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Want or need to run Android 4.0 apps on your PC? Chinese start up SocketeQ has got you covered with its just released "WindowsAndroid" perhaps not the most creative name out there, but it fitting. Given what it capable of, WindowsAndroid directly competes with BlueStacks, however it goes a step further. What you be running is in effect the entire Android OS, not just apps. An example of this can be seen below: The software as it stands today is in all regards a "beta", but the company states that it readily improving. Still, don go loading it up expecting even a reasonable Android 4.0 experience, because there are still some stability issues and features missing. OpenGL ES, for example, has not yet made it in, so that rules out advanced gaming. Still, for its first release, this has potential. When "final", it could prove to be a major boon to both app developer and user alike. Features the software does support at the moment includes Ethernet, I/O devices (keyboard, mouse), any typical display resolution you can throw at it, windowed or full screen mode and also the ability to take advantage of certain Windows software, including Flash and Windows Media Player. I hoped to be able to download the software and take it for a spin before talking about it, but the site seems to be getting hammered at the moment. The first attempt at a download chugged along at 6.6KB/s, and ended up simply halting altogether. You might not be able to snag it now, but you should be able to later in the day. Unfortunately, a quick form to fill out is required, but that not so bad for free software especially when it doesn require truly sensitive information. 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It is a grueling workout, especially if you do it in one day, but if you spend the night in Little Yosemite Valley and tackle the peak first thing the second morning, you?ll have a better chance of avoiding the traffic jams that sometimes build up at the base of the cables. The cables? The last 400 feet are over what feels like nearly vertical (though the angle is probably more like 45 degrees), smooth, exfoliating granite, so a series of horizontal bars about 5 feet apart, flanked by chains with which to pull yourself up are the only way to get there without technical climbing equipment. It sounds scary but is done by kids and grandmas and everybody in between. Because of its popularity, wilderness permits are snapped up quickly. Half Dome is the symbol of Yosemite; its summit the goal of just about everybody who has ever donned a pair of hiking boots. It is a grueling workout, especially if you do it in one day, but if you spend the night in Little Yosemite Valley and tackle the peak first thing the second morning, you?ll have a better chance of avoiding the traffic jams that sometimes build up at the base of the cables. The cables? The last 400 feet are over what feels like nearly vertical (though the angle is probably more like 45 degrees), smooth, exfoliating granite, so a series of horizontal bars about 5 feet apart, flanked by chains with which to pull yourself up are the only way to get there without technical climbing equipment. It sounds scary but is done by kids and grandmas and everybody in between. Because of its popularity, wilderness permits are snapped up quickly. What can I say??? It's Half Dome! Great trail, excellent views and very strenuous. The first time I hiked to the top, I did it during a mid week backpacking trip and started from Little Yosemite Valley. It was PERFECT! This time, we did it in one day (on a Saturday when the cables were about to come down the next week) from the valley and it was brutal. By the time we made it to the cables, there was a line to the top like a line at Disneyland during a holiday weekend. It took over an hour to get up the cables. There were several people who were there that shouldn't have been. They would freeze and panic on the cables and have to turn around. Next time, I'm doing it mid week like the first time. It's an awesome trail and well worth the physical anguish. The way to do this is to leave at around 11 or midnight and get to the peak for sunrise. there really is no other way to go. i hiked it on memorial day weekend and we had the entire mountain/valley (i imagine) to ourselves on the way up. navigation is a little tricky at night, but that's to be expected. probably ideal to go with someone who has done the hike in the day or night the first time you do it. all that's needed is a day pack, 10 essentials (if that), and around 2 or 3 liters of h2o. as far as wildlife goes, we saw a rattlesnake right before quarter dome (the granite slab before the Granite Slab), a couple frogs, many millipedes, a deer, and a baby bear (back in little yosemite valley) My 14 year old son and I did this hike. It was a fantastic experience. We completed the hike in slightly less than 10 hours and encountered a little of everything. Saw numerous deer during the ascent and also had two bear delays. (I did a great deal of reading and preparing for the hike and did not read of a single person that had a bear encounter!) I certainly recommend starting prior to daybreak. We arrived at the cables by 10:15 or so and beat the crowds. Additionally, on the descent, we used the Muir Trail which was pretty beat up. We may have been better off