Save Up To 70 Off Discount In Our Outlet Store 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA For Cheap But Real. Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver Sell Cheap And Top Quality 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA For Cheap But Real Mens diplomatic missions in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Protests raged for a second day in Cairo and kicked off in Sana'a, Yemen capital. ambassador Chris Stevens. President Mursi humanly and regardless of their religion Islamic man loved by all to the extent that his opponents also love him . but talk comes through the reservation world and this explained Finally, through the recent events to the effects of the film offending Islam and president's remarks Mursi and interview those statements universally kind of fear of what is brought by the growth of the Islamic movement states revolutions Arab Spring . and here we say when he met the clergy world wide meeting on the background of so called dialogue of religions and resulted from the results met the audience attic a peaceful coexistence between countries of the world and respect for religions of peoples to each other without exposure to the rituals of one of one of the rituals and worship different peoples for worship others . no freedom of beliefs . and if it was said by the West to designate religious extremism or terrorism it also within the West itself and what happened from the events in Norway to address Christian man to kill more than seventy spirit and Nbaraih Court has reasons of that psychopath this unfortunate very unfortunate in what logic and any custom Away law be Nbaraih man killed more than seventy spirit innocent without his fault Aogerm do that heinous crime in the other Nbaraih arbitrator . I want to say and the other as they call our Egyptian vernacular that such phenomena exist in all countries of the world and Aacol because he linked CONNECT religion Aoaqidh or religion As I said before and I as a Muslim I condemn what happened Balnroih and affected so heavily influenced by a human being regardless of belief or to convert to a religion never but to say is that religion is for God and the world for all without link up or contraindications Hrasah a Mainade by Islam Kmatkd religion and land are all human beings live faithful cooperation and love for architecture to land Mainade expe President Mohamed Morsi, which his reference Islamic counted for him to not take attic man Friendly and loving in all his speeches find that the feelings of humanity flowing from verbal lying nascent peace for everyone and fear stemming from the phenomenon of phobias Islam must fall back in the presence of Mercy as head of the largest Muslim country in the Middle East and that his hand only Labida contain bogeyman Iran to the West . only one who can contain genie Iranian and lured him pretext of love in Islam and is the specter of war and Nazeera for the world should be to the world and particularly the State of America to extend the fledgling with confidence and love of President Meyers and dealing with the treatment of a friend and ally and away from the manifestations of apathy Egyptian American relationship for the benefit of the world. I do not think you can split this on party lines. My own views on many issues are mixed; on some I am very conservative, indeed, on most I am probably a relative liberal in the old fashioned sense. In the case of the US, the Bentham like idea of the greatest good for the greatest number and Rousseau like ideal of upholding the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which implies one does not always succeed in the pursuit as happiness is an elusive fox ) are worthy guidelines but often ignored by political leaders. Oddly, It was the Reich's Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck whom Attila the Hun or Ghengis Khan would have been proud of as a son in the 1880s introduced first model social security scheme to Europe. His motive was to produce a reasonably well educated public able to master the late Victorian era coal and steam based technologies and so that the relatively new German Empire could produce strong healthy mothers plus stalwart soldiers and seamen to check Russia and conquer France and Britain and eventually to achieve world domination. To the extent that the USA has also sought world dominance the effort, since its admirable contribution to end in WWII in 1945, has proved very costly,not only in money terms but in lives and limbs, with a defeat in Vietnam, and Pyrrhic victories in Korea and he Middle East. (The only clear and almost costless victory was over the communists in tiny Grenada; ask an average US public school mistress to find it her World Atlas, if she has one). Aside from the massive cost of maintaining a Ministry of War and armed services Government budget burdens are usually heaviest in education,medicare and government pension schemes (as the government in modern Athens well knows). In Western societies people tend to vote for the person they like