alluvial fan approximately 1/4 mile east of the creek. The smaller pits were strung out paralleling the current creek. The average depth to false bedrock was 24 feet. The test program did not include drilling through the false bedrock. The first four feet of the sluice box was removed after each test run, and was hand screened to below 20 mesh, amalgamated, then fed over amalgam plates. The material above 20 mesh was panned by hand, with the gold removed and weighed. Results of Test ProgramThe bulk sampling resulted in an average of 0.026 oz. gold per ton. After an assay was performed, the gold was found to be 0.849 fine, the impurity being silver. The average particle size was 20 mesh, with 1000 pounds of blacksands recovered per 1000 tons ore run. The value in the black sand is 12.5 ounces per ton. It was found that this project will be an easy milling operation with the free gold easily recovered the percentage, of course will depend upon the equipment used. A cemented layer was found below the upper 3 strata as noted above. This ''false bedrock'' was not tested for gold content until 2003. A small test showed an average value of .184 oz/ton gold. The test did not include drilling to determine its thickness. This paying layer, in all probability, lies under the claim group of 840 acres. It is very important to note, its estimated value was not used in the ''production revenue estimate''. The values recovered in this strata will be mined as part of the mineral recovery process and will be at this point, a bonus to the buyer of the property. Production Revenue EstimateWith gold spot price of $1,150.00 per ounce, the ore will gross US$ 44.62 per cubic yard. Based on a very conservative estimate of the 840 acres contained in the claim group, there are 20,203,000 + cubic yards in the top 2 layers above the false bedrock available for processing. If 200 cubic yards per hour is processed in two eight hour shifts, 3,200 cubic yards would be run per day. At US$44.68 gross per cubic yard, US$ 192,979.00 would be realized. At 30 days per month would equal US$ 4,289,280.00. A 10 months year would produce $42,892,800.00. Mine life is 21+/ years if 960,000 cubic yards were processed per year. Mine life gross US$ 900,748,800.00+ is possible. Please note that this figure does not include the values in the cemented false bedrock layer. Additional Possibilities or TargetsAs stated above, no attempt was made to drill through the false bedrock the deposit rests on. This should be performed as well as drilling through the bedrock, another mineral bearing strata could be proved to exist and be economic. Also the testing of the vein structures and vein outcroppings, should be a part of the overall test program. Please note that the above information is only the highlights of the more detailed information contained in the original 48 page report that was compiled after the bulk sample testing was completed. Upon request, a copy of the complete report will be emailed to a qualified principal. Legend Blue 11s ,Air Jordan 7 Retro Raptor 2012 Varsity Red 6s Infrared 23 3s Air Jordan Spizike Easter Infrared 23 3s Air Jordan 5 Black Grape Air Jordan 5 Oreo Brazil World Cup 6s Air Jordan 7 French Blue 2015 Oh, come on! What else could corkscrews have been used for? It's right there in its name: It unscrews corks, and that's that. Ever since people have had corks that need to be removed from wine bottles, they must've had corkscrews to do it. There are even pictures of old corkscrews you can find anywhere online: WARNING: Not for use in torture. There was a time when guns were, to put it bluntly, worth slightly less than their weight in manure. Bullets got stuck in muskets all the time, which was a problem because if your bullet got stuck it meant you were unable to fire until it was free, and someone was probably shooting back at you. The gun worm was developed to remove those stuck bullets and other blockages, and were therefore essential in stopping you from getting killed. "Shit, can we stop the war for a second? I need to find a long stick." Now, how do corkscrews tie into all of this? The answer is synchronicity. Cork bottle stoppers followed the traditional route of human invention, meaning people started using them before they really knew what they were doing. In this particular case, it meant corks were used to secure bottles before there actually was a product to remove them, thus forcing people to just leave the cork half hanging out so they could grip it with pliers or whatever. With anything involving alcohol, the easiest answer is usually the best one. Since that wasn't a very secure way to close a bottle, it was just a matter of time before people started ramming their wine bottles too tightly shut. Corks were broken, and people were still hell bent on drinking their wine. Eventually, one such someone had enough military background to know how to operate the gun worm, and realized it seemed strangely suitable for removing corks. And since situations when soldiers needed their gun worms during a battle and noticed their family had "borrowed" them for removing corks probably made for some pretty awkward moments, by the 17th century a variety of gun worm that would become known as the corkscrew was manufactured specifically for that purpose. It also made it easier to stay drunk on campaign, which was critical for unit morale. 1. WD 40 Spray Was Used to Protect Nuclear Missiles Ah, WD 40. A can of this lube spray sits in every garage in the Western world. Used most often to loosen up rusty screws and to quiet squeaky hinges, it actually has enough uses to replace MacGyver's whole toolbox. Really, they make the stuff sound like they probably had to add that little red straw that's always getting lost just so that their product wouldn't be too perfect. It's called a smart straw, because it's clever enough to escape any mortal garage. But there's one use their site doesn't exactly crow about: The original use for WD 40 is hand waved with only a passing mention behind several clicks of the mouse. There, the history section reads exactly like thousands of other product websites . and then suddenly, BAM! Atlas nuclear missiles. It's actually more of an all consuming roar than a "BAM!" We're going to get into some advanced chemistry here: So if you want to keep metal rust free, you need something to repel or displace the water. In 1953, a little known company from San Diego called Rocket Chemical Company set out to make a water displacement formula to end all water displacement formulas. They got their shit together on their 40th try and named it with an abbreviation of "water displacement, 40th attempt," a random note a chemist had scribbled in his notebook, because