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This isn't a definition of a strategy, like "Embracing Victory" or even a rumination, like "The Magic Cloud." It is an attempt to clarify my thinking, as well as an honest question. Feedback is warmly appreciated. The grand educational project of the past 130 years has been the destruction of identity. Liberal education is designed to create relativists, to introduce critical thinking, and to break free of the past. In other words, create a need for belonging where none existed before. So now instead of widespread if petty sub national groups, we have a highly cognitive elite, a middle morass of nothingness, and among far too many a need to belong. The (slow) rise of competitive primary and secondary education in the United States, coupled with an affinity for Confucian methods in China, may show a rejection of liberal education methods. Ultimately the morality of liberating or controlling education may be besides the point. If liberal education sows fields for a 4GW harvest, it will be abandoned to defend the State. and its companion over at Global Guerrillas Would the weakness of states made possible by liberal education also be a root cause? The education system in most modern countries is designed to sweep away the petty identities students come in with, making them more amenable to 4GW style revolutionary ideologies. I would imagine a significant fraction of American ideological revolutionaries (from SDS to American salafis) share a fantastic liberal education. I earlier wrote that reality is a sea of friction, but for most of history, human interactions relied primarily on the troika of folk, kin, and trade. Even sketchily drawn characters, such as the motorcyclist in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, are best identified by this troikaKin: Father of Chris Trade: Rhetorician / Philosopher Throughout time, it was the interaction of these three categories which provided the conflict of life. Each of these qualities can naturally lead to their own petty leagues Folk: Tribes Kin: ClansAnd indeed the better part of history is the struggle between these. Until the rise of Capitalism. The two greatest desires of humans are the needs for power and justice. The most effective movements, such as Holy Wars, combine rewards for the followers (ample tracts of lands, enslaved concubines) with justice for all (That all will hear the Call of the Lord equally). However, in mundane matters the wealth and justice drives directly conflicted. Most historical economic system were essentially zero sum, meaning that for every winner there had to be a loser. Therefore strife between tribes, clans, and guilds often turned violent. Those who also believed in justice were largely marginalized, except for rhetorical purposes. Capitalism allows the explosive crystallization of folk, kin, and trade networks. Production capacity continually crimes, reducing the incentive for violence and increasing the incentive for peaceful cooperation. The expanding wealth of a society naturally leads to governments which are able to buy off enemies to manage crime which allows for potential internal enemies to be pacified while the societal pie grows larger. Further, capitalism increases the number of proven technologies and techniques, allowing ever greater security. The triple identity of man as a folk/kin/trade creature doesn't diminish, but the troika becomes increasingly "petty" from the perspective of the state. Sadly, the desire of the State to do more soon interfered. Governments failed to focus on decreasing inter group conflict and protecting citizens against enemies. Instead, the traditionally hegemonic State became imperial, and attempted to focus the citizen around it. Unable to focus the folk, kin, and trade identities around it (the number of States which tried this is small, and includes Khmer Rogue Cambodia), States instead focused on breaking the identities of its citizens. The tool the State used to do this was Liberal Education. Today, the liberal arts are often promoted as "liberal" in a later Enlightenment sense, as liberating of the mind, removing prejudices and unjustified assumptions. In spite of the earlier medieval meaning, this is regarded by many today as the more relevant sense of the broader term liberal education. The purpose of liberal arts is snap out the petty engines of the folk, the kin, and the trade. Because all men find themselves under the State anyway, this should create less friction in State citizen interaction. For similar reasons, States cobbled together out of tribal societies (such as Ba'athi Iraq and Saudi Arabia) try to dilute the influence of tribes, to bring the citizen closer to the State. Therefore, it's not surprising that any education with furthers these petty loyalties is illiberal education.

