Welcome To Our Online Venom Green 10s Our Price Is Very Favorable Free Shipping. Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Now You Can Enjoy 75% Discount Venom Green 10s Garden Fresh Produce Up To 50% Off For nearly a decade, the Jaguars Journal has been bringing you the rants, raves and breakdown of the game through the eyes of the fans. Some of these community contributors to our new multi user blog will be familiar, others are new, but all of them have one thing in common: Jaguars passion! You can also find out what the Big Cats are doing for Duval in the weekly Jaguars in the Community columns right here every Wednesday. It should be no secret NFL markets across the country are facing a difficult task in attracting the casual fan with blackouts now occurring on a regular basis. Cities like San Diego, Oakland, Buffalo and Tampa Bay have all had more than one blackout, even though each team will always attract the 30 40K of die hard fans, the casual fan is all the more tricky. Question is: Would you buy this? It was recently announced the Nike has finally made everything right in the world by joining another super power in the NFL. The exclusive deal will begin in 2012, provided there is no labor union strike. Since the deal, artists have already started creating new concept jersey art. Some pictures are so great looking, that its hard to imagine the NFL would actually switch to this. Perhaps a fabric change but let's not hold our breath for a full on take over by Nike. Too much to ask? It shouldn't be. As a fan, you are lucky enough to say that you have one memory in recent years of one of the best wins you have witnessed live. For Jaguar fans, we now have two in one season. These moments in which I'm referring to are the last second Hail Mary pass David Garrard threw to Mike Thomas against the Texans Sunday and the 59 yard field yard Josh Scobee kicked to beat the Colts earlier this year. Both of these moments coming in the final seconds of the game. With these unforgettable memories that were created, comes a time when I have to remind those of why we not only become season ticket holders but why we also stay for the entire game. I remember there was a time years ago when I dared to leave a Jaguar game early thinking the game was lost. I was in the parking lot listening to the cheers when a kick was returned that gave the Jaguars a win over Kansas City. The feeling was gut wrenching to know that I was that selfish to get a leg up on traffic that I missed what could have been an amazing memory to last a lifetime. I have never left a game early since. While no one can discredit a fan who watches the game from home, there is something to be said about witnessing a game like the Jaguars vs. the Texans live. To feel the energy, hear the eruption of elation that engulfs the stadium, to hug strangers and share in chants as if you were a family. Its better than Christmas morning. To those fans who left the Jaguars/Texans game early, my heart goes out to you. Just let it be a lesson to never let it happen again. Because no matter how many times you watch the replay of the Hail Mary or Scobee's kick, NOTHING compares to living that moment live. The second edition of Gaming 4 the Cause saw teams square off against their opponents, playing at the same time. Nwaneri conducted a raffle that gave out signed footballs, hats and helmets. The proceeds from the event go to his charity the Ambrose House a foundation developed to help underprivileged youth find grants to continue their maturation in the arts. This Sunday, the Jaguars will play their first home game in 3 weeks and they are host to division rival Houston Texans. The Jaguars, who swept the Texans last year, come into this game holding the same record as the Texans and both are vying for a playoff spot in the highly competitive AFC South. Both teams have terrible secondary's and this game looks to be a good shootout with Garrard vs Schaub and Jones Drew vs. Foster. Whoever should lose, must write an article declaring their love for the winning team and also change their avatar (picture) on Twitter to the winning team's logo for a period of 24 hours..