that's what happens when your marketing budget is an apple core and a broken shoe string. That eventually got shortened to WD 40. It's no "crystal meth," but chemists aren't famous for their skill with words. Then they put their new hit product to its intended use: intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles. The very first thing WD 40 was used for was to prevent the potentially catastrophic effects of water in the outer skin of SM 65 Atlas missiles, which didn't have any kind of rust proofing. WD 40 enabled them to keep functional and rust free (rust on the skin of a missile is bad news it can make them veer off course and presumably drop right on your house). "We should really build our world killing missiles out of something less persnickety." WD 40 might have remained a classified top secret abandoned to the warehouse where the government keeps the Ark of the Covenant if the employees at the Rocket Chemical Company hadn't started sneaking some home from work, having figured out it had endless uses. When the company's founder, Norm Larsen, found out, he had visions of dollar signs and started making the stuff available at retail. See that, boss? This is what we've been trying to tell you: There are all sorts of benefits to letting your employees steal. For products we're lucky to have, check out 6 Geniuses Who Saw Their Inventions Go Terribly Wrong. Or learn about the 6 Geniuses Who Saw Their Inventions Go Terribly Wrong. And stop by LinkSTORM learn what Pringles were originally going to be used for. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get sexy, sexy jokes sent straight to your news feed. Legend Blue 11s,Frame a photo of your favorite horse with a homemade frame that resembles a horse stable. Make the top of the frame and the two sides by gluing together three craft sticks. Make the bottom part of the frame by gluing together three craft sticks side by side to look like a stable door. Break another craft stick in half and glue it to the bottom of the frame. Write your horse's name on this stick and it will be a nameplate. Glue your photo to the back of the frame, adding a piece of cardboard to the back of the photo to make it less flimsy if you desire. Make a whimsical horse tail bookmark by using a 3 by 5 index card to draw a horse's head and rear end on. Draw a wide tail on the horse, and color the whole thing with crayons or markers. Punch a few holes in the tail you've drawn with a hole punch, and thread some brown yarn through the holes. Pull the yarn through so it hangs down on both sides of the card. Use as many pieces of yarn as you like. Once you're done, tie the tail with a cute piece of yarn on the front of the bookmark to hold it in place. Trim the yarn if necessary. Make a horse out of your own footprint. Wearing a shoe, place your foot onto a piece of brown construction paper and trace around the entire foot. Cut the footprint out. Cut out two small triangles, and a larger triangle to form the horse's ears and neck. Cut the pointy end off the large triangle and glue it to a piece of different colored construction paper. Make sure the wide side is along the bottom corner of the paper. Glue the footprint onto the top of the triangle to make the horse's head, and glue the triangles on to the head to create ears. Make a mane for the horse by gluing little pieces of yarn to the neck and head. Draw facial features on your horse with a marker. Horse Crafts for Children Horse Crafts for Children. Use horse crafts to decorate a child western themed birthday party. To keep children entertained, set up an art. Horse Art Activities Horse Art Activities. Horses are much more than a mode of transportation. Many people keep them as pets and employ them in. Farm Animal Art Activities for Preschool Farm Animal Art Activities for Preschool. The alphabet, counting, shapes and colors these are just some of the important things that children learn. Art Projects on Odysseus Homer epic account of Odysseus 10 year journey home after the Greeks won the Trojan war is a rich and fantastical assembly of. Art Projects on the Chinese Zodiac for Children Art projects are an excellent way to teach kids about new subjects. The Chinese zodiac is ripe with opportunity for kids art. How to Create Bookmarks in a PDF (Acrobat) File When you create a PDF file, your goal is to make it as useful to your reader as possible. Bookmarks automatically take.

How To Order Legend Blue 11s,Air Jordan 3 Retro White Cement 2011 Retailmart The best combo deals with the exclusive pricesUser Rating: / 1 PoorBest Internet TechnologyWritten by RetailMartShop Monday, 28 February 2011 00:31 Retailmart is the online shopping portal that has got adapted according to the Indian standards. The website offers the customers a very healthy range of all the products that are impeccable in every style. The customers can find out the products of various brands of each category. The website is the veteran player of the retail industry that comprises the products that are exactly meant to match the needs of the customers who wish to have best prices. The website has just got one step ahead from all the other stores in offering the customers exciting benefits. The website offers a deal everyday that sells products on extremely low ranged prices. 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RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Legend Blue 11s We also found. properties for rent in surrounding suburbsReal Estate Directory Real Estate For Rent NSW Real Estate For Rent VIC Real Estate For Rent QLD Real Estate For Rent WA Real Estate For Rent SA Real Estate For Rent TAS Real Estate For Rent ACT Real Estate For Rent NT Real Estate For Rent Cranbourne Property For Rent Cranbourne Houses For Rent Cranbourne Apartments For Rent Cranbourne Units For Rent Cranbourne Townhouses For Rent Cranbourne Villas For Rent Cranbourne Acreage For Rent Cranbourne Real Estate Categories Cranbourne Real Estate For Rent Cranbourne Real Estate For Rent Cranbourne New House and Land Packages Cranbourne New Apartments Cranbourne New Land Estates Cranbourne New Home Designs Cranbourne Sold Real Estate Cranbourne Real Estate Agents Investment property in Cranbourne Property For Rent in South East Melbourne Property For Rent in South East Melbourne Properties for rent in Cranbourne by bedrooms studio Properties for Rent in Cranbourne 1 bedroom Properties for Rent in Cranbourne 2 bedrooms Properties for Rent in Cranbourne 3 bedrooms Properties for Rent in Cranbourne 4 bedrooms Properties for Rent in Cranbourne 5 bedrooms Properties for Rent in Cranbourne 28 Hickory Drive, Narre Warren South, Vic 3805 House 4 2 2 Your Dream Home! 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