Welcome To Official Web Site Of Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip On Sale. Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 Where To Buy Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip For Sale Authentic Despite the fact that we already published an article about awesome ways hostages have freed themselves from their captors, kidnappings are still happening in the world. Dammit, we got into the dick joke business to make a difference. This is just unacceptable. We won't stop until kidnappers everywhere are too worried about their victims making them look like jackasses to ever nap a kid again. To that end: 5. Benedict Cumberbatch Acts His Way Out of a Kidnapping AttemptBenedict Cumberbatch's greatest performance? Convincing humanity he's not a poorly disguised giant grasshopper scouting the Earth for invasion by the Rigeloids. Second greatest performance? The time he talked his kidnappers into freeing him. Back in 2005, Cumberbatch was in South Africa filming the TV miniseries To the Ends of the Earth. To get to the spare, they needed to take all of their luggage out and pile it on the side of the road, which basically put up a reverse Bat signal. Local criminals saw it and came running. A gang of six South Africans held the group at gunpoint and demanded money, weapons, and drugs. With little cash, less marijuana, and no deadly weapons (besides those chiseled cheekbones), Cumberbatch and friends were out of luck. They were thrown into a car and driven off. Cumberbatch complained that being tied up was interfering with his circulation (the most British response to a kidnapping ever), so the gang pulled over, took him out and began stuffing him in the trunk. That's when he had an idea. He started ticking off numerous brain and heart problems he was suffering from including, apparently, a condition called "dying if I get locked inside a trunk." He told them, "I will die, possibly have a fit, and it will be a problem for you. I will be a dead Englishman in your car. Not good."That Brit corpse scent really sticks to the upholstery. This, of course, was all a lie. Or, as it's called when beautiful people do it: acting. The kidnappers thought about it for a while and finally agreed. Cumberbatch and his friends were released. All because of the power of acting, and the fact that a dead Englishman is indeed terrible for the resale value of any vehicle. 4. Kosuke Tsuneoka Tricks His Captors Into Letting Him Send for Help via Viral Technologies Oof. People who live tweet things, right? Especially those clods that do it at inappropriate moments. All hashtagging funerals, weddings, their own kidnappings put down the phone and be present, people. Yep. Japanese journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka live tweeted his own kidnapping. He got lucky, or he would have been dead tweeting his own kidnapping. In April 2010, Kosuke, a war correspondent, was working in the Taliban controlled Afghanistan city of Kunduz when he was nabbed by the insurgent group Hezbi Islami. He says he was fed and treated well by the kidnappers, except for the part where they threatened to kill him if the Japanese government didn't send them large amounts of money (nothing puts a damper on the festivities like death threats). After five months of this, he was getting desperate. Then salvation came. In a Nokia box. At first he feared they'd use it to beat him into submission. One of the kidnappers got a new Nokia N70 phone and didn't know how to set it up, but he assumed that Kosuke, a Japanese guy, might. Is it still racist if it's true? What about if it saves somebody's life? Kosuke talked to the soldier about this wonderful thing called Internet, which the soldier had never seen before. On the promise of free Al Jazeera broadcasts and all the infidel porn they could download, the abductors even allowed the reporter to call customer service and set up a web connection. Seven minutes later, he also tweeted his location and the name of his kidnapper. He'd have attached a selfie, but he wasn't that desperate for attention. Kosuke was free to go the very next day. His abductors claimed he was released due to his having converted to the Islamic religion, but smart money is on their plans being blown wide open. Or maybe they were just grateful he opened their eyes to a whole new world of tits and cat memes. 3. Matthew Scott Escapes by Jumping Off a Cliff Into a River, Fugitive StyleIn 2003, 19 year old Matthew Scott and a fellow English citizen were part of a group of 15 backpackers hiking in the Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. That's when the Chiquita funded National Liberation Army, claiming to be paramilitary operatives, intercepted the group and said they were leading them to a safer path . but only took eight of the tourists, abandoning those who were "physically unfit or did not have sturdy walking shoes." Unfortunately for Scott, he was among the elite group. A bit later, they revealed the lovely day hike was actually a kidnapping..