rather than a party. They prefer optimistic looking candidates like Barak Obama and even daffy Looney Tunes characters like dyslectic GW Bush (at least in his re election against a miserable looking John Kerry ). Same with JFK over Nixon, Reagan over Carter, Clinton over George Bush. What are the odds short of a miracle on Romney winning; he is a dour often bad tempered billionaire without a real plan? Well miracles can happen and may be some prying journalist, employed by Rupert Murdoch, might find that Obama really did lie about his birth or has a white mistress on the side. One can't publish Hitler's book, one can't deny holocaust publicly, And you can't publish nude pictures of a British princess because that will heart her feelings. If that's not a hinder to your so called free speech then what is it? These bigoted and double standards are what made Muslims angry. Tony Blair and Bush administration can esacpe of their lies about destructive weapons in Iraq and are not blamed for even one single loss of human life instead American system judges people living thousands of miles away from them n0t even connected to them by any mean. That's what make them think that they are being molested. Once for a while stop being the God father of world and let people handle their own matter, not every thing is headache of America nor it is related to any of American affair. And you Americans on no ethical grounds can judge any human being on this planet whether it is Muslims ,Christians or are from any other religion, after when you have killed thousands of Indians, nearly one million Japanese by mass destructive weapons(Do I need to remind you about American Japanese Isolation too?), Vietnamese invasion, and thousand of Muslims in Iraq too. Until now 1/3 of your population cant's accept an African American their presidents and he is accused of being Muslim because he has got his middle name Hussein and these people burnt their blood and lost their souls while working hard for their masters. And how about CIA undercover operations in other countries to kill political figureheads and overthrow democratically elected governments that doesn't seems to walk side by side with American dream? for those who think history is what their mother tells them about how many boyfriends she had before they popped out. Hello America! world is not unipolar anymore, its morning now/ Rustam, the difference is, if Hitler's book is published or holocaust is denied or nude pictures of Kate are published, people don't go out in a frenzy and KILL infidels. Most of the protesting in the western and non Islamic world generally is PEACEFUL unlike in the Islamic world. I am sure you know what happened to the Dutch film producer few years back. People from other religions do not react so violently. Yes, I agree with you on some of the atrocities that the American's have committed especially against the American Indians, Blacks, Vietnam war and the Iraq war recently. But Islamic brutality and savagery has been happening against the Infidels for 1400+ years. Why is it sodifficultfor Muslims to respect other religions? especially when they respect Islam. Most moderate Muslims are either scared of the fundamentalists t speak up or silent supporters. The fundamental problem in Islam is lack of separation of mosque and state. The mullahs brainwash them and rule them using FEAR as their main tool. If you say anything against the religion, it is always death in Islam. Why? Why is Islam so afraid of dissent? If a Muslim converts out of Islam, in most Islamic countries he or she is killed. That is not the case with all other religions. Instead of ranting and raving against the rest of the world, Muslims need to ask themselves one fundamental question. Why do their fundmentalist religious clergy, who run their societies, keep them as prisoners of dark ages? It is basically a war of two cultures, the 21st century non Islamic world and the 7th century Islamic world. It is as simple as that! On the one hand , you are absolutely right about double standards, for example you can go to gaol in Austria for casting doubts on the Jewish holocaust . l I doubt if there would be no reaction if a Danish or British magazine published Goebbels like caricatures of hooked nose Jews counting their money, of a manly Jesus cavorting with Mary Magadalene. They may be even riots in the street, the magazine's office might be firebombed or the editor fired and prosecuted under the Race Relations Act. On the other hand the Western world does not have a monopoly on hypocrisy. I used to live and work in a Gulf emirate. On the week end Saudis and others would flood into town , leave their wives and children in their hotel suites with room service. Visit night clubs and get drunk on Black Label Whisky, or visit the Red light district and hook up with some Russian or Moroccan whore. I once watched a ten minute weekly TV monologue by a mullah in English on aspects of Islam. The topic was how to treat your wife, the usual ordinary things about making sure she never went.

