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A Z Sports Athletics Boxing Cricket Cycling Disability Sport Football Formula 1 Gaelic Games Golf Horse Racing Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Swimming Tennis Winter Sports Full Sports A Z Events Glasgow 2014 World Cup 2014 World Sport European Football Champions League African Football Around the UK England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Football Premier League Table Live Scores All Teams Leagues CupsTable Premier League Home More from Football Live Scores All Teams Leagues Cups Football Home Newcastle attempts to establish a rhythm was hampered when left back David Santon limped off with a hamstring problem Alan Pardew latest in a long list of injury concerns. To the manager credit, he stuck with the 4 4 2 formation that paired Cisse and Gouffran up front, and his side managed to build a degree of momentum as Fulham offered little going forward. Their best chances fell to Cisse, but the Senegal striker curled narrowly wide before blazing a shot over the bar. Newcastle profligacy seemed to give Fulham confidence and, as the first half drew to a close, it took a fine Mapou Yanga Mbiwa block to thwart Bryan Ruiz before Tim Krul denied Stanislav Manolev. The Magpies have conceded more second half goals than any other Premier League side bar Aston Villa, but on this occasion they found themselves encamped inside opposition territory for long periods. Anita Santon replacement set the tone with a drive that was deflected on to the bar by Fulham substitute Emmanuel Frimpong, while Cisse was let down by a poor touch in front of goal. They again went close when Sylvain Marveaux corner was headed on to a post by Gouffran it may have touched Sascha Riether arm on the way through and Cisse hit the same upright with the follow up. Newcastle still looked stunned by their failure to score when Fulham went up the other end and Berbatov drew a superb diving save from Krul with a header from John Arne Riise free kick. Jol introduced Hugo Rodallega and he almost made an immediate impact, only to lose his balance when seemingly clean through. Although Newcastle flooded forward towards the end, their hopes appeared to die when Mark Schwarzer kept out a Cisse header. However, the front man would have one last say, controlling Yohan Cabaye shot and reacting quickest to drill past Krul. "We defended well, especially in the first half. We frustrated the crowd and that what you want away from home. We had two or three opportunities but didn score. "It not easy to come here and get away with a result but today we probably should have, at least one point. It unbelievable they [Newcastle] are in that position and a draw would have been disappointing for them. "But if you watched us over the last three months we done ever so well, frustrated home teams and scored at the right moment. We didn today and that disappointing. Conceding late is even more disappointing. "We had a very good run and we said today we don want to break that getting a result here was our intention. We disappointed." Air Jordan 5 Laney ,Air Jordan 8 Playoffs 2013 Air Jordan 3 Bright Crimson Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 5 Black Grape Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 2013 Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Air Jordan 9 Birmingham Barons In this post I will try to put together an operationalization and some alternate rival hypotheses for Tom Barnett's PNM Theory.I need to finish a research design for my Scopes Methods class. The rough draft was on traditional geopolitics, but needed considerably work. I kicked around ways to to save it, yet I had trouble focusing on writing that just doesn't matter. I learn so much more from blog writing than class writing that I find myself looking forward to typing in new posts, but assignments are drudgery.Until the obvious hit me: write it as a blog post! It's not a good blog post it's actually the perfect combination that doesn't work either as a tdaxp post or as something I could hand in but at least it gets me motivated. So today's work discusses the Research Question, Independent Variable, Dependent Variables, and Alternate Research Hypotheses required to operationalize the Gap.I would also like to acknowledge the work of Catholicgauze, Chicago Boys, Coming Anarchy [1, 2, 3] and The Glittering Eye in "mapping the gap." Those posts were inspirational.That's easy enough to say. What's hard is writing something in a somewhat similar style to everything else here. But I'll try."Thomas Barnett's description of "life in the Gap" accurately predicts whether a country is in the Core or the Gap. That is, as the degree to which a state matches the criteria increases, it is more likely to be categorized as "Gap." Further, the same is true if you look at a state's neighbors with the same criteria. Further, the same is true if one divided the world into "Old Core," "New Core," and "Gap." Further, the same is true if you look at a state's neighbors with that criteria. Further, all of these relationships are more valid than the description's correlation with G77 membership, "first," "second" and "third" world membership, or categorization by the United Nations Human Development Index. If this is the case, Barnett's "new map" is preferable to the popular models of the Global North and the Global South."The independent variable (IV) is comprised of measures of life in the Gap's