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Mumbai, July 8, 2010Last month, Nielsen reported that Nike "ambushed" its way into the World Cup conversation by producing a popular soccer themed ad that spread virally across the online community. The company's efforts in the days and weeks leading up to the World Cup pushed its competitor and official tournament partner Adidas into the background of online conversations.Since the start of the opening kickoff, though, Adidas has reasserted itself at the top of World Cup brand dialogue. When looking at the top 10 official sponsors and their major competitors, a follow up study by NM Incite, a Nielsen McKinsey Company, found that in the first two weeks of the tournament Adidas overtook Nike as the top brand. Adidas buzz accounted for 25.1% share of World Cup buzz online compared to 14.4% before the event. Nike, meanwhile, dropped from 30.2% to 19.4%.Part of Adidas' increased buzz levels were due to discussions around the controversial official ball of the World Cup the Jabulani. For the week ending the 13th June, which included the first three days of the tournament, the ball accounted for 8% of all English language messages related to the World Cup."Half the game in buzz is 'fanning the flames,'" said Pete Blackshaw, executive vice president of digital strategy at Nielsen. "The Adidas football Facebook page, for instance, is now up to over a million fans and they are dropping new content several times a day, all while the average post is generating upwards of 100 comments. At the end of the day, brands need to keep the buzz ball in the air as long as possible sponsored or otherwise."Budweiser, too, overcame a pre tournament ambush from Carlsberg to assert itself as the most highly buzzed beer brand tied to the World Cup. Buzz share for the official beer of the World Cup climbed to 4.9% as it overtook Carlsberg, whose share fell to 2.4%.Other official sponsors who enjoyed a noticeable increase in World Cup buzz included Hyundai/Kia (from 2.4% to 4.7%) and McDonald's (2.8% to 4.2%). The overall share of buzz for the 10 official World Cup partners/sponsors increased from 52% to 66% since the start of the tournament."Sponsorship still matters, but it's far from a 'conversational' guarantee," added Blackshaw. "For big events like the World Cup and Olympics, you can always expect a modest 'echo effect' from any level of paid or sponsorship investment, but that's just the foot in the door. The rest really depends on variables like timing, creativity, controversy, and a combination of brand readiness and agility."The NM Incite follow up study compared the share of online buzz between World Cup sponsors and their major competitors in relation to the World Cup in the run up to the event (month long period ending June 6th) and during the first two weeks of the tournament (11th 25th June). English language World Cup related messages on blogs, message boards, groups, video and image sites including Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were monitored for the study. Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd takes no responsibility for and disclaims the information available in form of press releases across our network. 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Cleaners that are pH neutral are just some of the many other options. It's worthwhile to know that a product you buy won't be a detriment to your home environment. It's also important to have good quality air. The substances in many standard cleaners can linger in the air and irritate you for hours. Another airborne pollutant is the many allergens like dust and dander that linger in the air. In many cases, when you add the spray of an air freshener, for example, you're only making the problem worse. The good news is that there are many natural air fresheners that can be bought in stores. Baking soda is also an effective odor eliminator for refrigerators as well as on carpets when vacuuming. If you want to filter your air, you can buy a machine or consider growing a broad green leaf plant inside. Keep your floor clean and the toxins out. It's often most difficult to keep your floors clean. You may not even realize the number of chemicals and unhealthy substances that can be tracked into a home. A good way to help the problem is to have quality doormats at your doors. An even better way to alleviate the problem is to institute a no shoe policy indoors. Environmentally friendly cleaning at home can begin with some of these ideas, but they certainly aren't the only ones. Limiting your use of antibacterial cleaners and getting rid of toxic cleaners safely are just a couple of ways to make a difference. Seek out some green websites and articles if you want to learn more. It's your choice of how eco friendly you want to live, but it's all beneficial and easy to find and understand. By limiting the bad substances that enter your home and cleaning with the good ones, you're making your home a better environment. If you want a better environment for your home, it's an easy thing to start. 