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However, there are many ways you can make your videos sound a lot better without having to spend lot s of money, go to film school or hire a sound engineer to help you shoot your girlfriend's BBQ and swim party. TIP ONE Use an External Microphone First, if possible, use an external mike. Unfortunately, the microphones built into most camcorders are not very good. Even worse they are omni directional will pick up sound from EVERYWHERE. To the side and behind the mike as well as in front. Yes, they do have a somewhat ellipsoidal pickup pattern so that their audio pickup pattern is aimed more to what is in front, but you'll find that most camcorder mikes will pick up your mumbling, heavy breathing, and other extraneous noises. Some camcorder mikes do allow you to slightly focus their mikes from wide angle to narrow. On many camcorders, the mike is not well located and can easily get in the way of fingers adjusting focus, activating effects and zooming in. On some camcorders, it is quite difficult to avoid brushing the sensitive mike with your fingers as you operate the camcorder. The good news is that digital camcorders record digital sound. This means you should be able to record high fidelity, stereo, and "CD quality" sound assuming you can get the audio into the camcorder in the first place. This is why you need an external mike that plugs into the MIC IN jack on your camcorder. Most good camcorders will have a mic in connector as well as a shoe to mount the mike on. Unfortunately, many of the most affordable camcorders especially those tiny "pocket size" camcorders, do not offer an external mike connection at all and you need to rely on other tricks to improve the audio. See below Many camcorders also offer active hot shoes. They may use another term but what it really means is that you can plug a special external mike onto the shoe and the audio is transmitted directly from the mike to the camcorder's electronics. You don't have to fuss with the mike cable or plugging it in. If you are on a limited budget, the best choice for an external mike is a basic telephoto or shotgun that can be adjusted to zoom out when you want to capture the sound from a crowd or zoomed in when you want to capture sound from a source a good distance away. If you have some extra money to spend go wireless and get a wireless lavaliere system. Even better, get a wireless kit with a receiver that mounts on the camcorder and includes both hand held and lav wireless mikes. TIP 2 USE A WIRELESS LAVALIERE FOR RECORDING TRAVEL A wireless microphone system is usually a bit more expensive than a basic shotgun mike but allows you to get much better sound. I love using these for shooting travel videos instead of capturing sound from the PA system, simply pin the wireless lavaliere and its transmitter to the guide's label or jacket and then the sound of their voice will be transmitted back to the little receiver unit that is mounted on your camcorder. (You might have to tip them a bit extra but the extra audio quality is well worth it when you get back home and watch the video!) Sony is offering a very cool system that works with many of their new consumer camcorders. Their new ECM HW1 mike is a wireless mike system that uses Bluetooth wireless to connect from the wireless mike to the receiver on the camcorder. The receiver uses the Sony camcorder "active" hot show. If you don't have a good telephoto or shotgun mike, or can't afford a good wireless microphone system, or if your camcorder doesn't have an audio input jack, then the next best thing is to GET CLOSE. The closer you can get to your subject the better they will sound. It's simple physics. If you need to have a long shot for artistic reasons, you might want to shoot the scene again just for audio. Get close and have you actors do their lines a second time so that you can get good quality audio and then later dub it in to replace the bad audio. If the shot is far enough away, the audience will never notice that their mouth movements are not exactly matching the audio. Or, during the editing process, you can have your actors re record the audio, duplicating the original dialog so that it matches. You might want to use the same camcorder to record the audio so that the audio quality matches. Also, this is where room tone can be very important. See below Most camcorders have an electronic circuits built into them called AGC or Automatic Gain Control. It automatically adjusts the sound recording level so that the camcorder will hear something, no matter how faint it is. The further you are away from your sound source, the more the AGC has to magnify the sound. The more it amplifies the audio, the more it also amplifies the surrounding noise as well. If you are a distance away and the audio source is faint, the camcorder may adjust the AGC pick up sensitivity so high that it picks up the sound of the camcorder's motors and gears. By the way, getting close will not only make your audio sound better, it will make your video look better. TIP 4 RECORD CONTINUOUS SOUND OF EVENTS OR PERFORMANCES It is a lot more difficult to fool the ear than the eye. This means that if there are problems or breaks in the audio, it is almost impossible to cover them up by using creative editing. If