Shop For 100 Authentic Luxury Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted At Low Price 55 Off. Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red Buy Authentic Mens Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted Good Guality And Medium Price Using powerful magnets to levitate fruit flies can provide vital clues to how biological organisms are affected by weightless conditions in space, researchers at The University of Nottingham say. The team of scientists has shown that simulating weightlessness in fruit flies here on earth with the use of magnets causes the flies to walk more quickly the same effect observed during similar experiments on the International Space Station. Dr Richard Hill, an EPSRC research fellow in the University's School of Physics and Astronomy, is one of the researchers involved in the study, which is published in the latest edition of the Royal Society journal Interface. He said: "It is unfeasible to apply this technique to investigating the effects of weightlessness on a human being directly: no magnet exists that can do this. However, by studying the effects on 'model' organisms such as the fruit fly, we can hope to obtain information about the effects of weightlessness on particular biological mechanisms. "It's also important to remember that, in our future endeavours to explore space, setting up permanent bases on our Moon, or Mars for example, or other planets, it will be crucial to understand the effects of weightlessness on all living organisms: our long term survival will of course require us to take with us many different biological organisms." The magnetic materials that we are most familiar with are ferromagnetic materials such as iron, which are strongly attracted to magnetic fields. However, most biological materials are affected by a different type of magnetism called diamagnetism, in which objects are weakly repelled from magnetic fields. The team of scientists from Nottingham's Schools of Physics and Astronomy and Biology used the university's powerful superconducting magnet to produce a very strong magnetic field of around 16 Tesla approximately 350,000 times stronger than the strength of the Earth's field. Inside the superconducting solenoid magnet, the diamagnetic repulsive force on the flies can be large enough to just balance the force of gravity so that they levitate with no support. This effect was first demonstrated by Nobel Prize winning physicist Andre Geim and colleagues at the University of Nijmegen in 1997 when they used the same technique to levitate a live frog. Dr Hill added: "Crucially, as far as living organisms are concerned, the levitation force balances the force of gravity right down to the molecular level. This means we can compare the levitation force, which balances the force of gravity in our magnet, with the centrifugal force that balances the force of gravity on an astronaut in orbit around the Earth. "In orbit, aboard the international space station for example, gravity is still present, but because an orbiting body is effectively in 'free fall', the centrifugal force on the astronauts (because they're going around the planet so quickly), is large enough to balance out the force of gravity. Here, we're using the diamagnetic force to balance gravity instead of centrifugal force." The scientists need to be careful when using a strong magnetic field as it can have other effects on living organisms. However, they controlled for these effects by examining how the flies behaved in different parts of the magnet: at the centre of their solenoid magnet, there is a strong magnetic field but no diamagnetic force so the flies experienced normal gravity. By comparing how flies in the centre of the magnet behaved with flies outside the magnet, they could isolate the different effects of the strong magnetic field. Dr Hill said: "What we showed was that the flies in the magnet behaved in the same way that they behave in space. They walk more quickly. Why they do this, we really don't know yet. It may be because the flies just find moving around in weightlessness easier on their joints and muscles, or it could be that it's some kind of response to their confusion about which way is up and down when gravity is absent." Diamagnetic levitation doesn't balance gravity as perfectly as 'real' weightlessness does in space, but diamagnetic levitation can be used to see which experiments are suitable and interesting to perform in space before spending money on a space launch. The advantage of doing these experiments on the ground is that it's a lot cheaper and much easier, and scientists do not need to worry about the effects of high g forces endured when launching the flies into space on a rocket. It's also very easy to do the comparison between flies in weightlessness and flies in ordinary gravity: the scientists set up the same experiment in different positions in the magnet and run the experiments simultaneously. The project is supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)..