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Official Website Outlet Online Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Lime Yellow,Nike Roshe Run Women Club Purple Pink Quilted It may be politically incorrect to say this, but let's face it: women are genetically predisposed to lust after shoes. While the closet may already be overflowing with shoes that are rarely worn, they're nonetheless always on the lookout for more. And if she comes across a pair of shoes she truly falls in love with, consider them sold even if it means peanut butter and jelly lunches and spaghetti or tuna casserole dinners for a month. Women are well aware that what they put on their feet can either make an outfit or destroy it. So can anything be done about this mad obsession with footwear? Fortunately, current styles are paving the way toward shoes that fit the most discerning woman's criteria for fashion while at the same time remaining surprisingly affordable. And at the same time they're keeping costs down, designers are finally making shoes designed for comfort as well as looks. Sandal heels have been shortened considerably, with some sporting a paper thin platform heel. The hottest shoes this season will feature more attention to price and comfort then ever before. Flip flops are the first harbinger of warm weather. They're nice and flat, and since they're now being worn by many men as well as women, they're quite affordable. Of course, there are also more expensive varieties featuring jewelry, and many designs show their South American influence that has already been integrated into handbags, clothing, and other accessories. The current trend for flip flops is a small heel with an ankle strap, possibly including a rhinestone buckle. Keep in mind that your feet will be the center of attention when wearing an open toed shoe, so be sure to keep your pedicure up to date. A good buy can also be had this summer on ballet flats, in anything from plain and sweet to leopard print. You can go from the boardwalk to the boardroom in these shoes and still look great, and the best part is you really will be able to wear them everywhere because a shoe of such simple construction is exceptionally comfortable. These shoes provide the versatility to be worn literally anywhere, as either casual or business attire. They can make you imagine yourself a demure princess or a graceful ballerina as you slip your feet into them. A low key style that bridges the gap between complete practicality and sexy femininity is sling back flats. A prerequisite of any great summer shoe is that it can be worn with anything from a business suit to shorts and a tank top or peasant blouse. The popularity of last summer's big hit, espadrille sandals, continues this season as well. For a look with staying power, try pairing this shoe's sexy style with a cork or bamboo wedge heel. This type of shoe, with a solid heel construction, provides great support and will enable you to wear them all day long in comfort. This style of shoe is available in canvas, cotton, linen, and a variety of other materials, so you're sure to find a color and style that pleases. Well, there's a good start for the summer season you're sure to find some great shoes that won't require a home equity loan but will still be great looking and comfortable. Let your feet to the walking AND the talking during this carefree time of the year. Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Lime Yellow Which kind of strai best Nike Free for sale When it comes to performance, the Nike Free XT Quick Nike Free RunFit is 1 of the best in the marketplace. Another terrific factor that the shoe has going for it, is the simple fact that it really quite classy and popular. The all round style of the sneaker is first class and I can truly say that Nike out did themselves with this one. Donning the sneaker, you get this contemporary looking sneaker that can be bought in a crazy blend of colors, which all work well together. If you a female that really likes to be fashionable, then these are sneakers that you will need to have on your feet. They look seriously great Nike Free Run 3 and I nothing but praise for these sneakers, as they truly popular. The Nike Free Quick Fit is truly an amazing sneaker. Nike Free Run 2 It really one of the very best shoes that I ever possessed. The performance that the footwear has the ability to offer is really incredible; I have not experienced anything like it at all. In regards to the complete comfort, excellent style and remarkable versatility, this certainly is the sneaker for the job. Simply because it so versatile, it can be put on to do so many different forms of sports. This is 1 sneaker which females ought to really think about, especially if they desire a high performing shoe for activities or the gym. The sneaker looks good and functions truly well, what more could you want. The Nike Free Running Shoes is not designed for everyday running;rather, it was built as a training tool to help strengthen your foot. We recommend the Free for runners with normal to flat arches who want to strengthen their feet by doing strides on grass or by walking around the house in a superflexible shoe. Nike Free

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