a visual doesn't quite match or you get a strange out of focus shot or two, it is easy to replace it with a cut away or new angle. However, with audio, your audiences will notice every small change every gap in the recording. This means that when you record a performance or event, make sure you record and capture the sound as a continuous event, without any breaks. While the camcorder is rolling, capturing the sound, you can be zooming in and out, getting different shots, shooting close us, etc. For example, when I was in Hawaii with my kids, I taped my kid's Hula Dance lesson. Later when I got back, it was easy to edit the video by just inserting shots of new video over the clean audio track. In addition to inserting shots of the class itself, I inserted visuals of the entire Hawaii trip. TIP 5 MONITOR YOUR AUDIO TO MAKE SURE IT SOUNDS GOOD If your camcorder has an earphone or headphone jack, use it! Especially when recording in tricky audio situations like concerts and live performances. Even though you don't want to be recording where the audio levels are too low, you also don't want audio that is too loud or distorted. In concerts, it may be helpful to turn the mike away from the stage and catch the sound coming from the ceiling. Also, by using headphones or at least an earphone, you can check to make sure that the sound is actually working. This is very important when using external mikes where a dead battery or a disconnected mike plug or cable may spell disaster. Professional video makers just don't plug their mikes directly into the camcorder and record raw sound, especially when recording a concert performance. By using a mike mixer with level controllers, they can use several mikes to make sure they get good quality sound for recording stereo. Also, most mike mixers also provide a headphone jack for monitoring the audio quality as well as record volume dials. On many pro camcorders, this mixer and volume control system is essentially built into the camera. Some camcorders allow the operator to record, control and monitor up to four different audio tracks. For example, Azden and Ambient provide compact audio mixers that mount on a consumer camcorder. If you plan on editing your videos after you shoot, a very good technique is to capture a minute or two of what is known as room tone or the ambient sound of the location when nothing is happening..

1. Planting Methods: There are several methods for planting. Picking any of these methods depends on the vegetable, the size of your garden, and your fondness. Three methods of planting, namely, single rows, wide rows, and hills are clarified as follows: A) Single Rows: In this method, seeds are sown in rows or lines that are spaced equal distances apart. The distances between the rows and between the seeds within the rows differ from vegetable to vegetable. If you want the rows to be straight, which gives a pleasant appearance to your garden, stretch a string between two stakes and sow the seeds along it. If you think this is too much work, use a stick to mark a line on the ground and try to make the line as straight as possible. With some training, you will get it straight. B) Wide Rows: In wide row planting, seeds are sprinkled at equal spacing in both directions over a wide area. The width of the row varies from 6 to 16 inches. The row's width is limited by your arm's reach to the area in the middle of the row while standing at the edges. We find that wide rows are convenient and productive for peas and beans. In addition to giving high yield per unit area, they cut down on weeds. Wide rows are also good for starting leaf vegetables like lettuce and spinach. When the seedlings emerge, they can be thinned and transplanted elsewhere. Double rows are a special form of wide rows. C) Hills: In hill planting, 3 to 5 seeds are sown close to each other. They need not be sown on a formed hill, as the name implies. This method is used for example when planting zucchini and cucumbers. 2. Gardening Tools: There are many gardening tools available on the market today. The basic tools you'll need are a shovel, trowel, steel rake, tomato cages, and a water hose or can. The shovel is used to till the soil, mix potting soil, move soil around, and cut the weeds if they grow big. Some gardeners use a fork instead of a shovel to till the soil, but we don't. The choice is yours. The trowel is used for cultivating the weeds, transplanting the seedlings, mixing soil or fertilizers, and filling containers with soil. The steel rake is used to grade the soil and to compact the soil over the seeds. Tomato cages are indispensable for supporting tomato plants. You can also use them to support running plants such as cucumbers and peas. Without them the plants will collapse on the ground and their fruit will get into contact with the soil and eventually decay. A hose or a can is used to water the plants in the garden and within containers. 