using the shorter Mist Trail, however we were very conscious of saving our knees. We are from coastal Alabama, so we had to travel a long way. All of our training was at sea level so we used the first day to adjust did a good bit of hiking and exploring in the high Sierra portion of the park. As a result we had no problem with the altitude on the HD hike. Overall, this is an experience that we'll never forget. A great bonding opportunity for a father and son and a very demanding physical challenge. Well worth it!! Absolutely gorgeous views. Can be very strenuous at times. Make sure you replenish your calories and water. Above all be smart and safe, especially when you get to the cables. If you want a little piece of mind, wear a rappelling harness with a strap and a couple of caribiners. You have to unhook and re hook at every stanchion but you can stand on the 2x4 which gives good footing. Overall, one of the best hikes I have ever done. I read some of the other reviews of the Half Dome trail. Let me say I have hiked to the top about 12 times over the years starting from the valley (Happy Isles), Glacier Point, and Lake Tenaya via Clouds Rest (looking down on Half Dome. Always in day hikes. I have never seen a rattle snake at any time of the year nor bears on this trail. The only time I have seen bears on a trail were along the 30 mile day Hike from the valley to Merced Lake (also an incredible hike for scenery, elevation, falls, etc. If you see a snake, let it go by (very rare). If you see bear in the middle of your trail looking for bugs in a stump, make noises and throw some soft pine cones. He''ll run away fast. These are brown bears, not grizzlies. The hike is FANTASTIC! If you just jog 1 mile a night for a couple weeks prior, you''ll have plenty of stamina. I usually make it to the top (8 miles one way) in 3.5 hours. But I am in shape for this. Best recommendation: follow the Mist Trail, especially in June. On return take the John Muir with a stop to photograph Vernal Falls from several hundred feet above. If you have a film camera, bring about 3 rolls of 24 exposures. Have fun! To anyone who accepts this challenge, this trail is rated as EXTREMELY STRENOUS and for good reason. Though it is tough I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to hike. If not sure 1 day will be enough take the extra day and stay at Little Yosemite Valley, next to the river this campground has all you will need to get a good night rest for the next day including restrooms. From the trailhead it is roughly 8.5 miles plus over a 4,000 foot elevation gain and a cable climb along side and to the top of Half Dome. I fell in love with this hike and did it a total of 6 times the summer of 2005. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND GET UP THE MOUNTIAN!!! Don't start from Glacier Point. It is too long. The hike to Half Dome is arduous. You must prepare physically and psychologically. Two days is best. Bring lots of water and a purifier. If you try to do it in one day you may be caught after dark in the park as I was. Bring a flashlight. Wear stiff hiking shoes. Much of the terrain is loose rock and hard on the feet. Amazingly, I saw flip flops and very light foot gear. I got blistered feet wearing good shoes. Many people do not do the cables. Don't feel obligated, embarrassed or pressured to climb them if you don''t want to. You will get a fantastic hike and stunning scenery without doing the cables. There is no shame in using good sense and turning back after you reach the cables. Just getting to the cables is daunting enough. In fact, if you are acrophobic you may not want to climb the last steep access to the base of the cables. It is dizzying. Finally, be prepared for altitude sickness. It is quite common. That is another reason for doing it in two days. It gives you a day to acclimate. I am 60 years old and out of shape. Just getting to the base of the cables starting from Glacier Point took all I had in me. What a hike, We started at 6am, took our time to enjoy the amazing scenery and took lots of pictures, We took small rests but often. It is essential to start early to make it beck before dark. It was a challenging hike to say the least, but well worth it. Take drink bottles with filters, it allows you to carry less water which means less weight and gives you the chance to drink from nature's water. We took 8 hours going up, stayed there for one hour, then it took us 6 hours to get back. If you don't mind getting wet, I highly reccomend the mist trail. There were 18 in our group that started the hike, with only 8 planning on summiting Half Dome. As it turned out there were 4 of us that got to the summit. There were 4 in our group that took one look at the cables and decided that they were not prepared for that part of the hike. We found the hike to be moderately strenuous, but very doable. All of the 18 in our group are over the age of 43 with some of us in our early 60's. This is one of the easier day hikes we have done. The scenery is also some of the best. We spent a lot of time taking pictures at the waterfalls and enjoying the hike. If you are in shape, this is a 11 hour hike. Start early and have lots of film and water. I've done it twice, once 8 years ago and again last year. I was surprised to find that the trail was much more worn and crowded that my previous trip 8 years earlier. Even in