On the highway, motorcycles are "small fry". They're easy for autos and trucks to miss or disregard. Over the last decade, there has been an increase in serious and sometimes fatal accidental injuries to motorcyclists. Consequently, responsible motorcyclists always stay alert to nearby vehicles and their surroundings. But that's not enough if you want to take a safe ride. In many important ways, operating a motorcycle is not like driving an automobile. So you have to change your way of thinking and your way of driving when you ride your motorcycle. For example, to turn a motorcycle left or right, it's not just a matter of turning a steering wheel. You must lean left or right depending on which way you want to go. Your motorcycle has two brakes, and you must learn to use them both and in coordination with each other. Unlike most automobiles which are equipped with automatic transmission, you will need to shift gears on a motorcycle. For this reason, going up or downhill can be particularly tricky. And these are just a few of the differences you need to learn. Wear bright colored clothing. Fluorescent, orange and/or yellow shirts, vests, jackets, and helmets enhance visibility during the day. At night, wear reflective material on helmets, vests/jackets, and even shoes. Remember, you must be seen from the side, not just the back and front. Put reflective material on the sides of your helmet, clothing and shoes, not just on the front and back. If a motorist can't see you or your bike, he won't take action to avoid you. Make it a habit to use your turn signals always. Turn signals tell other drivers what you plan to do. They make your bike easier to see on the road. Nearby motor vehicle operators are more likely to notice your bike's flashing turn signal than its activated taillight. Equally important, however, is the need to deactivate your turn signal as soon as you complete your turn or as soon as you decide not to turn after all. If your turn signal remains activated after you have made a turn, the driver behind you may assume you will turn again, and he may pull directly into your path. Enhance your visibility by tapping your foot brake lightly before you slow down, especially when you anticipate a quick stop. The flashing brake light will alert the driver behind you to your sudden change in speed. Stay out of blind spots. Motorcyclists are more at risk in a blind spot than other motorists because their cycles are relatively small compared to trucks and automobiles. Whenever you approach a vehicle you may want to pass, you must make a choice, and quickly too. Do you really want to pass? If so, pass as fast as you reasonably can. If not, drop back, well out of the blind spot. The less time you spend in another driver's blind spot, the safer you will be. As you travel along the roads and highways behind another vehicle, take care to position your bike where the other driver will be able to see you in his rear view mirror. Keep in mind that intersections are always dangerous. It's where most motorcycle crashes happen because auto or truck drivers who approach an intersection sometimes fail to see the motorcyclist who has the right of way as he travels down the main thoroughfare. Keep your headlights on night and day. Sound strange? Yes, but studies show that keeping your headlights on high beam during daylight hours increases your visibility to oncoming traffic and prevents accidents. Wear a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 218 compliant helmet every time you ride your bike. It's the law in many states so you may have no choice in the matter. Regardless, it is always safer to ride wearing a helmet that meets recognized Snell, ANSI, and/or Federal DOT standards. Statistics show helmets are 37% effective in preventing fatal injuries. What does this mean? For every 100 motorcyclists who die in motorcycle crashes, 37 of them would have been saved had they been wearing a helmet when the accident happened. And make certain your helmet is, in fact, a certified/compliant helmet. Watch out for helmets with false certifications or counterfeit stickers imprinted with a DOT symbol. Accidents happen close to home, not just far away. Never say to yourself, "Well, I'm just going a mile or two to the store or to a friend's house, why should I bother with a helmet?" Helmets save lives. They give you some measure of protection against serious brain injuries in the event of an accident. In addition to helmet laws, there may be requirements in your state regarding face shields and safety glasses or goggles. Face shields protect your face from rain, dust, insects and flying debris. Goggles protect your eyes. Special regulations may control whether or not a motorcycle may carry a second passenger. This usually depends on whether your motorcycle is equipped with a permanent seat specially designed to carry a second person. A passenger who is not properly seated on a motorcycle is at increased risk of falling off a bike and accidental injury. Follow state and local traffic laws. Motorcyclists must follow the same "rules of the road" and traffic regulations as automobiles and trucks. These laws may be even more important to the safety of the motorcycle operator than to drivers of other motor vehicles. After all, motorcycles are not equipped with the same physical protections and restraints found in autos and trucks. Familiarize yourself with the general motor vehicle laws of your state. Just as important, study carefully the statutes directed specifically at the operation of motorcycles. They were enacted to help ensure your safety. Take a motorcycle rider skills training course. You can pay with your life if you don't learn the essential skills necessary to operate a motorcycle properly and safely. Most everyone takes a driver training course to obtain an automobile driver's license when they are teenagers. In fact, many states mandate such instruction because well trained automobile operators make for safer roads and highways. It makes just as much sense for motorcycle operators to take a skills training course given by a professional instructor and designed specifically for