poverty, nastiness, shortness, brutality., and solitariness, as described on pages 161 166 of Barnett's The Pentagon's New Map"Life in the Gap is poor""Of the 118 countries listed by the world Bank as 'low income' or 'low middle income' (below $2963 per capita annual), 109 are located in the Gap.""Life in the Gap is nasty""According to Freedom House's 2003 survey of states around the world, 48 out of a global total of 192 surveyed were rated as 'not free.' Of those 48, 45 are located within the Gap."Life in the Gap is short""Of the 50 states with the highest life expectancy rates (76 to 83 years), four fifths lie within the Core. However, if we are to look at 50 states with the lowest expectancy rates (37 to 57 years), all but one (South Africa) lie within the Gap. University of Maryland . ) you'll come up with a number somewhere short of three doze, with 80 to 90 perfect of them falling squarely inside the Gap.""Life in the Gap is solitary""A good measure of communications connectivity today is the number of Internet hosts found in a country. No surprise here: the more developed your economy becomes, the more connected your people become."Calculation for each portion of the value will be in the form "(x min(x)) / (max(s) min(x))" which will produce a 0 to 1 value for each state. After this, the five components (poverty, etc) will be averaged for a final 0 to 1 value. A higher value indicates more poverty, nastiness, shortness, brutality, and solitariness.The Dependent Variables (DVs) will be a numeric score of how well the state actually falls into Barnett's categories. Both a simple Core Gap and a more complex model will be used.Two possible values, Core or Gap, will be used. Core will have a value of "1," while Gap will have a value of "2" Determining where a state falls is as simple as looking at PNM's inside back cover and seeing what side of the "Boundary of the Non Integrating Gap" a state falls in. Alternatively, one can get the map off the web.DV1 is expected to rise as the IV rises.Barnett focuses on geographic proximity in his definition of the GapToday, the Non Integrating Gap is made up of the Caribbean Rim, Andean South America, virtually all of Africa, portions of the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, and most of Southeast Asia. These regions constitute globalization's "ozone hole," where connectivity remains thin or absent in far too many cases. Of course, each region contains some countries that are very Core like in their attributes (just as there are Gap like pockets throughout the Core defined primarily by poverty), but these are like mansions in an otherwise seedy neighborhood, and as such are trapped by these larger Gap defining circumstances.So a test should be run to see if this is a factor. The DV2 for a state will be the average of the DV1s for each of its neighbors. Air Jordan 5 Laney,Let children choose which characters they want to be from the story. Give each child a picture of the character and allow her to color it. Cut strips from colored construction paper and staple them in loops that will fit each child's head. Help the children cut out their characters and glue them to their headbands. As the children wear their headbands, read the story of Cinderella to them. Discuss the characters and their actions with the children. Allow the children to share what they would have done during the story's events if they were the characters through role play. Print or draw pictures of events that take place during the story of Cinderella. As you tell the story, hang the pictures on the board in the order that they happen. Afterward, take down the pictures and mix them up. Ask the children to retell the story by placing the pictures back in order. Give each child a worksheet containing small versions of the pictures and instruct him to color the pictures. Help the children cut out the pictures and place them in order. Punch a hole through the top of the pictures and tie a piece of yarn through the hole to create storybooks for the children to take home. Even though fairy tales are several centuries old, they still captivate the imaginations of young children. You can teach your preschoolers about. Teaching children about color can be difficult if they show little to no interest in the subject. High school literature students are not always excited about learning new things and exploring lifestyles other. Ideas for Cinderella Cake Toppers From small girls to brides to be, the Cinderella fairy tale captures the imagination. Weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and anniversaries all call for special. Cinderella Theme Ideas A Cinderella theme event can be a magical experience for all age groups. Little girls can explore the fairytale, and be creative. Pre Kindergarten Teaching Ideas Pre kindergarten teachers show students how to play and to learn. Theme Ideas for Pre K Summer Activities Cultivating theme ideas for Pre K summer activities is a great way to organize a system to teach essential knowledge to a preschool. Group Activities About Animals for Pre K Pre kindergarten curricula should take into account the short attention spans of children in this age group. To keep kids engaged, plan short. Family Literacy Night Activities Family Literacy Night Activities. A successful Family Literacy Night is a coordinated event between schools and parents, aimed at fostering family involvement.

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