September, there were a lot of people (my estimate is more than 300). One sign of the waring of the trail is the sand that has been put on the trail by the rangers (to shore up the trials) and the other is the slick rubber left on the rocks (up to Nevada Falls) and on the face of Half Dome. The rubber is from the soles of hikers shoes. No doubt the view a top Half Dome is great, but I would recommend the Four Heart Thumping Miles to Glacier Peak and the Nevada Falls Mist Trail hike. Less crowds and great views. This is one of the best hikes I have taken in my life! Fantastic scenery, magnificent water falls, and the challenge of climbing the cables combined with unbelievable views from the summit to the valley floor 4000 feet below make this a top ten hike! Followed the directions to travel along the John Muir Trail on the way up, and then followed the Mist trail on the way down. I would highly suggest this, as it was nice to limit back tracking. We went on a Monday morning and the crowds were few. Avoid the weekends if you can because this hike will be very crowded with the planned closure this summer. If you forget to bring gloves, not to worry, there is a large cache of gloves at the base of the cables you can dig through to find some that fit. I am a veteran of the Half dome jaunt via the mist trail. It is awesome and very majestic. I used to hike it with a friend, however now I run up it for time by myself. 5.5hrs up and back from Happy Isles horse stables. You have to be on the trail head by 6:ooam to beat the crowds, or go in off season just after the snow melt, however the cables on the dome may be laid down, just hold on tight all the way up. This is a perfect challenge of endurance and trail negotiating, fruit filled hip pack, two water bottles and determination is all you need for a day. Oh yeah, and $20. The trail to Half Dome was the hike I have been on in 16 years. It was very hard for me because I am not in the best shape. After about 10 minutes into the hike I told my friend that I didn't think that I was going to make it to the top. I kept going. There were several steep climbs in this hike. The one I will not forget is the staircase up to Vernal Fall. After Vernal Fall, we hiked up to Nevada Fall. It was beautiful. You really get a good close up of Liberty Cap. Next we hiked to Little Yosemite Valley. The hike through Little Yosemite Valley offer a small break from constant climbing. Most of it was on flat ground and some down hill. The last part of the hike took us to Half Dome. When we finally got to the stairs that go up the side of Half Dome, it was too late to make the final few hundred feet. All in all this was a great experience. I am going again October 3 of this year to do the hike again. I hope the cables will still be up! This hike requires some preparation! Being in good shape is a must for this trail. It is an absolutely gorgeous hike, but it takes the vast majority of the day to get from the valley floor to the top of Half Dome. It is important to start early so you can enjoy your time on top! The last few miles are tough, but definitely worth it! You can go two ways: the Mist Trail, and the John Muir trail. The mist is almost all steps, while Muir winds all over the place. This time, I opted for John Muir because it's a bit easier on the knees. Either way will get you to the top though! We hike this trail every other summer, as a two day pack trip. Go during the week, bacause on the weekend there is so much traffic on the cables, that it can take as a much as an hour to do that last 1/4 mile. It makes a nice two day trip, making camp in Little Yosemite Valley. Take the Mist Trail, make camp and than take a swim in the river. In the evening you can share one of the two communal camp fires and meet people from around the world. Rise early on the second day, and take the 2 mile hike to the top, which, if you get an early start, you'll have all to yourselves! You can come back down, take a last swim, grab your pack, and be on the valley floor by late afternoon. Watch for the bears though they are agressive. You'll want to remove everything, including lotions and sunscreens. Thankfully, there are bear boxes at the campsites.

Our Website Also Supplies Top Quality Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014,Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Elvis Presley's image is iconic. Visit Las Vegas and catch multitudes of impersonators copping his various looks. Embrace the styles Elvis adopted throughout his career to turn your party into a multiple Elvis sighting. Guests who want to dress as Elvis early in his career can wear pegged pants, high collars and blue jeans, completing the look with sideburns and a pompadour. Fans of Elvis' comeback years can wear a full leather suit, as he wore in the 1968 NBC special, "Elvis," or go as Vegas Elvis in a sequined jumpsuit complete with a lei around the neck. At the time of his death on Aug. 16, 1977, Elvis Presley weighed 258 pounds, quite a leap for a body that used to drive women wild across America. Eat like a King and offer your party guests a selection of foods that Elvis used to enjoy. A southern boy through and through, even at the height of his fame, Elvis Presley ate foods that his mother and grandmother would cook. Serve your guests fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, an Elvis favorite. Offer servings