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Merry Christmas From The Houston Neurofeedback CenterUser Rating: / 0 PoorBest MiscellaneousWritten by Anonymous Thursday, 23 December 2010 16:51 True Meaning of ChristmasJust a week before Christmas I had a visitor. This is how it happened. I just finished the household chores for the night and was preparing to go to bed, when I heard a noise in the front of the house. I opened the door to the front room and to my surprise, Santa himself tepped out next to the fireplace."What are you doing?" I started to ask. The words choked up in my throat and I saw he had tears in his eyes. His usual jolly manner was gone. Gone was the eager, boisterous soul we all know. He then answered me with a simple statement . . . "TEACH THE CHILDREN!" I was puzzled. What did he mean? He anticipated my question and with one quick movement brought forth a miniature toy bag from behind the tree. As I stood bewildered, Santa said, "Teach the children!Teach them the old meaning of Christmas. The meaning that now a days Christmas has forgotten. "Santa then reached in his bag and pulled out a FIR TREE and placed it before the mantle. "Teach the children that the pure green color of the stately fir tree remains green all year round, depicting the everlasting hope of mankind, all the needles point heavenward, making it a symbol of man's thoughts turning toward heaven."He again reached into his bag and pulled out a brilliant STAR. "Teach the children that the star was the heavenly sign of promises long ago. God promised a Savior for the world, and the star was the sign of fulfillment of His promise."He then reached into his bag and pulled out a CANDLE. "Teach the children that the candle symbolizes that Christ is the light of the world, and when we see this great light we are reminded of He who displaces the darkness."Once again he reached into his bag and removed a WREATH and placed it on the tree. "Teach the children that the wreath symbolizes the real nature of love. Real love never ceases. Love is one continuous round of affection."He then pulled from his bag an ORNAMENT of himself. "Teach the children that I, Santa Claus, symbolize the generosity and good will we feel during the month of December."He then brought out a HOLLY LEAF. "Teach the children that the holly plant represents immortality. It represents the crown of thorns worn by our Savior. Santa then reached in his bag and pulled out a CANDY CANE and hung it on the tree. "Teach the children that the candy cane represents the shepherds' crook. The crook on the staff helps to bring back strayed sheep to the flock. The candy cane is the symbol that we are our brother's keeper."He reached in again and pulled out an ANGEL. "Teach the children that it was the angels that heralded in the glorious news of the Savior's birth. The angels sang Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace and good will toward men."Suddenly I heard a soft twinkling sound, and from his bag he pulled out a BELL,. "Teach the children that as the lost sheep are found by the sound of the bell, it should ring mankind to the fold. He looked back at me and I saw that the twinkle was back in his eyes. He said, "Remember, teach the children the true meaning of Christmas and do not put me in the center, for I am but a humble servant of the One that is, and I bow down to worship him, our LORD, our GOD." Next >Last Updated on Thursday, 23 December 2010 16:51Who's OnlineWe have 293 guests online Site StatisticMembers : 51015 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15249214 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red ,Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 Air Jordan 3 Retro True Blue 2011 Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Mukherjee, who is on his way to attend the meeting of G 20 finance ministers and central bank governors, is expected to use the government's own experience in getting information on tax evaders and those stashing wealth abroad despite entering into a spate of tax information exchange agreements (TIEA).But now officials admit that countries are denying information by also citing differences between tax frauds, tax avoidance and tax evasion.India on its part is going to pitch for automatic exchange of information. When it comes to black money, Mukherjee is going to make another demand related to recovery of assets overseas. "It is not so easy to get banking information. There are number of TIEAs that have been signed but countries are saying they cannot share retrospective data," said an officials accompanying the FM."Mukherjee will ask the G 20 member countries to impress upon concerned countries especially tax havens for uninterrupted flow of information relating to blackmoney and terror financing," a finance ministry statement said.The issue of getting information on a retrospective basis is something that is keeping the government busy especially in case of the revised treaty with Switzerland, which is suspected to be the main destination for ill gotten wealth given the banking laws that were prevalent there.The efforts by Mukherjee come in the backdrop of a fresh assault mounted by BJP leader LK Advani who is using black money as one of the major themes for his Rath Yatra that started from Bihar earlier this week. The government is under increasing pressure from the court and also because of a series of scandals to ensure that it is seen to be acting against black money. Mukherjee has repeatedly said that the revised Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and the TIEAs would help access information from overseas.Although some of these demands have been acted upon by the G 20, especially through the London Declaration, India wants the group that gained muscle during the 2008 financial crisis to send a fresh Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red,Motivation is your child's North Star. It's the guiding point your child can use to reach goals. Find out right now how to motivate your child with positive self talk. can't make me! shouted the young girl. Her mother looked down and walked away. If you have an unmotivated child, don't give up. Don't walk away. We want kids to be motivated and enthusiastic. We know the quality of kids' self talk determines the quality of their lives. We also realize it takes only ugly thoughts to create a This is the last thing we want for our kids. 6 Parenting Tips for Teaching Motivated Self Talk To motivate, the self talk must be positive. There's no room for don'ts, won'ts, and can'ts. As the parent you have the power to save your child from drowning in a sea of dark thoughts. All you need is the Keep reading and find out. 2. Make the Self Talk Personal: Positive self talk lights the way with the word, as the first word in the motivating sentence. When I learned to ski at age 40 and at the top of an easy run, I was scared to death. Looking down that hill I told myself, am and I can. It gave me the courage to push off and head downward. I loved the swish and sway of the skiing. On a steeper hill I forgot my goal sentence and gave into my fears. I crashed. Positive self talk using to begin the sentence is essential for motivating oneself. 