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Our standard of living is slipping away because of the trade deficit. Islamic terrorism is a minor nuisance compared to the threat posed to us by China. Let's face the facts. We are in a cold war with China and they are winning so far. China has repeatedly complained about the declining value of the American dollar due to the unprecedented deficit spending by our president, the demagogue in chief. So what does our DIC do during his trip to China? Why naturally, he warned against further increases in deficit spending; as if he has had nothing to do with outrageously high current spending. Not to worry though, when he returns he will again be supporting huge deficits. God please help America for the next four years. It's started already. Health care rationing. First in the news was women don't need mammograms until age 50. It was 40 only a few weeks ago. Now they say that women in their 20s only need a Pap smear every two years instead of annually. Women should be up in arms over this. Is this really the change you voted for? What's next? I don't know either, but you ain't seen nothin' yet. Just wait until they pass the health care bill. With all the problems we are having, it's time the producers/taxpayers are heard. Tax revolt take a tax revolt day off if you can, take all exemptions that you are allowed and spread the word. The more people that respond the faster they will hear. When revenues fall, they will listen. Cut off financing this monstrosity. It's all about the money. Everyone else will see their standard of living take a nosedive. Seems as if all the advertisers who would have advertised during the [Jaguars] games would each buy up tickets, then they could advertise and come out ahead. It would be a win win situation. No more blackouts! As for the safety of walking in Jacksonville; I tried to walk from my home to the Kmart on San Jose. After trying to cross two busy intersections and finding the pedestrian lights broken, I had to give up and go home to drive back in my car. There are people who want to be told what to do, and they don't like you if you don't want to be told what to do. They have community spirit and you do not. They are the "can't we all just get along?" class of people. If they had been here then, they would have remained loyal to the English king in 1776. Box 1949, Jacksonville, FL 32231; or drop items off at the Times Union office at 1 Riverside Ave. The government run schools I attended forced an understanding of the major economic systems; socialism, communism, and capitalism; upon me despite my desire to have a good time and party. The also taught me independent thinking how how to research facts. Bluegill, the government doesn't own GM, Chrysler, and a few banks. They either gave them loans or bought stock to keep them from going under. A socialist regime would want to take over successful business, not those that are zombified. If Obama grabs Exxon Mobil, IBM, and Halliburton, watch out. The so called rationing over mammographies is nonsense. This debate has been going on for years. The issue is that by doing annual screening for all women 40 50, you generate a large number, up to 15%, of false positives. That results in radiation exposure and costly, unnecessary surgical procedures. So healthy women are subjected to risks in that way. In addition, the additional mammograms have not improved the survival rate in any significant way. The report, by an independent group, seeks to have only women that are at risk or at their doctors recommendation get mammograms at ages 40 50. It is controversial, but it's not a political issue, it's a medical one. Man, you people just need to let it go. Obama is the president, just accept it. What ever happens in the next 3 years was brought on by the people that voted for him. If you didn't vote for Obama then your hands are clean. Any law that gets passed now can be reversed later. Look at the bright side for once, there is plenty of cheap housing, the lowlife deadbeats in my neighborhood have all been foreclosed. There is plenty of crime, keeping my police buddies busy. In fact the prison that my brother in law works at is so overcrowded, they have unlimited overtime. Gotta love those state jobs. And now we can look forward to the government handling our healthcare. I mean they did such a good job with the levies in New Orleans, why wouldn't we want them controlling health care. Remember, the government allways does the right thing. We don't need all these sick people using up our resources anyway. It isnt cost effective. Here's a little advise, get a government job NOW. Our health care plan was exempted from the Obamacare bill. They just changed the law so that we can cash out our sick leave when we retire, and our 401K type plan, the thrift savings plan has outperformed the market since it was started. So far this year I have earned 13%. God I love my government job. Get a life nutjob. By the way, you non nutjobs need to get a set of stones and put these retards in their place. I can't protect you guys 24/7. Rationing from Politifact (I know, facts are