Shoes meant for racing is commonly known by the name cycling shoes or Road Bike Shoes. There are a wide variety of racing shoes depending on their various purposes. The racing shoes are of different types respectively on the basis of its type and intensity of cycling. The main feature of racing shoes is its rigidity which helps to increase the efficiency of rider to transfer the power from the cyclist to the pedal which increases the speed of the bike. The shoes are designed in such a way with adjustable laces which also helps the rider to increase the pace of cycling. The laces are adjusted in a very easy manner so that the cyclist can handle it in a simple way and can also be easily replaced. The Road Bike shoes are of a wide variety. It includes Road racing shoes, back racing shoes, winter shoes, casual cycling shoes Touring shoes ,off road shoes or mountain shoes and indoor cycling shoes or spinning shoes. 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Fitzpatrick finished with a double double after grabbing 10 rebounds, while Victor Rudd heated up after halftime to post 12 points. Anthony Collins added 10 points and five assists as USF dropped to 10 11 (1 8 in Big East). Head coach Stan Heath wanted to see consistency when he talked with reporters earlier this week and the Bulls delivered in the first 20 minutes. A fast break dunk by Poland put USF up, 23 13, with less than 4 minutes to play in the half and the Bulls went into the break with a 27 15 advantage. Fitzpatrick knocked down three 3 pointers in the first half and went 4 for 6 from the field on the way to 11 points. The Tampa native also had six rebounds to help the Bulls grab a 22 19 edge in the opening period. The game took a ton of twists just to get to overtime. USF got a three point play from Fitzpatrick and grabbed a 48 47 lead with 3:42 to play. A pair of free throws by Shabazz Napier gave UConn a 51 50 lead with 40 seconds remaining. A Fitzpatrick turnover forced USF to foul and Ryan Boatwright went 1 for 2 from the free throw line to give the Huskies a two point advantage with USF having one last shot. Collins delivered a layup with 12 seconds left and Napier's three point try missed before the buzzer. UConn (15 5, 5 3) took control in overtime with an opening 6 0 run and increased its winning streak to three games. Venom Green 10s,We like to think of great music as coming from a tortured musician laboring for hours over an instrument, writing and rewriting until they've met their own standard of perfection. In reality, art isn't like that, and some of the most iconic musical moments of all time have just been farted out on accident. Like . 6. Rock Guitar Sound From "Satisfaction" Invented by Blown FuseMuch of the distinctive sound of rock music as you know it comes from guitar "distortion" usually done with the help of a gadget that turns the clean sound of a plucked guitar string into a badass growl, like in the opening notes of The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction": The song that invented the sound, Marty Robbins' "Don't Worry," is a forgettable bit of weepy '50s country. All that matters is the solo, which accidentally fathered every single heavy guitar effect you've ever heard. For the first 90 seconds, the song is typical gentle crooning about a lonely hearted cowboy being lonely. Feel free to listen to the whole thing if you require a sleep aid. If not, just skip ahead to the 90 second mark, when the lead guitar comes in and just rocks the hell out with a level of rawness unprecedented for the time: That's pretty much the old time country western equivalent of Cannibal Corpse crashing a One Direction concert and taking over mid song. And it was . That sudden burst of Satanism arose because guitarist Grady Martin (one of the least metal names ever) wanted to switch to bass for the song's solo. Audio engineer Glen Snoddy (the absolute least metal name ever) couldn't reinforce the recording console in time, and the rumbly bass ended up busting a key fuse. The result was the rock 'n' roll rumble you hear above. The godfather of badass rock: a man so lame he needed his guitar to remind him who the fuck he was. Despite his guitar all but suffering a stroke, Martin dug the sound and kept playing while the tape kept recording. Twenty seconds later, the amp completely died and the sound vanished, never to be heard again. Robbins, not a fan of the new sound, , this time clean as a boring, boring sheet. Luckily, bigger balls prevailed and the solo survived intact. There was the little matter of re creating it for stage, though something Robbins was adamant about. After endless tinkering with this machine and that, Snoddy invented perhaps the first effects pedal in history: the Maestro Fuzztone. With a simple flick of the switch, a guitarist could now produce fuzzy, distorted sounds without having to destroy expensive equipment in the process. Unless, of course, they wanted to. "Uh, we still have 45 minutes left ." "Hope they like armpit fart solos." Since nobody anyone had ever heard of was peddling the pedal, it sold like crap at first. Then, a piddling bar band who called themselves The Rolling Stones used it for some filler track called "Satisfaction" and changed rock music forever.60 years later, they're