3. Crop Rotation: Crop rotation is the practice of planting each vegetable in a different location each year. The advantages of crop rotation are: A) The chances of transmitting diseases and insects to next year's crop are very much reduced. Certain diseases and insects attack certain vegetables. These diseases and insects move from the plants to the soil, where they winter. If the same vegetable is planted in the same spot the following year, the diseases and insects will surface from the soil and attack the new plants once again. B) Each vegetable absorbs trace amounts of specific minerals from the soil. If the same vegetable is planted in the same spot year after year, the minerals the vegetable needs to grow healthy plants will be depleted, resulting in a meagre harvest. C) The roots of legumes (peas and beans) have bacteria that soak up nitrogen from the air and fix it on the roots of the plants and in the soil. To take advantage of the nitrogen they fix in the soil, the legumes should be followed by a leafy vegetable, such as lettuce and or spinach, which both need nitrogen rich soil. This is one of the techniques organic growers use to grow vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers. It may be impractical to rotate every crop each year if your garden is small. This difficulty can be overcome by taking the following measures: (1) choose disease resistant vegetable varieties, (2) keep your garden clean of rubbish, and (3) watch for insects and diseases. If a plant becomes teeming with insects, pick them by hand; if a plant is infected by a disease, pull it from the ground and dispose of it. 4. Proper Gardening Clothing: In the course of gardening, your footwear and clothes are likely to be soiled. You walk on dirt and or mud, your clothes make contact with plant leaves and stems, and your hands are soiled. You are also exposed to the sun. Your shoes accumulate mud and will soil the floor if you walk directly into the house. Therefore, you should have a pair of aged shoes set aside for gardening. Put them on before going into the garden and take them off before entering the house. Leave them in the garage or put them in a bag until you use them again. Also, have special clothes for the garden. If you don't, your ordinary clothes will be soiled no matter how careful you are. To protect your hands and fingernails from collecting dirt, use a good pair of garden gloves. Some are washable and can be reused again and again. Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011 ,Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan 12 Retro Obsidian White French Blue University Blue Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 Air Jordan 5 Retro Tokyo23 Air Jordan 9 Birmingham Barons Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan Spizike Easter Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip If you are replacing the fiberglass shower or tub with another shower or tub of the same size, you can probably use the same fixtures and shower pan. Each shower and tub configuration is slightly different. If you cannot figure out how to properly remove your shower and tub fixtures, you might want to consult a professional. If the shower and tub do not pull out easily, you can cut them in pieces with a reciprocating saw. Be careful not to cut through electrical or plumbing in the wall, and wear a dust mask to prevent breathing in the cut fibers. How to Replace a Fiberglass Shower How to Remove a Fiberglass Shower and Tub. While older bathtubs are made of heavy cast iron, the majority of modern preformed. How to Remove a Fiberglass Shower Base Removing a fiberglass shower base is common while renovating a bathroom. A lightweight fiberglass base installs with hold down clamps or relies on. How to Remove Adhesive From a Fiberglass Shower Fiberglass showers are recognized for their durability, glossy appearance and simple maintenance. However, shower surfaces can become marred with sticky adhesive from. Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011,Aldila Graphite Shaft Specifications. Aldila manufactures a variety of graphite shafts with certain specifications to cater to every golfer swing. Each series. How to Trim True Temper BiMatrix Golf Shafts The True Temper BiMatrx shaft combines a graphite shaft with a steel alloy tip. The result is a lightweight shaft designed for. How to Trim Aldila Hybrid Shafts Aldila produces a variety of golf shafts with various features, weights and flexes. The one thing they all have in common is. The Difference Between Graphite Steel Shafts According to the Golf a Lot website, golf club shafts can be made of a variety of materials including steel, graphite and. Steel Shafts Vs. Graphite Shafts for Golf Clubs There has been a debate in golf for many years as to which type of golf club shaft is better. Both steel. Aldila Golf Shaft Trimming Instructions Most clubs that are store bought come in "standard" sizes, so often it is necessary to alter the length of the shaft. For. Trimming Instructions for Fujikura Golf Shafts For centuries, wooden clubs were the only kind that were available to golfers. When manufacturers learned how to make steel shafted clubs, they. Differences Between Callaway X 22 Tour Shafts Callaway Golf, founded by Ely Callaway in 1982, became the world largest manufacturer of golf clubs in 1996. Callaway X 22 Tour irons. Taylor Made Shaft Options TaylorMade is a manufacturer that provides golf equipment for both professional and amateur golfers. The company produces a full range of golf. The Specs of a Taylor Made Shaft The Fujikura Motore 60 is the stock shaft option for the R9 SuperTri driver. This shaft weighs 59 grams and has a.

