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Foot pain is very common and an estimated 75% of people will suffer from some type of foot pain at some point in their life. The foot is a complex structure made of 26 bones, 33 joints and layered with an intertwining web of more than 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves. With each step we take, a force of 2 3 our body weight is placed on our feet and during a typical day, people take 8,000 10,000 steps. Therefore it comes as no surprise that at some time in our lives we will suffer some type of foot complaint. This article sheds light on the most common types of foot pain and shows how orthotics can help. The 5 most common foot complaints are: Heel pain is the most common foot problem. Heel pain is often experienced with one's first steps out of bed in the morning and is presented by a sharp stabbing pain in the heel. Commonly heel pain is caused by a painful stretching and micro tearing of the Plantar Fascia (the flat band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes). The Plantar Fascia supports the arch of the foot. Plantar Fasciitis is Latin for inflammation of the Plantar Fascia. Normally, the fascia is flexible and strong. However, due to factors such as excessive weight, age, over use and over pronation the Fascia can become irritated and inflamed. With excessive tension on the Plantar Fascia the attachment of the ligaments onto the calcaneus (heel bone) begins to pull away from the bone. After a while a 'heel spur' may develop at the bottom front of the heel bone. when you're asleep), the plantar fascia shortens and tightens up. When getting up, bodyweight is rapidly applied to the foot and the fascia must stretch and quickly lengthen, causing micro tears in the fascia. Hence, the stabbing pain with your first steps in the morning. Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain and heel spurs are best treated with simple, non surgical methods. However, the longer the heel pain has been present, the longer it takes to fix. Heel pain is best treated by doing some simple stretching exercises, combined with wearing foot orthotics. This way the tension on the Plantar Fascia is being released, treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. Achilles Tendonitis means inflammation of the Achilles Tendon. The Achilles Tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone and sits just behind the ankle joint. Achilles pain occurs just above the back of the heel and sometimes the Achilles Tendon is thickened and tender to the touch. Achilles Tendonitis should not be left untreated due to the danger that the tendon can become weak and ruptured. Achilles pain is aggravated by activities that repeatedly stress the tendon, causing inflammation. The cause of Achilles Tendonits is over straining of the Achilles Tendons leading to irritation and inflammation. There are several factors that can cause Achilles Tendonitis, including over use, thight calf muscles and age. The most common cause, however, is over pronation. When the arch collapses upon weight bearing, extensive stress is placed on the achilles tendons. Treatment of Achilles Tendontis includes rest (or reduced activity), calf stretching and ice packs. Orthotics are recommended to support the arches, thereby reducing the stress on the achilles tendon. 4) Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) Metatarsalgia is the general term for pain in the metatarsal region of the foot more commonly called the Ball of the Foot. Many women suffer from Metatarsalgia as a result of wearing high heels, but this condition can also occur in men. Wearing (high) heels means most of the bodyweight is concentrated on the forefoot, causing excessive pressure in the ball of the foot. Metatarsalgia is often described as a burning sensation in the ball of the foot, combined with excess callous forming. Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) occurs when the metatarsals (forefoot bones) drop and the surrounding ligaments weaken. The entire forefoot structure collapses, which then leads to excess pressure and friction under the ball of the foot. Effective treatment of pain the ball of the foot involves reducing the excessive force placed in the forefoot area. Unloading pressure in the ball of the foot can be accomplished by wearing orthotic insoles with a in built metatarsal support. For women's fashion and high heel shoes we recommend Footlogics Catwalk a thin and flexible footbed that supports the arch, as well as the metatarsal bones. This way, bodyweight is distributed more evenly over the entire foot with less pressure and friction in the ball of the foot. For mens shoes theres Footlogics Comfort which also features a metatarsal support and at the same time controls over pronation, a major contributing factor to Metartarsalgia. A bunion is an often painful enlargement of the joint at the side of the big toe. The big toe is bent inwards and a bony lump forms on the outside. The bump is actually a bone protruding towards the inside of the foot. Over time the lump becomes larger and the bunion can become painful. Stiffness can eventually develop, even arthritis. With the continued movement of the big toe towards the smaller toes it is common to find the big toe resting over the second toe. Symptoms of bunions include inflammation, soreness and swelling and on the outside the big toe, often causing the sufferer to walk with difficulty. over pronation) or by wearing improper fitting footwear. Tight, narrow dress shoes with a constrictive toe box can lead to the formation of a bunion. The best way to alleviate the pain associated with bunions is to wear properly fitting shoes. Orthotics are also recommended for this condition to provide extra comfort, support and protection. 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black ,Nike Air Foamposite Onered Supreme Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Purple Black Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 5Lab3 Silver Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Air Jordan 3 Retro True Blue 2011 Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Imagine an Earth cast back into the darkness of prehistory. The world's power grids are cold, the roads still and lifeless with rusting traffic jams. The nights are once again black as pitch, spotted only by the lights of distant campfires. Like the other few, scattered survivors, you scrape through the rubble for survival as best you can. Then one day, things get worse. You're listening to a great two hour DJ mix when suddenly the battery of the iPod Classic you found begins to die. You panic. After all, there's still 45 minutes remaining on that mix, and it was more than half charged when you fished it out of some wreckage the day before! You empty your knapsack onto the ground and, fumbling through your possessions, discover there's still hope. Wrapped in a napkin, you find the onion you were going to boil for supper. You pull out your last jug of Gatorade, along with the cooking pot and screwdriver you keep on your belt. You untie the iPod USB cord from your long, ragged hair and arrange the items in front of you. Finally, you pause the mix, place the iPod on the ground and run through the instructions in your head again instructions you watched, back before the chaos, on an old YouTube video. It's a simple principle, as you remember it, working along the same lines as those batteries children would create with potatoes in science class. Gatorade and other sports drinks contain electrolytes, electrically charged mineral salts such as sodium, calcium and potassium. Normally, those electrolytes recharge our body, but they should recharge a battery just as easily, right? First you'll have to poke two holes, one in each side of the onion, with your trusty screwdriver, then soak it for about half an hour in Gatorade. After you dry off the onion, you'll plug one end of the USB cord into the iPod and one into the vegetable. You stare nervously at the flashing battery icon. Will it work? Or will you be sitting in silence again tonight, eating onion and Gatorade stew and hoping against hope to find another MP3 player in the wreckage of the next apocalyptic ghost town you wander into? 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black,Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body because they support the entire weight of you. 80% of the population suffers from some kind of foot ailment, whether that be as severe as chronic arch pain or as small as the occasional blister. The foot is made up of 26 bones, 56 ligaments and 38 muscles, so it no wonder why so many things go wrong down there. Foot pain is the 3rd most common medical complaint. Without your feet, you be hard pressed to get around. The average person, by the age of 50, has walked over 70,000 miles! It is vital to your overall mental and physical health to maintain a positive relationship with your feet and to do this, you need to take a little extra time to care for these very special parts. If you suffer from chronic or occasional foot pain here a guide to soothing the pain and preventing future problems. How to Cure Tired, Sore Feet Treating sore goat hooves is an essential management practice that helps minimize potentially serious long term effects of foot infections. Sore goat hooves.

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