still struggling for a follow up hit. 5. "Kiss Him Goodbye" (the Na Na Hey Hey Song) Was Intentionally TerribleIf we ask you if you've heard Steam's "Kiss Him Goodbye," you'd probably say no, and you'd be wrong. At the very least, we guarantee you've heard the "na na na na / na na na na / hey hey hey / goodbye" refrain chanted ad nauseam at sporting events whenever an opposing player gets ejected, or at a bar when an obnoxious drunk gets tossed out on his ass. It's probably the most singable kiss off in human history: This song wasn't meant to do anything but fill space and be terrible. See, back in the days when people bought singles on records (and later, cassettes) you didn't just get the single each record had two sides, so typically an artist would feature the hit on the A side and toss random bullshit on the B side. Usually, nobody gave a shit what the B side contained it might be a random cover, or an instrumental version of the single, whatever. He had a few surefire hits in the can but needed some for the B sides. So he reunited with Paul Leka and Dale Frashuer from his old band The Chateaus, simply to bang out an old song of theirs as hastily and crappily as possible. They took a failed two minute ditty called "Kiss Him Goodbye" and butchered it to the best of their abilities. They played a keyboard over a drum track blatantly ripped off from another song. DeCarlo added percussion by banging on a goddamn . Their backing vocals were purposely off key. Finally, they padded out the track with two plus minutes of dummy lyrics ("na na" was what DeCarlo typically sang before he actually sat down to write words), extending the song past the four minute mark and making it far too long and awful for any radio station of the time. "Long and awful" was also DeCarlo's approach to his sex tape. The song sucked so bad that, naturally, everybody loved it. DeCarlo's boss in particular was convinced the song was a hit in the making, and forced him to release it as a stand alone single. The Not Chateaus still hated the song, though, and if it was going to be a single, they didn't want their name attached to it. So they released it under a new moniker, Steam (so named because they saw steam come out of a manhole cover once). 4. A Metallica Hit Came From James Hetfield Mindlessly Plucking Strings While on the PhoneIn the early '90s, metal legends Metallica decided they loved everybody, and so they wrote a gentle ballad about their feelings. The result was "Nothing Else Matters" and, sure enough, it became their biggest mainstream hit. You can judge for yourself whether or not this was also the exact moment when Metallica sold out once and for all: Frontman James Hetfield was holed up in a lonely little rich people hotel and . Not enough to come home or anything, but enough to call her and eat the long distance charges, at least. So here's Hetfield chatting with his very best girl, phone in one hand and guitar in the other, because rock stars are too good for that cumbersome shoulder and cheekbone method everybody else resorted to during the Dark Ages of corded telephoning. With his free hand, he started plucking strings thoughtlessly, since thoughtlessly masturbating is probably loud enough to hear over the phone. Eventually, his wandering fingers hit on this:

Enjoy Our Cheap Venom Green 10s,Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 THE MAYORAL CANDIDATESPLAYFORD, Noel: Lives in Tewantin. The one time teacher and local businessman is a former mayor of Noosa who served through three terms as council leader from 1988 97, after serving one term on council from 1982. He has been pipped at the election post only once in 1985.Although coming back from a lengthy spell, he has a proven track record on this, a course he knows how to run backwards.The man described at the state first green mayor reined in development approvals, helped ban high rises and oversaw the planning guides described as Noosa population cap.The former Local Government Association Queensland president liked to run no frills, cost effective councils and aimed to keep past rate increases to the CPI.Former Noosa Mayor Noel Playford addresses the public forum on deamalgamation at the J. Geoff PotterHe oversaw the overhaul of Noosa problematic sewerage treatment system by partnering with private enterprise.Making the council more accountable and interactive with the voters is a new priority for the former mayor, who had a hand in making the old Noosa Council one of the most open to scrutiny in Queensland.Critics say the Noosa Parks Association will be holding the whip hand if he is elected, but he says he is headstrong enough to run his own race.This will be his last campaign before going out to pasture, but he is intent for the next two years on leading a strong council team to take the region forward. Has impressive claims here, given his opposition, and should be at unbackable odds.PETERSEN, Patricia: Lives in Tewantin. This academic has a PhD and wants to exploit the synergies between economy, environment, and social and cultural wellbeing for the benefit of Noosa.She comes into this latest campaign after an unsuccessful tilt at the Federal Senate as the head and founder of her Australian Independents party. Before that she had no