Where Can i Find The For Sale Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011,Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Hi, did you get your boyfriend jeans yet? I know that you haven't rocked that trend probably. But, I'm going to show you how to do it, and you can maybe take some risks. Boyfriend jeans, let me explain what they are first. How they developed is like, you slipped on your boyfriend jeans before you left. So, they're going to be hopefully big and baggy on you. So, that's the trend, how it came about. It's casual, it's not going to be a dress up, formal look. You're going to rock it, you're going to keep it casual, because it's just that. You're a boyfriend jean, meaning baggy and loose. And, you want to pair it with something fitted, but yet a jacket and layer, because it is slouchy and loose, so you want to have a tighter fitting top to balance the loose fit of this. Now, boyfriend jeans, nine out of 10 times, are going to be rolled up. That's just the look. It creates a great silhouette, because you want to see some of your skin. I like to see a little bit of the ankle. These are awesome, these are Rich Skinny. These actually have a little bit of detail in the cuff when you do roll them up, so much more fun. But, I've seen boyfriend jeans now in white, they have them distressed, they have the ripped. So, just play with them, they're meant to be big and loose and comfy. Now, remember, pair it with a fitted shirt, so you don't look like one big blob. It's a cute trend. You want to do it with a flat. I paired it with a little bit of a blingy flat. It's got the metallic, it's got a lot of detail, and black, and keeps the feet open. Looks great with a ballet flat as well, and you can do a cute little wedge heel. If you do a little wedge or a heel, let's throw in a jacket. I'll show you how this looks. It gives you more definition, creates a waistline, and it dresses up. The contrast is so interesting. The dressy jacket with the boyfriend look. Love it. So, we have three layers, three dimensions. You're rocking the casual boyfriend jeans, but you still look cute. Try it, you can get it in any wash. Remember to fit it, to pair it with a fitted silhouette. Have fun. Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011 Have you ever noticed how good it feels to pull off your running shoes after a good workout? The socks are soaked with sweat, and as you peel them off, it as if your feet finally get to have a breath of air. Oh, to wiggle the toes and to feel the fresh air cool against the wet skin. It no wonder why some runners are finding the need to simply skip the shoe thing altogether and just let their soles go free. Those of us that observe runners run barefoot question why. Meanwhile, there is another group of shod runners and non runners alike, that are beginning to question if running footwear is in fact helpful or harmful. The idea behind why many believe natural running (barefoot running) is more beneficial than running in traditional running shoes, is that the human foot was designed to have its own measure of natural cushioning, and a shoe can actually shield the body from this benefit. The design of many running shoes, they say, actually causes the foot to land in an improper position (heel strike) and this can lead to injuries. The benefits Proponents of natural running suggest that there are important benefits. First, the muscles of the feet are strengthened. Since shoes do much of the foot work for it, going without will bolster those little used muscles, making the foot what it was meant to be. Second, running barefoot encourages proper foot and body mechanics, whereas shoes can force improper foot and body mechanics. Third, having the bare foot against natural surfaces increases sensory perception, adding to the pleasure of running. Lastly, running barefoot is easier, and a runner will be faster and less inclined to injury. According to Michael Warbutton, from Gateway Physiotherapist Australia, related chronic injuries to bone and connective tissue in the legs are rare in developing countries, where most people are habitually barefooted. you need to know As it is with any type of transition, if you are thinking of giving natural running a try, do not jump right into it with both bare feet. The body will need time to adjust and strengthen. Ease into your mileage, starting out with a short run, and then add to it as you listen to your body. The typical transition time is 3 to 4 weeks, and by then 80% or more of your running will be shoeless. For the times when running barefoot is not possible, there are a few transitional shoes up and coming. An article by Amy Cortese, published last month in the New York Times, states that companies like Vibram, Feelmax and Terra Plana are challenging the running shoe status quo with thin sole designs meant to combine the benefits of going barefoot with a layer of protection. our ever evolving world of athletic philosophies, sometimes stepping back to it used to be could be our greatest step forward. For more info: Shoes vs. Feet; The Bare Footed Runner; Minimalist shoesOutdoor exercise tips: What to wear for cold weather workoutsWhen there is a chill in the air, it's easy to think you'd be better off to put in a workout DVD, take your daily walk indoors at the local mall, or better yet, skip it all together. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants.

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