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A new lab is working to perfect special shoe insoles that can help monitor access to high security areas, like nuclear power plants or special military bases. The concept is based on research that shows each person has unique feet, and ways of walking. Sensors in the bio soles check the pressure of feet, monitor gait, and use a microcomputer to compare the patterns to a master file for that person. If the patterns match the bio soles go to sleep. If they don't, a wireless alarm message can go out. "It's part of a shoe that you don't have to think about," said Marios Savvides, head of Carnegie Mellon University's new Pedo Biometrics Lab, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. cities. Todd Gray, the company president, said he saw the potential when his daughter was in a maternity ward decorated with representations of different baby feet all along a wall. Autonomous ID has been working on prototypes since 2009, with the goal of making a relatively low cost ID system. Mr Gray said they've already run tests on sample bio soles, which are no thicker than a common foot pad sold in pharmacies, and achieved an accuracy rate of more than 99 per cent. He said Carnegie Mellon will broaden the tests to include "a full spectrum of society: big, tall, thin, heavy, athletic, multicultural, on a diet, twins and so on." Mr Gray wouldn't speculate on what the system will cost or when it might reach the marketplace, but each worker at a site would have his or her own pair of bio soles. "Within the third step, it knows it's you, and it goes back to sleep," he said. Department of Defence has been funding millions of dollars of gait research, as has the Chinese government. The Institute of Intelligent Machines is doing extensive research into gait biometrics, including reports of systems where a floor monitors footsteps without people's knowledge. One expert who is not connected with the CMU lab said the biometric sole seems promising. "I must admit I find this news very exciting," said John DiMaggio, an Oregon podiatrist who has worked with law enforcement to use foot information in forensic investigations. While it is too early to fully judge the CMU research plan, Dr DiMaggio said using feet as a biometric identification source makes sense. While researchers have noted that gait can vary with injuries, fatigue and other factors, Mr Savvides said the bio soles can detect signs of those things, too. The bio soles might also have medical uses. Several papers presented this month at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Vancouver suggest changes in how elderly people walk such as a slowing pace or variable stride can provide early warnings of dementia. Mr Gray said the technology is less invasive of privacy than eye scans and other biometrics, in part because the individual data stays inside the bio soles. But one group that has followed biometrics and privacy issues said there could still be problems. "Any biometric capture device is a potential tracking device, just like every iPhone is a potential tracking device. That's just the way these things are," said Lee Tien, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco nonprofit that monitors free speech and privacy issues. Mr Tien said that the bio soles themselves "might make a person feel a little bit better" than other security systems and that Gray's claim that the system can ID a person within three steps is "pretty impressive." 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We have.>Sales Consultants / Management TrainingWireless Zone of Naples Verizon Wireless Premium RetailerWireless Zone, A Verizon Wireless Premier Retailer is seeking the best, energetic, team players to assist in our growth. Wireless Zone is the Nation's largest independent wireless franchise with over 450 stores Nationwide. Our reputation.>Talent Manager Relo to Ormond BeachMutual of Omaha Bank is quickly becoming a national leader in the banking industry and we're looking for talented individuals to help us grow. With nearly $6 billion in assets, Mutual of Omaha Bank operates a network of community banks and.>Marco Island Timeshare Sales Marriott Vacations WorldwideAre you ready to grow your dream career while making others' vacation dreams come true? Marriott Vacations Worldwide is a world premier organization for Vacation Ownership with resorts at destinations around the globe. Join our team and.>Marco Island Timeshare Sales Marriott Vacations WorldwideMarriott Vacation Club InternationalAre you ready to grow your dream career while making others' vacation dreams come true? Marriott Vacations Worldwide is a world premier organization for Vacation Ownership with resorts at destinations around the globe. Join our team and.> Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Ultrapurple Reflect Silver Wolf Grey,With a number of courses confirmed to take place over the coming months, The Park Studio offers hands on training from industry professionals who will share their expertise in a diverse range of areas. One of the upcoming highlights is a casting workshop with Toby Guidry. Toby has worked on casting such feature films as Hobbit (I II), Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Wars of a Shopaholic and Fully Loaded as well as television shows such as Gilmore Girls and Upon A Time Some of the great talent Toby has worked with includes Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Tony Scott, as well as the Farelly brothers and Robert Zemeckis. The studio also welcomes Journalist and Broadcaster Donal MacIntyre ( Underworld Very British Gangster and Producer/Director David Malone, whose credits include BBC One Show Late Late Show to host a workshop on Secrets of Undercover TV Reporting For those interested in scriptwriting, in particular for comedy, Ferdia MacAnna will take a Comedy Scriptwriting Workshop. He was producer and script editor on the acclaimed BAFTA winning BBC/RT children drama series, Last Stand Up Ferdia has written numerous plays and screenplays and has published three novels: Last of the High Kings (made into a Hollywood movie starring Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Rea and Christina Ricci in 1996), Ship Inspector (screenplay in development) and City those about to embark on, or considering making a feature film, Director Graham Cantwell (Anton, The Callback Queen) will aim to show you how in The Park Your First Feature Film workshop. Graham, who has been working as a director in the Irish Film Industry since 1996, directed the feature length drama starring Gerard McSorley, which was nominated for three Irish Film and Television Awards. Graham has taught directing, acting and screenwriting at a wide array of educational institutions including: The Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Filmbase, and The Attic Studio. Below is a list of some of the training taking place at the Park studio between September and December:4. Writing Room With John Murphy.

Real Womens Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Ultrapurple Reflect Silver Wolf Grey,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted So much of our free time is now spent indoors, it becomes easy to forget the enjoyment that the outdoors can bring us. Summer time is always great for a picnic, but what about when it comes to the winter? If you live in a place that is 60 with 12 feet of snow, you have every excuse not to go for an outside winter picnic. To escape the cold bite of this kind of winter, why not have a picnic on your living room floor? Pull out a little summer blanket, fill a basket with goodies, turn on some peaceful tunes and dive back into the joys of summer:) On the other hand, if you live in a place like British Columbia, Canada, there are always tolerable days thru out the winter time. When the sun is shining and the snow is minimal, go on out for a winter picnic and enjoy your day!Warm blanket or portable chairsSome of your most beautiful and memorable photos can be captured in the winter time. The way the snow glistens off the trees is just absolutely beautiful. Be sure to bring your camera along when you head outside for your picnic.Winter Hiking in BCTourism VernonBX Falls is located in Vernon BC. Great outdoor activities!Spice it up!Feeling bored? Make your own video, keep yourself entertained like these folks!artbyrodriguez 17 months ago from Albany New YorkI like the idea of a Winter picnic in the livingroom in front of the fire. I don't think I'm up to picknicing in the snow! Some folks love cold weather and this is a great idea for them. Nice lens with an interesting subject and great photos. Also, add a Pole Module with a related question to get your readers involved in the lens. Good work!Yes I have. We used to go to a park and have a cookout/picnic for Christmas, sometimes in snow, sometimes fairly warm. I remember one year we were joined by about 6 or 7 mule deer. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Ultrapurple Reflect Silver Wolf Grey But what are orthopedic shoes? These are specially designed shoes that match the structure of your feet. Anatomically, our foot is composed of bones, muscles, and ligaments. The first metatarsal bone the bone found in our big toe, and the mid section of our foot carries most of the body weight and plays a major role in propulsion. The calcaneus bone forms our heel and works along with the tarsal bone to enable the movement of the ankle joints. These are the major parts of our foot that works hard for us to perform our daily activities. It is very important to make sure that these foot parts are well protected and kept to be in their anatomical position as much as possible to avoid foot and leg pains. It may sound complicated, but thanks to the inventors of the orthopedic shoes, your foot can now get the right treatment they deserve. When purchasing orthopedic shoes, you need to consider the size of your foot (length and width), any malformation like polydatyly extra toes, and how often do these shoes be used. In other words, there are no orthopedic shoes that fit all kinds of foot. In fact, the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) highly recommends purchasing custom made orthopedic shoes to make sure that the shoes fits perfectly thus benefiting the most from it. The next time when you think of buying a pair of shoes, why not consider what would make your feet happy as well. Orthopedic shoes are available in different sizes and designs to match your outfit. Better yet, have it custom made so you would get the benefit of comfort and style. Yes, it may cost few more bucks but having a happy feet is priceless.

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