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(Detroit Free Press) And President Obama may have the backing of NYC mayor and billionaire businessman Mike Bloomberg, but Mitt Romney has a far more impressive endorsement: C. Montgomery Burns. (The Simpsons) Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011,Manny from Las Vegas, NV I don't get you. You say football's a tough game and talk about winning the point of attack, play until the end. Then when the Bucs do that you say you wouldn't shake the coach's hand. Are you saying a team should accept defeat when they can still do something about it? Let's see, how many "Miracle at the Meadowlands" plays are there in NFL history? As I've said, I've changed my mind; the league did that for me when it released a statement on Monday that effectively condones crashing into the center's head when all would appear to be lost. I'm all for it now, and I'm all for offenses running up the score, too. I remember covering a game between the Oilers and Steelers late in the 1980 season. The two teams were bitter rivals, but they had a deep respect for each other. The Steelers faced a fourth down play from near their goal line, trailing 6 0 with time running out. They had to go for it, which they did, and they failed to convert, and that was the end of the Steelers' Super Bowl run. The Oilers took over and when they got over the ball looking like they were going to run a play, Bum Phillips leaped from the sideline and began yelling, "No, no, no." The Oilers then went into victory formation. I've always thought it was an example of Bum's class and the respect he had for the game and his opponents, but on second thought, he should've probably punched it in one more time, gone for two and rubbed it in as hard as he could. The only successful drop kick in the NFL since 1941 was executed by Doug Flutie on Jan. 1, 2006, for an extra point after a Patriots touchdown vs. Miami. It was the final play in Flutie's football career and Bill Belichick elected to give Flutie a chance to punctuate his career with a drop kick. Shawn Von from New York, NY Vic, does the First Amendment allow you to comment on trading Greg Jennings? I think we should. I've already commented and I didn't even go back and read the First Amendment. Has it come to that? What I've said is that as long as the Packers have access to the franchise tag, they will be able to retain their rights to Jennings, as was the case last winter with Jermichael Finley. Why trade Jennings now? He's a really good player this team needs to be the best it can be. Jon from Lewisburg, PA Vic, why did you have to make me aware of this? I read a few questions about excessive celebration, and the next thing I know Cam Newton is doing some kind of Superman touchdown dance after scoring on a quarterback sneak to bring the score to 23 7, Giants. I could have gone my whole life without taking note of this sort of thing. The final score was 36 7, but what the heck. Nick from Toronto, Ontario Vic, you've said a lot about how the media's relationship with players has changed during your career. With all the ridiculous questions, do players today actually enjoy talking to the media, or is it just something they put up with because they have to? Some players enjoy it, other players tolerate it. I think it's only natural for reporters to gravitate toward those players that welcome the media. What I think you fail to understand, however, is that when players talk to the media, they're talking to the fans. The media is merely a link between the players and the fans. We carry their message to you. We ask the questions you want answered. You might think the questions are ridiculous, but they pretty much mirror what I receive in this column. Mike from Jacksonville, FL In regards to celebrations while losing, I fully expected you to share the story of Mike Peterson and what basically resulted at the end of his Jaguars career. While extreme, that one stands out as an example that illustrates your point, given the resulting fallout that occurred over an untimely celebration. Mike celebrated a sack when the Jaguars were trailing by a couple of scores on a day when they were playing very poorly, and during the head coach's address to the team a day or two later, he took exception to the sack dance, and that led to a confrontation that caused Mike to be suspended and effectively ended his Jaguars career. In the process, I lost one of my go to guys in the locker room and one of the players in my career that I most respected and genuinely liked. All because of a sack dance. That's stupid. Kris from Suring, WI Maybe that's why Michael Jordan is one of the best athletes of all time and Vic Ketchman is a sports journalist, because Jordan liked to point at scoreboards. Do you really think that's it? Do you think it might have more to do with the fact that I'm 5 9 and Jordan is 6 6? That he can jump over my head? Bryce from Iron Mountain, MI In other words, you have the right to speak, but it would be better for you and everyone else around you if you kept your mouth shut. Or that you would express your respect for your teammates and the team's pursuit of victory by using your right to free speech responsibly. I don't think players should have to be gagged. They should be mature enough to know what not to say. Michael from Granite City, IL Why do the Packers continue to try and force the back shoulder throw? Why don't they get back to the slants?

