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Once I had the hook well embedded into the heel of the shoe, I had to glue a small magnet into the heel to secure it.florman, you're probably safe, but please keep the following in mind:(1) Working Load Limits are for static (nonmoving) loads, not dynamic (moving) loads.If a cable breaks at 120 lbf (pound force), a 95 lbf person jerking the cable at a rate of 40 ft/sec^2 would break the cable. [Calculation: 120 lbf 32 ft/sec^2 / 95 lbf = 40 ft/sec^2]If a 95 lbf person were to swing on a 5 ft cable that breaks at 120 lbf, he would only have to swing 3 miles/hour (about walking speed) to break it. [Calculation: sqrt((120 lbf 5 ft) / 32 ft/sec^2) 4 ft/sec 3 miles/hour](2) Lucky for you, working loads are usually given a safety factor of 5, meaning that your cable shouldn't break until you give it a 600 lbf load. This means you (being 95 lbf) would have to jerk the cable at a rate of 202 ft/sec^2 to break it. You would also break it if you were to swing at about 6 miles/hour with 5 ft of cable.(3) Unfortunately for frisbeechampe1983's acquiantance, the combination of swinging and abrupt stopping when he hit the wall made a large enough acceleration for the load to exceed the cable's limit.(4) Additional notes: (a) Make sure you know the difference between mass and weight. (b) The working load limit is determined by a load being uniformly applied in a straight line pull. You are not only changing the load by moving along the cable, but any additional movement on your part makes it risky. (c) The tensile properties of the cable are changed every time you go on and off just because the loads are changing. Air Jordan 4 Retro Doernbecher Pearls are strung with very fine synthetic or silk threads that can wear out and break after a time. When this happens you have to have the pearls restrung. You may have had the sad experience of pearls from a broken strand scattering in all directions. It can be very frustrating when this happens as you inevitably end up losing some pearls. One of the things that can be done to prevent this from happening and keeping the pearls intact even if the string breaks is to add a knot between each pearl. Here are the steps on how to knot pearls. Step 1. Prepare the materials that you will need to restring the pearls. You will need a beading needle, lengths of silk or synthetic stringing thread and a beading awl. The beading awl will help you make tight knots that will be as close to the pearl bead as possible. You will also need either quick drying glue or a lighter to seal the ends of synthetic threads and a pair of scissors. Step 2. Work on a flat surface and place a thick towel over the surface. This will prevent the pears from rolling off. Place the rest of your tools and implements within easy reach. Step 3. Remove the old clasp from the necklace and slide the pearls out on to the towel. If the pearls are in graduated sizes, make sure that you follow the pattern and keep the pearls in their right order. Step 4. Thread the beading needle. Cut a short length of silk beading thread and separate the strands. Get one of the strands and push it through the eye of the beading needle. Gather the two ends of the thread and not them. You now have a larger and softer needle eye that will not cause the beading thread to wear out and unravel in the middle of stringing. The eye of the beading needle is sharp that it can cause the thread to break. Step 5. Cut a generous length of beading thread. It should be at least triple the actual length of the necklace you are going to restring. Attach one part of the necklace clasp to one end of the beading thread. Push the short end of the thread into another beading needle. Push the first beading needle in the hole of one pearl and follow this with the second needle. You will now have two strands of thread sticking out of the hole. Knot the strands tightly to secure one end of the clasp and the first pearl. Do the same for the next pearl. After you have pushed the two strands of beading thread into the second pearl and knotted them tightly, cut the strand with the short end. You now have one strand of beading thread left to work with. Step 6. String the third pearl into the single strand of beading thread. Put down the pearls on the towel and get the beading awl. Form a loose knot in front of the third bead. Put the tip of the beading awl into the middle of the loop, as close to the pearl as possible and press its tip on the table, holding it upright. With your other hand pull the loop close around the tip of the beading awl. When the loop is tightly around the tip of the beading awl, remove it and use your fingers to tighten the knot as close to the pearl as you can get it. Add another pearl and repeat the process of adding a knot to the front of the pearl with the beading awl. Step 7. Repeat part of Step 5 when you are attaching the other part of the necklace clasp. This will ensure that the pearls and the clasps are securely fastened together. Knotting pearls is a sure way to secure the pearl beads should the beading thread breaks or even if the clasp weakens and falls apart. Practice knotting pearls using faux pearls until you get used to handing the beading awl and tightening the knot with your fingers.

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