Mens Authentic 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 Gift For You Or Your Family. 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM Enjoy Big Discount 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 Garden Fresh Produce Up To 50% Off Hi, I'm Bob Holcomb from Apex Automotive in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Today, we're going to look at how to adjust a drum brake system. The first thing we're going to do is remove the wheel, when you get to the last bolt be careful the wheel may fall off. Directly behind the wheel is the drum brake. In order to adjust this system we first have to know a little bit of how it works. Underneath the brake drum is a set of shoes, springs, clips and what not. The way the drum system works, this hydraulic cylinder puts pressure on these brake shoes. They push out of opposite of each other and put pressure on the drum. As they put pressure on the drum the drum can't turn and that stops your wheel. To be adjusted properly these shoes should be slightly touching this brake drum while your car is running. Then when you apply your brake they'll squeeze against the drum and stop your car. I can tell if they're adjusted simply by how the drum comes off the car. These are a little bit loose as the drum can flop all around and there's a little bit of space between the shoe and the drum. This particular drum system has something called a self adjuster. Every time I actuate the emergency brake it's going to move a wheel that's going to work against the thread that's going to push these shoes out just slightly so when I pull the emergency brake the shoes are going to go wider and the adjuster's going to go 1 click if there's room. If there's no room and the emergency brake hits the drum the brakes are adjusted. So if they're out of adjustment you can sometimes actuate your emergency brake open, open and closed, open and closed and it'll actuate the self adjuster. I've just adjusted these brakes out about 3 clicks. That should be enough to bring the shoes up against the drum. We can use a device to measure the distance between here and here and here and here and then subtract a couple thousandths of an inch or we can just fit them on and see what it feels like. When I put them all the way on I can hear the shoe touching the drum so that's plenty tight enough and there's not as much wiggle room as there was just a moment ago. If I had an access hole to turn the adjuster I would spin the wheel until I heard the shoes hit the drum and I started to feel some resistance and I'd back off a couple of clicks on the adjuster. Either way your rear drum brakes are now adjusted properly. I'm Bob Holcomb from Apex Automotive in Great Barrington, Massachusetts..

If you were to tell someone "your shoe lace is untied", what would they immediately do? They would of course, immediately look down and see if that is true, and then would tie up their shoe again. It's an instant reaction to something you have said. and what makes this person immediately act on something YOU have said, especially when you are total strangers? Well my friend, the ONE thing that makes almost EVERY human out there act, is simply APPROVAL. We all do it mostly, without realizing it, which is why it's virtually undetectable. You see, people want to be welcomed by others, and subconsciously HATE to be made to feel as though they are not accepted somewhere, which is why they instantly start taking action to make sure they are welcomed and approved. The same thing is true for the person who tied their shoe lace when you mentioned it. If they really didn't care what YOU thought, and didn't care to seek YOUR approval, they would have just kept walking and wouldn't STOP and tie their shoe, because you gave them the impression that having an untied shoe was incorrect. Using approval to make your ex love you again Naturally, you can use this trick with your ex to make them seek YOUR own approval as well. To do this, all you have to start doing is suggesting to your ex any of the following: 1. The breakup was great Thank your ex for the breakup, and they will feel forgotten, and in turn will become an instant approval seeker. He/she will feel lonely and insecure and will want to win you back to get rid of this feeling. 2. Become extremely happy This tells your ex that they never made you happy, and subconsciously drives your ex to try and make you happy again. 3. I love someone else Try showing your ex that you love someone new. You will instantly persuade your ex to love you again and want you more, because they will fear losing you and literally want to be the only one you concentrate on. 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 ,Nike Air Foamposite One Knicks Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green 528895 153 Air Jordan 11 Low GS Concord White Black Concord 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black Settlers of Catan places each player in control of one of many fledgling colonies on a tropical island. Each player strives to become the dominant colony on the island before his opponents; this is done by collecting points. Points are earned for building towns and cities, building major cultural and economic centers, such as cathedrals and marketplaces, and for having the largest army or the longest continuous road. These are built using resources harvested and mined from the island, but no one player is able to gain enough on his own, so they must trade wisely with one another to get ahead. It is designed for three to four players, though expansions exist to allow play by up to six, and takes about an hour and a half to play. It is a little more complicated than most board games, however, and is suitable for those 12 and older. In Tobago, players take on the role of a lone adventurer trying to find the lost treasure of Tobago island. Players explore the island, uncovering clues that reveal that location of the treasure and, once the treasure is gained, provide protection against the curses that the ancients put on their gold. The game comes with dozens of scenarios, so no player can ever know from experience where the clues lead to. Tobago is a game for two to four players and takes around an hour to play. It is suitable for children over 10. Carcassonne is a city in southern France that has often been conquered by invading armies due to it's strategic location on the coast. In this game, players control an area outside Carcassonne during the Middle Ages and must expand the city by placing land tiles. Players can add roads, fields, houses and monasteries. As the player grows his area, he is able to place his "followers" on the tiles to collect points. The game is designed for two to five players and takes about thirty minutes to play. Any one 8 or older should be able to learn the game in only a few minutes. 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23,Have you ever noticed that the older you get, the fewer friends you have, the fewer new things you experience, and the fewer risks you take? The result? Less ecstasy! In actuality, it doesn't make sense. Instead of expanding as you grow, you shrink. When you can relate to this scenario, it is high time for personal transformation. Unless, of course you like the way it is! "Don't talk to strangers!" Most of us who grew up in the city, have heard this sentence before. Our parents wanted to protect us, and planted into our consciousness the fear of strangers. Let us fast forward to "the now". You might be in your twenties, thirties, forties or older. Do you find it difficult to create new friendships, new relationships? If so, do you realize that you are still afraid of strangers? An old belief that was necessary for your survival many years ago became a major hindrance to your joy, fulfillment and growth today. Once in a while you probably buy a new pair of shoes. After a while, even the best shoes wear out. What do you do? You throw away the old shoes and buy a new pair. But what do you do when your beliefs, opinions and points of view, wear off and do not support you anymore? You hold them closer to your heart and do your best to defend them thus keeping them alive. This unreasonable attitude is called righteousness. There is a simple equation in human psychology, which states that the more righteous you are the more you suffer. Transformation happens when you choose to question your beliefs, opinions and point of view. It is that simple! Most of us grew up with an immense assortment of rigid, inflexible, and permanent concepts. We learned them at home, in school, and within our society and culture. We were taught that maintaining strong beliefs, opinions and points of view makes one a powerful, reliable, grounded, serious, and intelligent person. Well, is that so? Let's imagine that you have to cross a river. You look everywhere, until finally you find a boat. Happily you row the boat to the other shore. There, you find a desert, which you need to cross, in order to get to your destination. You put the boat on your shoulders and start crossing the desert. Smart ha? As funny as it sound, this is how we regularly deal with issues in our lives. We find a belief, a concept, a principal that works for us in a certain situation. And then we try to forcefully apply it to any other situation coming our way. When it doesn't work, therefore becoming a burden on our shoulders, we don't even question it. Instead, we blame the desert, the sun or the government, but we never question our need of the boat. One of our limiting beliefs is that it takes time to change, or that it is a process. Let's get clear about it. Change is gradual (growing old). Transformation happens in an instant (growing up). Change is local and temporary (losing weight). Transformation is wider and permanent (becoming healthy). Change is in the outside circumstances (avoiding fearful situations). Transformation is in the inner world, which creates the outer circumstances (transforming fear into excitement). You cannot create transformation, only the conditions for it to occur. You need to question your concepts and be open to the answers. Allow whatever answer that comes, to be there. On the surface it appears that there is no risk in questioning your old beliefs, opinions and points of view. If after questioning them, they seem to support you, then reclaim them. This time they are yours (not your parents', teachers', society's, church's, etc.) If they are not supporting you then dropping them becomes an enormous advantage. A gift to yourself. But if it is that simple, why is it that we usually need a major crisis (heart attack, divorce, accident) in order to do it? There is one risk! The risk of discovering that for a longer or shorter while, we held onto concepts that were false. Meaning, we made a mistake.

