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So for all those moments when the tiny aggravations pile up into very big aggravations, and it's impossible to believe so much inconvenience could be anything other than intentional, I like to take a minute to let myself believe that maybe it is. I try to imagine the scientific abstract that would preface this horrible experience, and I have a spectacular imagination. An index of favorite to least favorite artificial fruit chew flavors was created based on the facial expressions of subjects unwrapping and consuming Starbursts. The study hypothesized that by providing a large quantity of a single flavor Starburst (lemon), even when it is clearly an inferior flavor, will cause a shift in preference among the subjects. Data was captured from researchers disguised as convenience store clerks, office workers, school classmates, houseplants, and that guy on the train who insisted on taking off his shoes. Additionally, the study ensured that number of the superior "red" Starbursts in a single pack would never, ever exceed or meet the expectations of the test subjects, even when that expectation was tragically low. Initial analysis was discouraging. Subjects were markedly disappointed each time two or three yellows appeared sequentially in a pack, and outright furious on the one occasion when four appeared sequentially. A small variation of the test also increased the likelihood of orange Starbursts appearing in the pack, but results still showed equal frustration and regret over the purchase from 98 percent of subjects. Of the 2 percent who, over time, demonstrated an affinity for lemon and orange Starbursts, more substantial testing is necessary. One hundred percent of this subset demonstrated signs of being ugly, awful, and generally dumb assholes. 4. Taxi Drivers Who Are Baffled that all Moderately Attractive Women Haven't Been Married Off YetExperiment: Determining the Prioritization of Marriage Among Single Females when Confronted by Aggressive Middle Eastern Cabbies Objective: The study aims to clarify whether the societal benefit of matrimony has been replaced by the pursuit of financial independence among young professional women who ride in taxis. Thanks to the exhaustive studies conducted by the Institute of Well Meaning But Ultimately Insulting Relatives, a bias clearly exists against the prospect of marriage among affluent urban dwellers. This research will further establish that the role of "wife" has become an outmoded and undesirable cultural position, specifically, for single women in the backs of cabs. Methods: The findings were gathered by strategically placing researchers in taxis around metropolises, posing as Middle Eastern cab drivers. Each researcher was given a series of prompts he could ask a woman including, "You are so pretty, why aren't you married?" "Tell me, how come you don't want a strong man to love you, beautiful lady?" and "Those hips, you waste them on work instead of children, help me to understand this." The researchers would then discretely catalogue the responses for analysis. Results: Many of the participants refused to interact beyond the initial prompt, demonstrating irritability with folded arms or window staring. 22 percent of that sample set became flushed in the face and/or "cried some" before the end of the ride. Of the verbal responses, 12 percent were accompanied by pounding on the plastic partition and teeth baring. Other responses included harried explanations of how the timing just isn't right or mumbled admissions that the subject hadn't found any suitable men. Less than 3 percent rolled free from the moving vehicle. Conclusion: From this research we determined that the majority of single women in the backs of cabs, paradoxically, like the idea of marriage but hate being reminded of its existence. Further testing is necessary to isolate why. 3. People Who Walk in at the End of Movies and Demand to Be Caught UpAn Examination of Viewing Comprehension (When Tested by a Significant Other Who Missed Two Thirds of the Film) Purpose: To test the quick cognitive ability and language skills of adults when asked to articulate key plot points, locations, and actor names and to identify good and bad guys in a film, 10 minutes before its end. By forcing the subject to choose between retelling the story accurately and missing crucial points of the final climax, we hope to uncover the human brain's ability to create shortcuts in the English language in order to speak succinctly under extraordinary pressure. Approach: Allowing subjects to watch 80 minutes of a compelling movie, uninterrupted, we then introduce a catalyst disguised as the husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend of the subject, who enters the room and demands to be caught up. For the subjects who showed unusual care with the explanation and sacrificed their own enjoyment, we altered subsequent tests by allowing the significant other to stay in the room throughout the entire film before insisting on a detailed explanation during the climax, all under the pretense that he/she "wasn't paying attention." Findings: Most subjects were surprisingly uncooperative and hostile. Thirty three percent refused to take the time to explain the movie, yet still opted to miss the ending in order to explain, in detail, how unpleasant their significant others were being. Fourteen percent made efforts to explain the plot using only one word answers and vague hand gestures, and the remaining 53 percent blatantly lied about details of the film to avoid answering additional questions. Conclusion: While linguistic shortcuts appear to be an impossibility even under the threat of necessity, the human brain's ability to deceive and misinform loved ones quickly and without remorse for selfish gain is remarkable..

