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Shopping Cheap 136065 101 Air Jordan 1 Retro White Silver Navy,385664 023 Womens Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Black Black Infrared Maybe all these years later, Mars Blackmon was proven correct. Maybe it was the shoes. Or perhaps on Wednesday's uneven night at the Carrier Dome it was the matching fluorescent socks. Or, working one way up the sartorial ladder, it could been the shorts. Or, possibly, it was the jerseys. Whatever, from chin to bunion, it was some or all of the costumes. Had to be. Sell yourself to the devil, and you are subject to his whims. And it seemed for a while, anyway that there was a wee bit of H E Double Hockey Sticks to pay beneath the big bubble for having listened to Nike pecuniary whispers and ditching the familiar home white togs for something of an entirely different hue. Fab Melo and Scoop Jardine had at least two topics of discussion on Wednesday night at the Carrier Dome: SU's slow start against South Florida and SU's funky gray uniforms which may have disrupted the Orange gods. Dennis Nett/The Post Standard How else to explain those five points and only those five points scored by the Syracuse University Gray in the first 10 minutes of its affair with South Florida? How else to explain an offense that rolled along in the early going as if on stone wheels? "I was mad," said SU's sophomore guard Dion Waiters, who didn look it as he spoke with that usual smile in front of his locker. "I was kind of upset, you know? Five points in 10 minutes? That kind of a disgrace." With the cursed swoosh appearing on the cleats of that Ernie Davis statue a while back, with the local university having surrendered its mascot to Nike in Otto recent makeover, and now with the nation second ranked basketball team getting swaddled, at Phil Knight urging, in a color very evocative of those stinkin Georgetown Hoyas, a price surely had to be extracted sooner or later. And there it was for the edgy house of 25,316 to see and for Waiters to try to understand: The Gray was losing to the Bulls 18 5 with 9:22 showing on the first half clock. Fair, the sophomore forward . . . and there had been a jumper by Fair . . . and there had been a lay up by Fair. And that had been it. Period. "Weird," submitted Fab Melo, the sophomore center. "Nothing was going in. You can figure it out. Things like that happen, I guess. But it was very weird." Ah, but even a force as evil as Nike holds only so much power of weirdness over a club as gifted as this Syracuse one has proven to be. And so, over the next 29 minutes order was restored (if choppily), the SU gang regained is equilibrium (or enough of it) and South Florida was ultimately subdued (barely). The result? A 56 48 victory for the Gray over an outfit whose 17 10 record coming in might not have been as much fool gold as had been advertised. "You going to have days like that, man," Waiters explained. "You just have to get it going. And we got it going. That the biggest thing." Oh, the sons of Jim Boeheim who wore trousers over there on the bench that he might have described as "platinum" got it going, all right. They got it going to the tune of a staggering 26 0 run that turned that 18 5 "disgrace" into a 33 20 lead barely three minutes into the second half. While the Bulls, a tough bunch, did crawl back to within one at 47 46 with 6 minutes showing on the clock, that Syracuse cushion proved to be too much. As such, South Florida was unable to turn its happy dream into a shocking reality. And make no mistake that it had its chance. Hold the other side to five points for half of a half, put that other side on a pace to score some 19 total points, and you have the right to hope. But then, under the weight of that 26 0 rush and the general disparity in talent . . . poof, the Bulls hope was gone. "I can even tell you," Scoop Jardine, the senior guard, answered when asked what had happened to the Gray at the front end of Wednesday exercise. "We came out flat. We been coming out like that, some games. Our offense has been really stagnant. We watching each other and we can be that way because teams are going to jump out on us early. We have to get better and we have to start now." The good news is that Scoop and his mates who learned on Wednesday that if you going to get out rebounded by 10, it a good idea to take 19 more free throws will do so in their more familiar attire. Because those gray duds, modeled by the Syracuse peeps free of charge for Nike, are done. Which suggests for the superstitious among us, or for those who have an appreciation of the norm, that a return to good offensive karma may be just a jumper away. "A lot of people might say the uniforms were a problem, but not me," offered Waiters. "How you come out and play has nothing to do with any uniform. Some people might think that, but they crazy if they do." 136065 101 Air Jordan 1 Retro White Silver Navy There are some teams riding impressive stretches right