Buy Online Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011,Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo Staring: Charleze Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender Long before Sigourney Weaver tackled that ferocious more than 30 years ago, set the stage with this exciting and sometimes scary prequel. Especially since the crew isn clear about the exact purpose of their mysterious mission. Visionary Director Ridley Scott ratchets up his classy production with a high degree of intensity. You never can tell what you discover in an Alien spacecraft in the year 2089. Just make certain you share your discovery with Captain Charleze Theron. She dislikes being snubbed. The mission hardships center on Scientist Noomi Rapace. She suffers even more indignities than she did in the original Swedish version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo gives a marvelously intense performance as the perfect forerunner to the gritty Sigourney Weaver character. is a mystery, science fiction thriller and a deeply person character study. The engrossing trip to the outer reaches of the universe earns 3 stars. To say that the style and the atmosphere reminds you of is the highest compliment you can give /entry > Staring: Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth Forget almost everything you grown up learning about White and the Seven Dwarfs White and the Huntsman gives the familiar fairy tale a dark and adventurous new look. Charleze Theron delivers a dazzling performance as the epitome of pure evil. She bristles at the thought of Snow White living another day. Kristen Stewart must welcome a vacation from her character. Here she out for blood to avenge her father murderer. But the Seven Dwarfs are just as infatuated with Snow White as they were in the Disney classic. White and the Huntsman isn just a fairy tale. It an adventure with all the trappings that will remind you of of the Rings It Charleze Theron fiery performance that truly distinguishes this elaborate make believe. She evil incarnated with attitude. No, I wouldn recommend White and the Huntsman for the very young. It much too scary and mean spirited. If only for taking the childhood classic in a new direction, White and the Huntsman deserves three stars. Where else can Snow White become the spitting image of Joan of Arc? Staring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin There's nothing like time travel and a new face to revitalize In Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are still policing refugees from alien planets. Surely character masquerading as humans. In Black 3 can only go so far zapping dangerous characters from the Alien underworld. And besides, there a perception Tommy Lee Jones has gotten too old for the young audience. Josh Brolin fits comfortably into the time travel plot as Tommy Lee in his prime. In Black 3" could hardly survive without razzle dazzle visual effects. With Barry Sonnenfeld again at the helm, the smartly directed comic adventure doesn miss a trick that already proven itself. And the chemistry between Brolin and Smith works like magic. The stoned faced, utterly confused Brolin is the perfect foil for Smith engaging bursts of amusing explanations of how the two happen to meet years earlier. In Black 3 can hold its own with any of the current crop of Summer blockbusters. Rarely does a second sequel of anything hit the mark with 3 stars. It every bit as good as you heard from me and word of mouth. When planning your summer vacation, you probably won find a more stressful getaway than Russia nuclear meltdown city of Chernobyl. But as a thrill seekers paradise, Chernobyl Diaries lets you down with too few thrills and chills. Our adventurous young world travelers should have followed their misgivings about visiting this toxic tourist trap. Aside from being the world worst tour guide, Yuri the one man travel agency from hell forgot to mention the Chernobyl nightlife consists entirely of trying to survive the unseen terror which pretty much keeps to itself. His tourists might as well have taken their death wish to Camp Crystal Lake in the Thirteenth for all the good this extreme vacations going to do them. You the audience couldn care less about what happens to the actors that one one even heard of. By the way the Producers obviously saved money on monster effects by never showing us any radiated mutants. Save your money by skipping Chernobyl Diaries the thriller meter registers only 2 stars. Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011 Narrator: Giving medicine to your child can be nerve racking. How can you be sure you're giving him the right dose? What potential dangers should you avoid? What if your child won't take his medicine or spits it out? Christina Vo is a pediatrician in Berkeley and sits on the board of the American Academy of Pediatrics in California. She's accustomed to fielding questions about medicine safety from anxious parents like first time mom Li, of nearby Fremont. Pediatrician Christina Vo: The most common mistake that parents make when giving medications is giving the wrong dosage. They may mix up teaspoons for tablespoons or how often to give the medication. So make sure you double check the dosage and how you measure the medication before you give it to your baby. Narrator: Children are more sensitive to medications than adults are. If given the wrong dose, kids could be harmed by even some of the most common and seemingly benign over the counter medicines. Read labels very carefully you don't want to misread a number. Store the medicine in its original packaging unless the complete instruction and ingredients are right on the bottle. Be aware that some dosages are based on your child's weight, not age. Tip number two: Use the proper tool. To make sure you're giving the right dose, use the measuring tool that came with the medicine. It might be a dropper, an oral syringe, or a specially marked measuring cup, for example. Don't use a kitchen teaspoon to measure your child's medicine. They're not accurate. If the medicine doesn't come with a measuring tool, ask your pharmacist to recommend one you can use. Tip number three: Know the rules. Follow the directions on the packaging to make sure you're using the medicine the right way. For example: Know whether to give your child the medicine on an empty stomach or notRefrigerate the medicine if necessaryGive the medicine at the proper intervalsTip number four: Coax it down. Kids generally aren't big fans of taking medicine, especially when it tastes bad. One thing that can help is buying flavored over the counter medicines, or asking your pharmacist to add a flavor mix in for prescription drugs. You can also ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can mix liquid medicine with a little formula or breast milk. If your child is old enough to eat solids, find out if you can get the medicine in tablet form, crush it up, and mix it with a little food. To help your baby swallow medicine from an oral syringe or a dropper, gently squirt the liquid between his tongue and the side of his mouth at the back of his throat, which could make him gag or choke. Tip number five: Ask questions. Don't be shy about asking your doctor or pharmacist about the medicine your child will take. You might want to make a list of questions and check them off as you get your answers. Consider asking things like: What exactly is this medicine for?Can you go over the dosage with me?What are the possible side effects?How soon will it start working?Can I mix it into my child's milk or food?What if I miss giving my child a dose?Li has a burning question for Dr. Vo. She wants to know how she can keep 7 month old Caden from spitting out his medicine. The first time she tried to give him a fever reducer, he resisted. Mother: It was not a very successful story. So basically he fought a lot and he spit up. I actually was not very sure how much he actually swallowed. If your baby refuses his medicine or keeps spitting it out, you can try the trick that Dr. Vo is about to show Li. Since Caden's a known spitter, Dr. Vo suggests that Li always have a helper present when she gives Caden medicine.

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