3. Make the Self Talk Present Tense: The second motivating word in the goal sentence is The word encourages the feeling that it is happening now. Here are some examples am figuring out this algebra problem. am seeing how to tie my own shoes. am reading with expression. the goal, the word sets your child's self talk in the present. It's as if the goal is being achieved right now. When you ask your child to fill out this sentence, I am_____________________, he'll be on his way to positive self talk and achieving his goal. Seeing the goal is crucial. I remember, as a 5 year old, watching another kid tie his shoes. I saw it so clearly that I untied my own shoes and then tied them again and again. I still remember the happy excitement I felt as I ran to tell my mother. Jim Carrey once said, would visualize things coming to me. It would just make me feel better. Visualization works if you work hard. That's the thing. You can't just visualize and go eat a sandwich. Sense the Goal Actively: I know a 9th grader who was falling behind in algebra. I asked her, have you done recently you feel proud of? decided to take good notes, study harder, and now I'm getting good grades in algebra. wish you could have felt her inner determination to do better and her joy in the results. A motivated child puts forth the effort needed to gain satisfaction and good feelings in return. 6. Say the Goal Sentence Positively: When positive self talk is used often, it becomes a habit. It's like a rainbow of words. These words bring the feeling and the vision together in one sentence. That sentence leads to the pot of gold, the child's goal. Conclusion for Goals, Motivation, and Self Talk with 6 Parenting Tips By now you might be wondering, I have to teach all of this to my kids?' Yes, but you can make it very simple by discussing these 3 questions with your child:

You Will Have a Good Time While Buying Items Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red,Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Spring is upon us and its time to break out those dusty golf clubs and get them cleaned up for another golf season. Here are a few simple golf tips to get your clubs ready for that first trip to the links. Unless your clubs are extremely dirty, cleaning them for the new golf season is not difficult. All you need to do is get a bucket of warm water with some dish washing detergent in it. If it is too hot to put you hands in, it's too hot. You may loosen the glue that holds the club head to the shaft. A wet rag, a dry rag and an old toothbrush or other nylon bristle brush and you are ready to go. It won't take long to clean 14 clubs. Some people like to soak the club heads in the water but all you need to do is to soak a rag in your soapy water and rub each club down lightly. By doing one club at a time, by the time you do all the golf clubs in your bag, the club you started with will have had a couple minutes to soak. Next, dip your nylon bristle brush in the soapy water and scrub the club heads and grips. Pay particular attention to the faces of your golf club irons, getting into the grooves. Take your wet rag and wipe off any loose dirt that the brush removed. Rinse your clubs with clean water. Wipe the heads, shafts and grips with a dry rag. You can wipe steel shafts down with a light coat of car wax if you wish but be careful not to get wax on the grips or face of your clubs. This method will work with your putter, irons, fairway woods and driver. If you have persimmon woods, DO NOT soak them in water. You may clean the faces with your brush and then immediately wipe them down and dry them. While your clubs are out of the bag, now is a good time to wipe down you bag with a damp cloth and dry it with a dry cloth. Same goes for your golf shoes. Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red Are you on the hunt for ladies wide shoes? This article will discuss conditions that can be avoided by buying shoes that fit. Wide shoes seem almost taboo among women. They feel embarrassed that their feet aren't "normal", but every person naturally has a slightly different foot, whether they were born with it or whether it was a result of disease, or due to aging. While most people's feet are not "normal," those who feel this is a problem often compromise their own health and continually deal with the pain and problems associated with improper shoes. The consequences of not wearing the right shoes can be severe and chronic. Listed below are three conditions that are very common and chronic, but that can be avoided by buying shoes that fit. Number 1 Corns. Corns are very common for people who wear the wrong size shoe. Most women cover them with patches and ignore the real problem. Corns are not an issue of you feet, but an issue with your shoes. Once there, it can take ages to resolve, but only if you also address the fundamental problem of wearing the wrong size shoe. Otherwise, they are only going to become a more serious problem. Number 2 Bunions. An even more serious than corns are bunions. If you do not think that wearing a correct fitting shoe is important, go to google and search out images of bunions and then return to this article. Not only are bunions ugly but they impair your mobility, are painful, and the problems are chronic. Number 3 Hammer Toes. A Hammer toe is when your toes curl to the side or under because of improper shoes. A common problem in the person that wears pointed shoes or shoes more narrow than their foot. This condition may not be painful at first but it leads to chronic problems in the future as the balance of the foot is compromised. Not only is this unsightly, but this problem WILL lead to chronic pain not just in your feet but systemically as the foundation of your body and form is compromised. In this article we have spoken about three conditions you can avoid by buying shoes that fit. This is not the comprehensive list of problems, but three of the most common. One of the keys to a happy health life is mobility and there is little as cost effective as wearing the proper size shoe.

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