now. The Detroit Tigers have won 13 of 14, but still sit second, just behind the Pirates. The Atlanta Braves are on an 11 game winning streak and jumped from 13 to seven and the Kansas City Royals moved from 18 to 13 after winning 12 of their last 13 games. Heading the other way, the New York Yankees are 6 10 since the All Star break and even the return of Alex Rodriguez couldnt save them from sliding to a season low 15 from 11. The Toronto Blue Jays continue to languish in the lower third, though up one spot from 22 to 21, overtaking the sinking Philadelphia Phillies in the process. Rookie reliever Josh Spence walked light hitting Ruben Tejada to force home the tiebreaking run and New York rallied late for the second straight night, beating the San Diego Padres 5 4 on Tuesday night. is rising. Fans are flocking to rinks to cheer their teams on, in hopes of propelling their favourite club to a Stanley Cup. Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt on Monday refuted an earlier report which stated Wells suffered a bone bruise and was in line to miss one to two weeks. Whisenhunt did not reveal the specific injury Wells sustained, nor did he offer any kind of timetable for recovery, but stated that Wells knee did "lock up on him" and that it will not require surgery. Nike Free Run+ 2 . Aaron Rodgers isnt out for revenge in Green Bays season opener. Nike Free Run+ 3 . Russian hockey coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov told reporters Monday that the forward was resting and not injured. PHILADELPHIA The ultimate ace, it turned out, belonged to the St. Louis Cardinals. Chris Carpenter tossed a three hitter to outpitch old pal Roy Halladay as St. Louis edged the Philadelphia Phillies 1 0 Friday night in the deciding Game 5 of their NL playoff series. The wild card Cardinals scored in the first inning when Rafael Furcal led off with a triple and Skip Schumaker followed with a double. And that was it. Heavily favoured Philadelphia, which featured four accomplished aces in baseballs best rotation, never broke through against Carpenter. Ryan Howard grounded out to end the game and hurt his leg coming out of the batters box he limped a couple of steps and crumpled to the ground as St. Louis started to celebrate. "It was some kind of fun," Carpenter said. "(Halladay is) a great friend of mine, and like I said, he did a great job tonight also." Howard has a left Achilles injury and wont know more about the severity of it until he has an MRI. The Cardinals needed a monumental collapse by Atlanta in the final month and major help from the 102 win Phillies just to reach the playoffs. Now theyre heading to Milwaukee for the NL championship series starting Sunday following a stunning upset in which they beat three of Philadelphias four aces: Halladay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt. "Actually, I dont know what to say," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "I just got through talking to our team, and basically when I look at it, we played 162 games, and definitely we had the best record in baseball." "I know that were capable of going farther in the playoffs. Our goal was to get to the World Series. Its been that way for two years now," he said. Three of the majors four opening round matchups went to a deciding Game 5, and all of them were pitching rich thrillers. Detroit held off the New York Yankees 3 2 on Thursday night, and Milwaukee beat Arizona in 10 innings earlier Friday. Then, the showdown between Carpenter and Halladay topped them all. "Roy Halladay is, at this time, probably the best pitcher in the game and we were able to go out and jump ahead, which was huge," Carpenter said. Trailing two games to one, the Cardinals began their comeback with a win in Game 4. That night in St. Louis, a squirrel scampered across home plate as Schumaker batted in the middle innings if the Cardinals keep winning, their fans will certainly go nuts, thanks to their "Rally Squirrel." Coincidentally, a squirrel was caught at Citizens Bank Park before Game 5. Not a good omen, apparently, for the Phillies. "I think guys were just relaxed and having fun," Carpenter said. "We put ourselves into position where everybody was expecting us to have no chance and we just started playing like the team we knew we were. And we were fortunate to get some help back into it with Atlanta losing and we were playing well the rest of that month." Carpenter was over 100 pitches when he took the mound in the ninth. He retired Chase Utley on a fly to the warning track in centre and got Hunter Pence on a grounder. Howard was next, and Carpenter got the big slugger to end a most improbable series win. Catcher Yadier Molina threw his mask toward the mound, Carpenter turned to the left of first looking for someone to celebrate with before his teammates finally got there, led by Albert Pujols. The congregation settled at second base, as just off to the right, while Howard was carried off the field and into his dugout. Howard took a