of burned bacon, meatloaf, macaroni salad and banana pudding. Elvis starred in a lot of movies, but he certainly wasn't famous simply for being an actor. Revel in the diversity of Elvis Presley's song catalog by playing his music at your party. Consider playing selections from his library in chronological order, starting with early songs like "That's All Right" and ending the night with Elvis' last No. 1 hit during his lifetime, "Suspicious Minds." Or put your Elvis playlist on shuffle, bouncing from songs like "Mystery Train" straight into "Burning Love." Take requests. Consider organizing Elvis karaoke and have each guest do his best Elvis impersonation, hip shakes and all. What to Wear at a Disco Party At a disco party, wear anything shiny, sparkly, metallic or glittery, don a short skirt or hot pants, wear platform shoes or. How to Celebrate Elvis Birthday Elvis Presley fans put no limits on how far they go for their idol, so a party to celebrate his birthday is. What to Wear to an Theme Party Dressing up in costumes isn just for kids at Halloween. Theme parties let people of any age enjoy the fun of spending. Elvis Party Games and Crafts for Children Elvis Party Games and Crafts for Children. An Elvis themed party for children may seem difficult to plan, especially when the kids attending. Food Ideas for a Rock N Roll Party He was the king of rock and roll. Honor Elvis Presley at your rock party by serving his favorite snack, fried peanut. Food Ideas for a 1920s Party Food Ideas for a 1920s Party. If you ever wanted to go back in time and visit the Roaring the era. 50th Birthday Party Activities When it comes to 50th birthday party ideas, "Over the Hill" has been overdone. Besides, if you a fit 49 year old, 50 is. How to Make an Elvis Costume for Kids From Things Around the House Your child will be "dancin to the jailhouse rock!" in no time with this Elvis costume. Because Elvis enjoyed fame for several. Ideas for a Grease Themed Birthday Party Ideas for a Grease Themed Birthday Party. Ideas for a "Grease" themed birthday party focus on re creating the look and feel of. Hawaiian Cocktail Party Ideas How to Host a Casino Party Casinos are a popular party planning theme. Casino night frameworks are especially conducive to large parties because the games and activities provide guests. Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 VIVOBAREFOOT Ra has been the best selling lifestyle shoe for those looking for a zero drop shoe with a wide toe box. I finally got around to testing a pair for myself as I rarely wear a suit or have to dress formally. Minimalist Running Shoes Disguised with a smart upper, the Ra's extreme versatility makes it a favorite: it's smart enough for the office, stylish enough for a night out, and casual enough for a no frills get together with family or friends. The Ra, with a 3mm TPU sole for maximum proprioception with protection, is available in pull up leather, suede, or organic canvas. The anatomic shape of the toe box and ultra thin sole with a zero drop profile allow for natural movement and all day barefoot comfort. The VIVOBAREFOOT Ra is available with either a suede upper or a pull up leather upper coupled with a three eyelet lace up oxford style lacing system. The mesh and microfiber linings is comfortable and comes with a removable and washable 5mm insole that is made of recycled memory foam. The insole also provide a light underfoot plush. The Ra has the original VIVOBAREFOOT sole, a combination latex rubber and TPU for maximum abrasion resistance and sensory feedback in this thin 3mm outsole. I recently wore the VB Ra to a wedding and a family dinner party (the VB Gobi would have suffice in this case). For the wedding, I wore a dark suit and prior to the VB Ra, I've been wearing the Rockport truWALK Zero Wing Tip or Patagonia Loulu or Urshuz Brax. Nothing come close to the ultra comfort and looks of the VIVOBAREFOOT Ra! The Ra is closest to the ground and I feel grounded compared to the others which have a significantly higher stack height. Between the outdoor wedding service and dinner (I skipped the dancing), I had these shoes on my feet for over 6 hours straight both in the hot sun and cold dining rooms. The VB Ra is perfect for the bumpy grass as you want to be able to feel the ground just like golfers does with the TRUE Linkswear shoes. The VB Ra is a simple and traditional dress shoe that has a super wide toe box, is zero drop, lightweight, and ultra flexible. What more can you ask in a casual and semi dressy shoe? For the price, I can see why this is the best selling minimalist dress shoe for VIVOBAREFOOT! For a detailed review of the VIVOBAREFOOT Ra, please visit Minimalist Running Shoes for comprehensive coverage of all shoes that we have wear tested. Minimalist Running Shoes Examiner Nicholas Pang is a competitive Northern California road runner and Editor in Chief of the most comprehensive minimalist shoes and running accessories review site, Minimalist Running Shoes. Nick is a member of the USA Track Field organization. Contact Nick with your comments and questions. Contact me Costumed cheerleaders haunt, spook frightfully delight on October sidelinesMany people of all ages enjoy masquerading about in a costume for Halloween. For young ladies, a popular choice throughout the years has been a cheerleader. 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