liberal): Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed! False: Section 122 outlines broad categories of benefits that must be included in an essential benefits package. It prohibits cost sharing for preventive care and limits annual out of pocket spending to $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a family, indexed for inflation. It says nothing about rationing or limiting treatment jkr apply Marxist ideology to any of the current health care proposals. That is if you can discern Marxist ideology or the provisions of the health care bills. Who is Obama's mentor? Have you read the biographies of those around Obama or have you gotten your information from ragweed blogs. You threw out the names of Ayers, Alinsky and a mystery person, but you didn't connect them in any way to Obama. It would be difficult to look at Obama's mother unless we retrieved her ashes from the Pacific first. What would you expect us to find? 653996 660 KD 7 Global Game Action Red Metallic Silver ,Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR White Black Gold Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red 653972 500 Kobe 9 EM 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Nike Kobe 9 EM White Gold While you are singing, imagine that your voice is traveling through you in a circle that flows out of you, down into the earth, around the universe, back up into the sky and back down into you. It a big circle of flowing sound and energy, and the faster it flows, the more energized your are by it and the more effortless it is to sing. You are creating this entire experience by thinking it, but you can also make up an image in your mind to go with it. Close your eyes and sing, and imagine you see your voice flowing in the big moving universal circle. Make it your favorite color so you can really see it in your mind. Make it a fast moving energy force that powers everything. Get creative with how you imagine it. Do you notice as you all of this in your mind that you are able to experience physical sensations of it while you sing that actually make the singing much easier. In fact the more you physically experience it, the more effortless the singing becomes. Wow! You a pretty hot stuff singer! Next >Last Updated on Monday, 15 November 2010 12:20Who's OnlineWe have 150 guests and 6 members online Adamanelswestair201203alisonreid Site StatisticMembers : 51010 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15248086 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle 653996 660 KD 7 Global Game Action Red Metallic Silver,Prison term for Westport man for failed knife robbery A 21 year old man, who along with another male, attempted to rob a Westport shop owner at knife point has received a two year prison sentence. Wayne Cooney of 3, Railway Walk, Westport appeared before Castlebar Circuit Criminal Court for the attempted robbery of The Harbour Store, The Quay, Westport on October 5, 2013. The court heard that Cooney, who has 28 previous convictions, is currently serving a three year prison sentence which was initially suspended but was reactivated on February 14 of this year after Cooney pleaded guilty to this offence. Garda Paul Lafferty said two men entered The Harbour Store at 9.57pm and one was in possession of a kitchen knife. Shop owner Christine Harrington was in the shop at the time, counting takings from the day. The men shouted, 'Cash, cash, give me cash' but left the shop when Ms Harrington said she knew them and that they would not be getting any money, before running after them out of the shop. Ms Harrington was 'visibly shaken and terrified' when Garda Lafferty arrived. The men were located on the Golf Course Road in the town and were detained. Items of clothing and the knife were recovered on the grounds of Westport House. Garda Lafferty said Mr Cooney was interviewed on four occasions but was disruptive and only made admissions on the fourth attempt. The two men were drinking together in the town on the night and Cooney came up with the plan to rob the shop. Describing the shop owner's actions as 'extremely brave', Garda Lafferty added the experience still had an effect on her and that Ms Harrington declined making a victim impact statement as she did not want to revisit the matter. Defending barrister Eoin Garavan BL said there was a 'drink and drugs background' to the crime, adding that Cooney had taken an amount of valium with drink on the night. Mr Garavan said his client talked to garda about the crime and told them that it was his fault and that the other male was led by him. Mr Garavan said his client, who is currently serving a prison term, was drug free and needed residential care to deal with his substance abuse. Judge Rory MacCabe told the court that the crime was 'pre meditated' and that a probation report stated that Cooney was at 'very high risk' of reoffending. Judge MacCabe said the 'grave offence' warranted a 'substantial custodial sentence', before convicting Mr Cooney, sentencing him to six years in prison with the final four years suspended for a period of four years. The court was informed that this sentence will run consecutive to Mr Cooney's current three year sentence.