motorcycle operation. There are motorcycle rider skills training courses in most states. Your state department of motor vehicles, for one, should have information on such programs. And remember, there are skills training courses not just for the novice but for the more experienced rider as well. Take the time to refresh and refine your rider techniques by taking an advanced skills course every few years. Obtain the driver's license endorsement you need to legally operate a motorcycle in your state. Statistics kept by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tell us that 25% of the motorcyclists who died as a result of traffic accidents in 2004 were either not licensed at all or were not properly licensed to operate a motorcycle. Think you don't have to maintain the same distance behind an auto or truck that an auto or truck must keep as it travels behind other vehicles? Wrong! A motorcycle ordinarily requires as much stopping distance as an automobile. Studies have shown that following too closely is a major cause of accidents on the part of the motorcyclist. Don't ride in an impaired condition. It is no surprise that alcohol and other drugs play a substantial role in too many motorcycle accidents. In 2004, for example, alcohol was involved in a much higher percentage of motorcycle accidents (31% higher) than auto accidents. And worse, according to NHSTA, 41 percent of the 1672 motorcyclists who died in single vehicle crashes in 2004 had blood alcohol levels above the legal minimum of .08 g/dL. Never ride while intoxicated. Give your bike a "pre trip" inspection. Long distance truckers give their tractor trailers daily pre trip inspections and so should motorcycle operators. Check tire air pressure and the hydraulic fluid level. Look for signs of an oil or gas leak. Do headlights and taillights work in both high and low beam? Are your brake lights and turn signals operational? Do you need to refill your coolant reservoir? Clutch and throttle should work smoothly. Clean your mirrors and adjust them when needed. Engage your front and rear brake levers, one brake at a time, to ensure they are in working order. Never ride someone else's bike without first familiarizing yourself with its particular features and/or without giving it a pre trip inspection. 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA ,Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Red Black Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 653996 660 KD 7 Global Game Action Red Metallic Silver Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Black Red Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Red Black Following two years of traffic jams and road closures, Parks Canada has come up with a plan to manage the crowds looking to take in the golden larches near Lake Louise. Every September, the alpine trees turn from green to golden yellow a spectacular display admired by thousands of people who make the trek to Larch Valley to enjoy the forest's fleeting beauty. They have already started to turn a magnificent golden colour. "It's the first time that we are offering a free shuttle," said Champagne, noting it will run from the Lake Louise overflow parking lot to the Moraine Lake parking lot. The shuttle service comes after traffic and parking chaos on Moraine Lake Road have led to its closure for safety reasons in the past couple of years. Sgt. Jeff Campbell of the Lake Louise RCMP said he's hoping the shuttle will help reduce traffic congestion this year. "It's a short term solution for a longer term plan for the village," he said, noting there's a good traffic plan in the area for the next two weekends. For example, Campbell said the speed limit on the Trans Canada Highway will be reduced to 70 km/h from 90 km/h near the turnoff to the Lake Louise overflow parking. on Sept. 21, 22, 28 and 29. Officials with Parks Canada noted that there are also other hikes where visitors can see larches including Arnica Lake, Boulder Pass, Big Beehive and Saddleback. There are also several hikes such as Pocaterra Ridge andBurstall Pass in Kananaskis Country that boast alpine larches (although there'sno access to Pocaterra Ridge this year because the Highwood Pass is stillclosed due to flood damage). Here's the latest. more Video: Welcome to Calgary. on Sept. 10th?Snow flattens crops, causing distress in southern AlbertaSeptember snow rare, but not unheard of in CalgaryGallery: Readers share their 'Snowtember' imagesSnow Day: Here's what's closed around Calgary Wednesday due to snowGallery: The city paralyzedWeather Network forecasts 'typical' unpredictable fall for Calgary Enmax defends tree trimming policy in wake of snowstormCalgary power utility defended the $750,000 it spends each year on trimming trees Wednesday as it struggled to restore service to tens of thousands of residents left without electricity when snow laden branches fell on overhead lines. have not been cutting costs relating to that, said Enmax president and chief executive Gianna Manes. 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA,HOPE (NEWS1130) A 20 year old man has been killed after trying to run across Highway 1 near Hope. last night, Hope RCMP received a complaint of three people walking westbound along Highway 3 (Old Hope Princeton Way). Police looked for the threesome but were unable to find them. About a half an hour later, Hope RCMP and Fraser Valley Traffic Services called about someone being hit. A witness said four teenagers were walking along the highway when the man tried make it across the road to the grassy centre area. Police say the driver of Chevrolet Pickup swerved to avoid the teens and was unable to avoid the man as he crossed the fast lane. Despite a doctor stopping to give first aid at the scene the man was pronounced death at scene. The driver remained at scene and is cooperating with police. RCMP say alcohol is believed to be a factor . was an entirely preventable tragedy, says Corporal Robert McDonald of BC RCMP Traffic. He also points out that in addition to being extremely dangerous to walk or hitchhike along Highway 1, is also illegal.

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