Your signature style In your wedding trousseau, your shoes are your primary accessory. They should serve the two pronged ideal of comfort and quality. Designer shoes are the perfect complement to a gorgeous gown that glitters with crystals and accentuates your curves. Your taste in style will be amplified when your feet are nestling in a pair of satin stilettos similar to the ones worn by celebrities at gala ceremonies. Whether the fabric is silk or satin, an exquisitely designed pair of wedding shoes will instantly become the centre of comment and conjecture among the bevy of beautiful ladies who are invited to your wedding reception. Your choice of shoes should add elegance, grace and grandeur to your wedding outfit. Open toe wedding shoes with low or medium heels offer your pedicured feet a snugly cushioned experience. The gentle curve of your stockinged heels will be exposed in satin slippers clipping the floor at every step. In high heels you'll command your guests with your hips swinging as you stride in confidence. Perfect grooming with a touch of class will send stars twinkling in your eyes. Finding the perfect pair You certainly want to stand out when the finale of your wedding arrives and you dance the wedding waltz with your newly married husband to a hushed and admiring audience. Their gazes will linger on your feet as you twirl with ease on the dance floor, keeping time to the string quartet's rendition of the 'Blue Danube'. To help you locate that elusive pair of perfect shoes you might consider doing the following: Shop for your shoes at the same time you decide on your wedding gown. You could start by visiting specialist stores that stock lines of impressive shoes with artistic touches. Your shoe choice should be based mainly on how it complements the gown. If there's a mismatch between shoes and gown, your memories of your special day might not be so rosy. Have your shoes specially designed for you. Your feet are unique to you and having shoes designed to exactly fit them will ensure that you feel as if you're practically walking on air. A good designer will take scrupulous measurements of your feet and then assess the shape of your ankle and the arc of your sole before crafting a creative design. This tailor made pair of shoes will be perfectly suited to both your temperament and your toes. Above all else, your wedding shoes must make you feel delighted. They must add a spring to your step as you sashay down the aisle ready to make the man of your dreams the luckiest individual in the crowd. Women Size Air Yeezy 2 Red October 2014 Kanye West Shoes ,653996 060 KD 7 Calm Before The Storm Grey Hyper Punch Light Magnet Grey Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Air Jordan 6 Rings Powder Blue 653972 500 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM A gang of bobby soxer pals would certainly be easy to spot at a soda shop or movie theater because of their uniform like outfits that revolved, of course, around ankle socks, which replaced stockings when nylon became necessary for producing World War II supplies [source: ]. Typically, bobby soxers would wear their ankle socks with saddle shoes, penny loafers or ballet style slippers. A Shetland sweater with cuffed blue jeans or a poodle skirt, along with a trendy identification bracelet bearing a girl's name or initials, completed the classic bobby soxer ensemble [source: source: Woloch].Fashion conformity was a cornerstone of bobby soxer culture, because unlike preceding generations, these teen girls were fixated on fitting in. LIFE magazine reported on this facet of the bobby soxer mindset in the early 1940s, observing that "the microcosm of their gang is everything" [source: Woloch]. That adolescent angst over their appearance makes sense, considering that they were interacting every day in school more than ever before. In 1900, only 11 percent of teenagers in the United States attended high schools, whereas almost 80 percent of them were doing so by 1940 [source: Smithsonian Institution].Thanks to the launch of Seventeen magazine and its interest in what appealed bobby soxers, marketing and popular media directed toward teens only continued to grow. Though bobby soxer fashion faded away in the 1950s, along with that collective crush on Frank Sinatra, a new teen market had been born. Women Size Air Yeezy 2 Red October 2014 Kanye West Shoes,Cowboy boots are a particular style of boots traditionally worn by cowboys when riding. Today, it is part of a lot of wardrobes for both men and women alike who admire its fashionable look and versatility. The fact that it is made from pure leather adds more to its beauty. This means that there are special methods used to keep them in the best condition all the time and to maintain their quality. Another thing to take care of is getting them to wrap around your feet perfectly. To improve on the fit of cowboy boots so that wearing them is as comfortable as they are made to be, stretching them is necessary. A lot of people may find doing that a bit difficult. To make things easier, here are some methods to use when stretching leather cowboy boots. Make use of a stretching fluid. Using of stretching fluid is one simple way of stretching your leather boots. Simply apply the fluid over the surface of the leather boots to make it do its job. You can also be sure that you will not be damaging your leather in the process. It is important however to get a high quality stretching fluid. It is also important to read all of the instructions on the label first to get the best results. Clean leather boots with a warm and damp rag. When cleaning up your cowboy leather boots, use a warm and slightly wet rag to clean up both the inner and outer sides of the boots. Work a bit more on the stitches located on the sides of the boots that connect them to the soles. The leather will stretch after doing this practice a few times. Stuff damp newspapers inside the boots. Prepare damp newspapers and stuff them tightly into your boots. Do not over stuff or position the newspapers too far inside or you may deform your boots. Once done, give them a chance to dry up overnight before doing the process over again. Use boot or shoe trees. These wooden items can be stretched to fit any shoe size. Place them inside both of your boots to allow them to stretch. An added thing you can do before placing in the shoe trees is to spray the exterior of your boots with a shoe stretching solution or plain water. Other stretching methods. Placing talcum powder or bicarbonate of soda inside your boots before wearing them helps in easing your feet in comfortably. This is recommended especially during warmer weather where the feet tend to sweat and swell. The powder absorbs sweat and makes it easier to remove the boots afterwards.

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