20 To 90 Off The Manufacturer Listed Retail Price 653996 660 KD 7 Global Game Action Red Metallic Silver,Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack So, my feet have been swelling for the past couple of weeks. But, the thing is they swell really badly. I talked to my doctor about and she's not worried about it as long as I'm not having any other symptoms. My issue though is that it seems like all of my shoes cause my feet to swell. What am I going to do this winter when I'm in my 3rd trimester? As it is I have big feet already. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm interested in hearing about anyone's experience but anyone having this issue this early? Adam Zackariah born 02 10 2010 To prevent swelling of the feet especially, you should not sleep on your back but rather on you left side. on your back while pregnant can create pressure on a major vein called the inferior vena cava. This vein returns blood from the lower body to your heart. This may lead to lightheadedness and/or numbness. In addition this may cause pressure on your back and intestines, leading to discomfort. Most physicians recommend that a woman sleep on her left side while pregnant. this allows for the maximum blood flow to the baby, and it will also improve kidney function for the mother. The improved kidney flow will help to reduce swelling. Because your liver is on the right side of your body, sleeping on your left will keep the pressure off your liver. Early in pregnancy, you should attempt to get into the habit of side sleeping. Typically the most comfortable position is with your knees bent. You may wish to place a pillow between your knees to sleep more comfortably. The best sleeping position for a pregnant woman is on her side, especially the left side, because it allows for maximum blood flow to the fetus and improves kidney function in the mother. Improved kidney flow helps to reduce any swelling. Placing a pillow between the knees can help a pregnant woman sleep more comfortably on her side. Also, using a bunched up pillow or rolled up blanket at the small of your back may help to relieve some pressure. It is not uncommon to roll onto your back during the night. Shifting positions is a perfectly natural part of sleep. If you do shift it is possible that the baby's weight may press on the inferior vena cava, causing discomfort and waking you up. I invested in a body pillow that I can wrap my legs around so that it rests comfortably in between I Also try and make sure shoulders and neck are elevated slightly with pillows as well. I actually bought a pair of Danskos to wear. I have had major surgery on both feet and swelling isn't entirely uncommon but not like this. The Danskos do seem to help some. With my feet the cut of shoe seems to be of the up most importance in terms of swelling. I have a pair of crocs but also have a tendency to slip so I try to be very careful when I wear them. Well, fake crocs, but same principle. The sleeping thing might be part of the problem. I've had a terrible time since I got pregnant sleeping. Generally I am a stomach sleeper, not so much an option now. I've been sleeping on my back a good bit but elevated in a reclined position. Or I sleep on my side. The problem is that at night I tend to move a lot and so I often end up in a position I'm not supposed to be in. Thanks again for the suggestions! Swelling, even the slightest bit can make you have to go up almost an entire shoe size I naturally suffer from edema, so I am all to familiar with the effects I should take a size 9, but always have to size up to a 10. Edema seems to be a common complaint for many pregnant women as they get further along in their pregnancies. The one thing that can help alleviate swelling are compression pantyhose or knee highs since they stimulate the circulation in the foot and leg and push any fluids back up the leg to help improve circulation and reduce swelling. They are usually a pain to wear in the summer because of the heat, but in the cooler months they are good. I looked around online and was able to find some compression hose for plus size pregnancy I know I will definitely need them in the next few weeks myself. For the second link above, I'm not sure why they call it Petite makes it confusing but if you click on the sizing chart below the item and scroll to the bottom, the sizing is for full figured women. You could probably also ask your doctor if there is somewhere in your area that sells them usually pharmacies will sell the knee highs. Just remember to never ever wear compression hose to bed/sleep I learned this the hard way! I would keep on top of your dr about this. Make sure she/he is throughly checking for other signs of pre eclampsia. I didn't have problems with swelling until later on in my pregnancy. My feet were horrible by the end of the day. I just chalked it up to my office job and sitting all day. I figured I had my blood pressure urine checked at every visit, and clearly my dr should see I am swollen. My blood pressure was high at one appt. The dr still didn't mention any concerns. Every appt after that the blood pressure machine would mess up on me so the nurse would manually take it. It was always normal. I get to the hospital to be induced and they all of a sudden discover I have pre eclampsia. I'm almost certain I had it for a while. My case ended up fine, but if it had been left untreated any longer it could have been fatal to both me and my baby. 653996 660 KD 7 Global Game Action Red Metallic Silver TOMS RIVER With their homes in rubble or uninhabitable, hundreds of displaced people have sought help from a new food and supply pantry set up by the Toms River Regional school district. Operated by students and volunteers, the People's Pantry opened Saturday in BellCrest Plaza not far from where barrier island residents are now boarding buses, in phases, to take them to homes they haven't seen in two weeks. The pantry started after the school district collected 70 busloads of donated material. K. Hovnanian, which owns the BellCrest Plaza, donated some store space for use as a distribution center, and ShopRite offered shelving, she said. The pantry at 943 Fischer Blvd. offers free, nonperishable food, toiletries, housing supplies, blankets and other items to residents of heavily damaged areas who need help. Residents can show a driver's license at the pantry and a volunteer will help them collect supplies. The People's Pantry still is in need of specific donations: new contact lens solution, new denture cream, and new hair brushes, combs and other miscellaneous hair accessories. The pantry, for now, is not accepting clothing donations.

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