winning form in her six starts in federal, state and council elections.Her chances are not helped here in that her nomination has been endorsed by a section of the anti de amalgamation lobby, which picked up only 18.7% of the vote in Noosa landslide poll to split from the Sunshine Coast Council.Rated her top three goals at the Noosaville candidates night as solving Noosa homeless problem, getting improved health services and better aged care not usually ground travelled by local councils.Her chances are possibly handicapped by her previous public outings, including struggling to pinpoint where Cootharaba is.She bolted before the end of the latest candidates night, saying the audience had disrespected her.She has appeal for those who may not want a return to the Playford past, who want a woman as mayor and are attracted by her relative youth compared to her rival. Others might be prepared to back her as a fresh start.Her chances are likely to be as solid as her promise to turn Hastings St into a mall. A former Wall St financial high flier, he settled in Noosa after retiring at age 34. His wife runs a successful local restaurant and he has written the It Your Money financial advice column for the Noosa News. Is another of the "maiden" runners in that he has never stood for council before.However this member of the Tourism Noosa marketing committee is proud of being in the trenches with the Friends of Noosa and then the Noosa Independence Alliance, and he coined the slogan "Free Noosa".He wants a tight budget concentrating on basic services to keep rates rises down and attract job creating fresh talent to Noosa.He also wants the community to have some fun and has suggested a Noosa Olympics at show time, with hinterland towns versus coastal areas in tug of wars. One of the real chances.LOWE, Paul: Listed occupation is production assistant and lives at Pomona. He is a late starter in the campaign, with little public profile and no known previous form of running. Was a no show at last Wednesday candidates night, but said car mechanical problems meant he was stuck in Brisbane and he did not snub the crowd of voters. Was a starter at the Pomona Venom Green 10s Our mother's taught us that we should be nice to others because it's the right thing to do; I tried to teach my kids the very same thing. I remember from time to time one of my boys would ask why they should help out their brother, what was in it for them? Well, I was the grown up in the house, so in the most gentle, loving manner I could muster I would calmly explain that what was in it for them was the opportunity to sleep inside the house that night and with any luck the next night as well! I tried hard to be a generous and helpful mom. I wish I had known then what I know now. It turns out that every time we do something kind for someone else, from helping them find their shoes to untying them from the railroad track just before the speeding train arrives, raises our serotonin levels. In short it makes us feel good. Here's where it gets even better. You would probably expect the formerly tied up on the track person to feel pretty good about the new situation. But guess what, you will too! That's right not only are you doing just what your mama told you to do (rest assured, Mom's feeling pretty good at the moment now as well) but your serotonin levels go up just as a result of your doing the right thing. Hot dog, you've got to love that. But wait, it gets even better! This is not just a win/win for both the good deed doer and the good deed recipient, but it turns out that anyone witnessing the event also experiences a rise in serotonin. How cool is that? That explains why I felt so good when I would watch one of my boys help the other to build a snow fort. They thought they were simply doing it to protect their corner of the yard from the opponents on the other side of the yard, and in truth that's what they were doing. But they undoubtedly felt good as a result of the kindness, their brothers felt good and I now realize that this act in full view of the neighbors probably made them smile and feel just a bit better as well. Now the life coach in me realizes that even if I didn't intellectually understand this all those years ago that I probably intuitive understood it and that others probably do as well. But how cool is it that we now actually know intellectually what we felt all along? I've had conversations with other Reiki people about this from another angle. For instance, while I give myself Reiki frequently I most feel the wonderful effects of Reiki when I am offering it to another. That is definite motivation to be sharing Reiki with anyone and everyone who is open to the experience. It just feels good and makes me happy. What to do with this information? Perhaps just knowing it is enough to make you smile and feel good. You might share the info with others and hopefully motivate them to do an extra kindness. In truth I don't care just what the motivation was that made my little boys help one another out from time to time. They did and clearly they got something from the experience as they are all now adults who don't hesitate to assist others cheerfully. I feel better just having that knowledge.

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