What a girl wants: to wear turbans, Instagram almost crotch shots (no, really), gripe about dieting and opine on the most au courant manicure style. What a girl doesn't want: to attend a court hearing on her two outstanding misdemeanor hit and run charges. And what Amanda Bynes doesn't want, um, she gets. Because while the perpetually troubled star was keeping herself busy in New York this week by reintegrating herself into social media, her attorneys were back in Los Angeles, turning up to the actress' pretrial hearing over the latest additions to her rap sheet. Alas, as Bynes was apparently too busy to turn up at the courthouse (those body parts aren't going to tweet themselves, people), her attorney requested, and was granted, a continuance on the 26 year old's behalf, with the new hearing set for Dec. 17. The pending charges stem from Bynes having swiped cars on two separate occasions on Apr. 10, 2012 and another on Aug. 4, 2012. But that's not the end of her legal troubles: Amanda also has a hearing scheduled later this week for two misdemeanor charges of driving with a suspended license, though she is not expected to attend that, either. And since the fun never stops for Amanda's legal team, she has yet another court date on the books, a DUI hearing scheduled for Dec. 5. UPDATE: Amanda's Burbank hearing for driving with a suspended license has been continued, with all parties now penciling in Jan. 15 as the new pretrial and disposition date. Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip ,Air Jordan 4 Fear Air Jordan 5 Oreo Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey Air Jordan 13 Retro Playoffs 2011 Air Jordan 7 Retro Raptor 2012 Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012 Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2012 Air Jordan 7 Cardinals 2011 End of season sales are a great way to bag yourself a bargain but do you usually find yourself buying a load of rubbish that you will never wear. We give you some top tips to getting the best bargains in the sales. Ensure that you are well prepared for the sales. Start by finding out when the sales start. Decide on roughly what you want to get in the sales and have a look in the shops so you have a good idea of where to go first. The best items to buy in the sales are wardrobe basics and neutral coloured items with classic tailoring. These are the items that you are most likely to wear next season. This winters must have neon pink fluffy jumper will only be consigned to the bin when next winter comes and it is no longer in fashion. Some good buys are black tailored trousers, jeans, leather jackets, cashmere jumpers and white shirts. On the day of sales, have a really good breakfast to ensure you have enough energy to survive the scrum. Get there reasonably early or all of the best stuff will be gone. You may not be able to return sale items if they do not fit although your statutory rights should not be affected. The best option for ensuring that tops and jackets fit is to wear a vest top and just try them on in the shop, this will save valuable time and avoid queuing for the changing rooms. It is also a good idea to wear comfy shoes perhaps ballet pumps that can easily be slipped off if you want to try on shoes and there is no seat available. The main thing to remember in the sales is if in doubt don't buy it, you will probably never get round to wearing it. If something is really cheap, it is only a bargain if you wear it. If you really can't face the scrum of sales in the high street, you can always try the online sales, a great way to bag yourself a bargain without leaving the warmth and comfort of your home. Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip,If you have read my first posting on the subject, You would know that I have been asked by some, if they could have my childrens used clothing, which is a nuber one DON in hand me down ettiquette. Now, because I have four children, and clothes/shoes are quite expensive, I have been on the recieving end of used clothing. Most people are uneasy when asking others, at least in my community, if they would wear used clothes. I always accept graciously. Anything they are willing to throw my way, then when I am done with the clothes I will hand them down to another needy family. Usually I immediately give the item back, I know that my kids will probably shred the item to peices because of the emotional attachment, and knowingly that I have to give the item back, it would probably stay in the closet anyhow. The same goes for funature. With my last child, I had nothing as he was a surprize. And an associate of mine said that I could have her granson old furnature. That was so helpful, I was ready to make a bed for him in a drawer like they did a few decades ago. But as soon as I had the stuff in my house, she had changed her mind and said that I could borrow the items because she wanted them back. I kept a few things to use, and gave back the other things right away. So forgoodnessakes, if you love the hand me down, it really isn a hand me down. And both parties will feel horrible if the item is destroyed. Put the item/s in a box, as I have with a few of my childrens baby clothes, and save them for memories. Give all the other non attachments to whomever needs them most

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