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Wedge the safety pin into the hole. 315794 041 Air Jordan 1 Retro Stealth Royal Red,My Beloved CityCalled the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the Cleanest and Greenest City, Cool City of Pines,The Garden City, The President's Home North of Manila, Having the Panagbenga Flower Festival Annually Month of February. Good for the family and for every body. "Baguio: A cool destination, Anytime, All The Time!" Baguio enjoys a cool weather during the summer season with the residents playing hosts to visitors while the rainy season provides the Baguio beside a lit fire place listening to good music, enjoying a very hot cup of cordillera coffee with family and friends. Know More about City of Pines in the Philippines Baguio City, PhilippinesBaguio, once also called Kafagway by late ancestors, nestled 5,000 ft. above sea level atop the Grand Cordillera with gold in its cool mountains and a spring like climate that made it a haven in a country that sweltered in a tropical heat. It's doors started to open in the late 1800's when the heat weary Spaniards sent an expedition to study the suitability of establishing a sanitarium in La Trinidad which was never realized because they were overtaken by events that began to unfold as the clock ran out on the 19th century. It was in pursuit of Pedro Paterno, then president of Emilio Aguinaldo's cabinet that the American troops stumbled upon Baguio in November 1899. The urgent need to find relief from temperatures they were unaccustomed to was the primary reason the Americans established Baguio City and Camp John Hay. The place started as a hill station that include a ssanitarium for those suffering from malaria and other diseases. To have access to the place, Colonel Lyman Kennon was commissioned to build the Benguet Road which was completed 1905, then named after him as Kennon Road. Everyone can use this road vice versa. On September 1, 1909, the Baguio City Charter took effect. It has an area of 57.49 square kilometers and is accessible by air 45 minuted and by land for 5 6 hours from Manila. By land, one may navigate its was up here in the city by either through the historical route Kennon Road, Marcos Highway, Naguilian Road and from top route Ambuklao Road and Halsema Highway. The city takes pride in its Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay, being the biggest pine tree conservation area. The golf course for all golfers. Ornate iron gates open to the Mansion House, the official summer residence of the Philippines presidents. It also houses a museum of presidential memorabilia. Sitting on top of a hill in Upper Session Road is a twin spire Baguio Cathedral, a city Landmark. Another pilgrimage site is the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, which sits on top of Dominican Hill. A Toist Temple Bell Church, is visited by a lot of tourist to have their fortunes told. You can also find elevated pine forested ground here the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), the country's foremost military learning institution with Military Museum. As an international melting pot, the city is home to a highly diversified culture, religion, race and creed. Ilocano, Pilipino, Native languages and English are used as general communication. But English remains the medium of the instruction in schools. Lonely Planet Philippines (Country Guide) Buy Now Flower Festival in Baguio City "PANAGBENGA " a yearly celebration and Facts about PanagbengaPanagbenga is month long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. The term is of Malayo Polynesian origin, meaning "season of blooming". The festival, held during the month of February, was created as a tribute to the city's flowers and as a way to rise up from the devastation of the 1990 Luzon earthquake. The festival includes floats that are decorated with flowers unlike those used in Pasadena's Rose Parade. The festival also includes street dancing, presented by dancers clad in flower inspired costumes, that is inspired by the Bendian, an Ibaloi dance of celebration that came from the Cordillera region. Aside from economic boosts from tourism, the festival also helped the younger generation of indigenous people to rediscover their culture's old traditions. of the John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation (JPDC) and Victor A. Entries from the annual Camp John Hay art contest gave its official logo: a spray of sunflowers. The festival was set to February to boost tourism as it was considered as a month of inactivity between the busy days of Christmas season and the Holy Week and the summer season. On 1996, archivist and curator Ike Picpican suggested that the festival be renamed as Panagbenga, a Kankanaey term that means "a season of blossoming, a time for flowering". On 2007, Members of the Team Unity and other candidates from the opposition gave their political campaign in the festival. All the candidates broke the festival's guidelines by handing out campaign materials. Some tourists were displeased of their presence as people that wanted to take pictures with the candidates spilled over the streets and disrupted the parade. Schedule of eventsDate: February 1 Venue: Session Road and Melvin Jones Grounds. The parade signals the start of the Panagbenga. This will be participated by a representative contingent of volunteers. The parade will be followed by a short opening program, together with competitions between drum and lyre including street dancing contingent among elementary students.

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