called third strike with the tying run on second base to end the Phillies season last year in the NLCS against San Francisco. The expectations for Philadelphia were even higher this year after Lee returned. The loss meant the teams with the top two records and payrolls in the majors the Phillies and Yankees were gone in the first round, even while holding home field advantage. "We had a great team this year. We had a great opportunity," Pence said. "When you have a team like this, its definitely disappointing to not come through." Carpenter walked none and struck out three in the matchup of Cy Young Award winners who were longtime teammates in Toronto. The aces had already agreed to take a fishing trip together after this season. Halladay was outstanding, too, but his year is over. The Phillies cruised to their fifth straight NL East title and were hoping to add to the crown to the one they won in 2008. But nothing less than a second World Series championship in four years was going to be acceptable this season. Everyone from management to players to fans expected the Phillies to win it all. A sellout crowd that stood and screamed from the first pitch held their heads in disbelief and silently walked out without even booing. The pesky Cardinals looked nothing like an underdog. They were the best team in the NL down the stretch. St. Louis trailed the Braves by 10 1/2 games on Aug. 25, but went 23 8 the rest of the way and earned a wild card berth after Game 162 when Philadelphia completed a three game sweep in Atlanta. The Cardinals scored three runs off Halladay in the first inning of the series opener on Lance Berkmans three run homer. They got to him again quickly in this one. Furcal lined a triple to the gap in right centre. He did the same off Lee in Game 2, but was stranded that day. Not this time. Schumaker then lined a double to right to put the Cardinals up 1 0, stunning a crowd that expected Halladay to be lights out. Albert Pujols followed with a soft liner that second baseman Utley barehanded on one hop and threw out Schumaker at third. After Berkman reached on interference by catcher Carlos Ruiz, Halladay worked out of the jam, needing 33 pitches to get three outs. Halladay stopped for a brief chat with plate umpire Gary Cederstrom on his way to the dugout. It was a cordial conversation, though Halladay may have expressed displeasure with a few close calls. One run wouldnt seem enough against a lineup that features seven regulars whove been all stars. But nearly everyone except Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino struggled. Fans in the parking lot before the game talked about trying to unnerve Carpenter the way they famously did to Burt Hooton in Game 3 of the 1977 NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers at old Veterans Stadium. They made plenty of noise and waved their white and red rally towels Carpenter never flinched. After Victorino lined a one out double in the second, Carpenter retired Raul Ibanez on a foul pop and Placido Polanco on a grounder. The Phillies had runners on first and third with two outs in the fourth, but Ibanez flied out to the warning track in right. Carpenter allowed a one out single to Utley in the sixth, but Molina threw him out trying to steal second. Carpenter pumped his fist and hollered at Molina, who became the first catcher to nail Utley stealing this season. Utley had been 14 for 14 and 56 for 58, dating to 2009. Furcal made an outstanding play to rob Ruiz of a hit in the eighth, diving to his left on a grounder up the middle and throwing out the slow footed catcher. This "dream matchup," as Cardinals manager Tony La Russa called it, lived up to the hype. Halladay and Carpenter, who grew up together with the Blue Jays, have remained best buddies and often vacation together. Halladay overcame a shaky start in Game 1 and pitched eight strong innings in an 11 6 win. Pitching on three days rest for the first time in his career, Carpenter struggled last Sunday. He allowed four runs and five hits in three innings in his shortest outing of the season. But the Cardinals rallied from a 4 0 deficit against Lee and beat the Phillies 5 4 to even the series. NOTES: Pujols, who will be a free agent after the season, will play at least a few more games in St. Louis. . Cole Hamels, the Phillies fourth ace, won Game 3. . The Phillies hadnt played a decisive post season game since losing Game 5 of the division series against Montreal in the strike shortened 1981 season. They had been 3 1 in Game 5s of a series that was tied 2 2. . The Cardinals last decisive game was in the 2006 NLCS. They beat the New York Mets and went on defeat Detroit in five games in the World Series. . Molina got his first career post season stolen base in the fourth inning. . Schumaker left the game in the fourth because of right oblique tightness. . This was the 220th straight sellout in Philadelphia, including post season play. cheap jerseys

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