Womens Authentic 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23,Air Jordan 3 Retro True Blue 2011 Ruby Slippers or Those Don't Look Like Comfortable ShoesThey were magic. A click of the heels and you could go home again saving you lots of money on airfare and doing a world of good for the environment. There's lots of stories behind those slippers from how they became ruby to where they are now. So get your blue socks on and get ready to drop your house because we're going shoe huntin'. However, when the MGM musical went into production, Hollywood had just begun using a process known as Technicolor. The filmmakers decided that silver wouldn't pop quite that well once the film went from black and white to color and thus, it was decided that Dorothy's slippers would become ruby. At Least Seven PairsAnd two are still missing. According to film historians, there were at least seven pairs of Ruby Slippers made for Judy Garland. For some time, one of those pairs was on display at Disney World's then named Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida. They have since been removed. This same pair recently made a trip to the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. The pair of slippers required two security guards and an armored truck to transport them from the plane to Harpo Studios. The shoes even flew first class. While the others are owned by mostly private collectors, one pair is owned by a rather well known private collector, actress Debbie Reynolds. The Slippers Become Silver, Once AgainFor the Broadway production of Wicked, based on Gregory Maguire's novel retelling the story of OZ from Elphaba's (the Wicked Witch) point of view, the slippers originally owned by the Wicked Witch of the East were returned to their original silver hue. In Wicked, it's discovered that Elphaba's obsession with the shoes goes beyond just the fact that they belonged to her sister, but also that they held a connection to the distant father whose attention she so greatly craved. Once again, those are some serious shoes. Last updated on February 19, 2008 You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this article up or down. Useful {1} Funny Awesome Beautiful Interesting ripplemaker 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines That was interesting. I was the Good Witch of the North in the musical play THE WIZ. Our Dorothy wore silver slippers : ) lizziemagic 5 years ago In Wicked, during the scene where Nessa sings "The Wicked Witch of the East" and Elphaba enables Nessa to walk, they use lighting to make the slippers look ruby. They are supposed to have changed from silver to ruby when Elphaba enchanted them. You probably already knew that, but I just wanted to point that out!!! :D KellyEngaldo 4 years ago I knew about the silver slipper part from reading the book. I never knew about the enchanting the shoes to turn red love it! Thank you! One of my favorite books! Now I really must see Wicked! Excellent hub! 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 Shimano produces several different types of reels, including round bait casting, low profile bait casting and spinning reels. Included in the spinning. How to Clean and Lube Spinning Reels As an ideal maintenance practice for keeping fishing reels, you need to regularly clean and lube them to make sure that they. How to Clean Lubricate a Spinning Reel Properly A spinning reel, like a car, need regular cleaning and maintenance. A fisherman must clean and lubricate his reel a couple times. How to Clean a Shimano TLD Many fisherman, both recreational or professional, use Shimano reels, which are lightweight and contain corrosion resistant materials. The Shimano TLD is a drag. Shimano, a Japanese based company that was founded in the early 1920s, was known for its precision engineering. The company has now evolved.

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