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jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/rupaulsdragraceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Came in to say Mariah but everyone else seems to be doing a great job at picking her already. Other than her I gonna say, Penny Tration! What happened with the challenge was so unfortunate because it stopped her from sharing her skills with the world. I seen Penny and this bitch is a killer on the mic with her amazing personality and wit. She actually can perform a strong lip sync, contrary to her LSFYL. She has the "old school" look that doesn bode well with RPDR and a lot of the young audience, but she is amazing at what she does. Drag Race did not showcase her in her full glory. Exhibit A, Patsy Stone Drunken Christmas and, exhibit B, Ace Ventura Medley. I can get over how perfect her Jim Carrey is, it gave me so much life I died and was born again! Patsy Stone is spot on, too. As different as these character are, she slays them both. She versatile and connects with the audience. That is true talent as an entertainer. She has a ton of incredible character performances on youtube, from Jareth the Goblin King to Dot and Bon Qui Qui from MadTV. Every RpDR Subreddit "Underrated Queens" post needs a Shannel enthusiast, and that Shannel enthusiast is me. Polished and truly showgirl looks, committed to her character, talented performer, a memorable personality on the show for better or worse. The costumes. MY GOD the costumes. Top 4 in Season 1 and All Stars, three challenge wins on All Stars, four Drag U wins (tied with Raven for most wins ever, but achieved 4 wins with nine mentorships as opposed to Raven who had ten). Should have been treated a lot better on Season 1 IMHO. Shannel may be arrogant or pushy with her way of doing things, but there is no denying she is a fierce queen and one of the best to come out of RpDR. 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The addition of Manning could well lead to the trade of Tim Tebow, who energized the Broncos in leading them to the playoffs last season despite his uneven play. One of two other teams considered finalists for in the race to sign Manning, the Tennessee Titans, released a statement Monday saying they were out of the picture. I want to thank the whole organization for their efforts in trying to sign Peyton and also to Peyton for the time he put into the process, Titans owner Bud Adams said. Peyton called me this morning to inform me of his decision and obviously I am disappointed, because I thought we would be a perfect fit. The San Francisco 49ers were the other team trying to land the star QB. Manning's apparent move comes less than two weeks after he was cut loose by the Indianapolis Colts, who released him rather than pay a $28 million contract bonus. That was the end of an era, a 14 year alliance between the team that drafted Manning No. 1 overall and the QB who brought Indianapolis from football irrelevance to the 2007 Super Bowl title and a second appearance in the NFL championship game three years later. But with Manning coming off a series of operations to his neck, the Colts decided it was time to rebuild from top to bottom, and they are expected to take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the top pick in April's draft. Two days after standing alongside Colts owner Jim Irsay during an emotional farewell news conference on March 7, Manning began his free agency tour in the place it may end: Denver. Manning landed on Tebow's turf with all the trappings of star treatment flown to town on a chartered plane, then spending the day with Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway, coach John Fox and general manager Brian Xanders. From there, Manning crisscrossed the country in search of a new team, as various clubs courted a guy with more than 50,000 yards passing, nearly 400 touchdowns and 11 Pro Bowl selections. After Denver, next up was a meeting with the Arizona Cardinals, and he also spent time speaking with or throwing for the Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins, with TV cameras and even helicopters often on the trail. Somehow, the 49ers managed to keep their audience with Manning a secret for days, until word emerged that they were in the running for him, too. In the end, though, Manning is reportedly close to trading in his Colts horseshoe helmet for one adorned by a Bronco. The move would allow him to stay in the AFC, a conference he knows well and one considered weaker than the NFC at the moment, and potentially re establishes the tantalizing prospect of playing against his brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli, in a Super Bowl. They already have three titles in the family. Manning to Denver also would create a fascinating dynamic with Tebow, only months after he was the focus of the NFL regular season and perhaps the most talked about athlete in sports, a polarizing figure both because of his style of play as far as possible from a classic, dropback passer and his oustpoken religious beliefs. After taking over a struggling team, Tebow led the Broncos to comeback victory after comeback victory, struggling for three quarters before starring in the fourth quarter and overtime. With an offense transformed into a spread option attack built on Tebow's running, and a strong defense that kept games close, the Broncos won the AFC West title. Tebowmania reached its apex in the playoffs, when he threw an 80 yard touchdown pass on the very first play of overtime to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. The next week, though, Tebow was smothered by the New England Patriots, who easily eliminated the Broncos 45 10.

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