Montreal Canadiens' Thomas Vanek (20) of Austria, and teammate Francis Bouillon, left, celebrate a goal by David Desharnais during the second period of an NHL hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings Thursday, March 27, 2014, in Detroit. In one day. So, before we look at where Thomas Vanek, Paul Stastny, Matt Niskanen, Ryan Miller and the rest of the 2014 NHL free agent class will end up come Canada Day, here are a few fun ideas about what $400 million can get you these days. That's enough cash to buy the Republic of Palau in the Pacific Ocean, along with a few other islands. You could grab a fleet of 20 new 12 seat Bombardier Challenger jets or build your own 100 kilometre stretch of four lane highway. Of course, there are also 400 million ways to potentially save the world, as well. But can that kind of money save NHL franchises? The recent history says no. For those with short memories, the early returns on last summer's big investments hasn't beenso good. David Clarkson scored five goals and 11 points in 60 games after signing his seven year, $36.75 million contract with Toronto and the Maple Leafs missed the playoffs yet again. Nathan Horton had only four goals and 18 points in his 35 game, injury shortened season after pocketing his seven year, $37.1 million deal with Columbus. Ryan Clowe? Seven goals. Stephen Weiss? Two goals each. There were some success stories from last summer Jaromir Jagr led New Jersey in scoring after signing a one year, $5.5 million deal and Clarke MacArthur established himself as a fan favourite in Ottawa after being given a two year, $6.5 million contract but there should be some alarm bells ringing, particularly for teams considering offering players lucrative long term deals. Year after year, teams acknowledge their multi million mistakes by buying out players who didn't come close to living up to their potential. On Friday, the New York Rangers gave up on Brad Richards. Three years ago, the Rangers won (or did they lose?) the bidding war for Richards, signing him to a nine year, $60 million deal. Only three years later, they're giving him more than $20 million to skate away. This time around, the unrestricted free agent group is a tad short on star power, but with thesalary cap expected to rise to somewhere in the $70 71 million range from the 2013 14 ceiling of $64.3 million, the marquee free agents and their agents recognize there could be a bidding war for their services. Starting next Wednesday, teams can begin the sales pitch for pending unrestricted free agents. In a new rule this year, are also allowed to talk openly about the type of contracts they're willing to offer. In previous years, only vague conversations about a possible contract were permitted. So, on to the list of high profile forwards. When the regular season ended, it appeared a slam dunk that Vanekwould end up with Minnesota. Vanek, who played university hockey in Minnesota, has long been a Wild target, but there's no question that his uninspired playoff performance with Montreal will cause the Wild and others to reconsider. After the Stanley Cup parade and celebrations were completed this week, the Kings began negotiations with Gaborik's agent. Ryan Callahan, who went to Tampa from the New York Rangers in the Martin St. Louis trade, would be a bonus to any team, but considering that his lofty contract demands prompted his trade away from the Big Apple (he reportedly asked for a six year, $39 million deal) he will be an expensive, long term signing. The other major factor which will play a significant role in where players sign will be the outcome of trades at or before the NHL entry draft. "I can't remember when there have been so many big names in the marketplace," new Canucks general manager Jim Benning said earlier this week. "There are more options." Eyes will be trained on Vancouver, now that Ryan Kesler's future there is all but over. Depending on the return for Kesler, Benning could have moresalary cap room to make a big free agent signing. Meanwhile, Senators general manager Bryan Murray is sorting through contract offers for Jason Spezza (hello, St. Louis Blues and Anaheim Ducks) and rumblings aboutJoe Thornton being dealt away from San Jose won't go away (Keep in mind that Thornton owns a no movement clause). After being bought out by the Rangers, Richards also enters the UFA market. With those four centres in play, it puts a twist on where the unrestricted free agents end up. Should St. Louis trade for Spezza, there will be no need for the Blues to chase Colorado centre Paul Stastny. Stastny could eventually land in Toronto, but only if the Maple Leafs opt not to sign existing centre Dave Bolland to a long term, Clarkson type contract. Just the same, Stastny's timing is impeccable. While Colorado says it wants to keep Stastny, the Avalanche organization talked this week about the need to maintain "structure" in its contract situation and the team is also in the midst of a difficult negotiation to re sign restricted free agent Ryan O'Reilly. Louis), he will become the centre of attention if and when Thornton, Kesler and Spezza are traded. Ryan Callahan, who went to Tampa from the Rangers in the Martin St. Louis trade, would be a bonus to any team, but considering that his lofty contract demands prompted his trade away from the Big Apple (he reportedly asked for a six year, $39 million deal) he will be an expensive, long term signing. The defence class is headed by several veterans, including former Canadian Olympian Dan Boyle. Whether he signs in New York, Toronto or elsewhere, Boyle will be looking at a contract for at least two seasons. Meanwhile, a pair of Pittsburgh products the offensive minded Matt Niskanen and the defensive oriented Brooks Orpik also figure to find new homes on Canada Day. The free agent goaltending situation could also be effected by trades next week. Louis out of the first round of the playoffs, he may have lost some of his potential value on the open market. Future Hall of Fame netminder Martin Brodeur could also be on the move. It was once thought that Brodeur was a New Jersey Devil lifer. Then again, people in Ottawa thought that about Daniel Alfredsson before last summer, too. Tim Thomas, Ray Emery and Darcy Kuemper are also available. So, too, are the J(h)onas Brothers: Jonas Hiller, Jonas Gustavsson and Jhonas Enroth. Add it all up and there is plenty of choice at every position. Yet considering the history of free agency, all the names should carry a buyer beware tag. 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Check them out. 1.) It has an excellent cutting capacity. The HR120 has an excellent cutting capacity, especially when compared to other trimmers. This device can cut up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at once, making it good for medium sized jobs. A lot of the other cutters on the market can only handle 5 to 15 sheets at a time, so that gives the HR120 an edge over the competition. 2.) It's easy to accurately align your materials. It's important to measure your materials before cutting them so that you don't accidentally trim too much. This trimmer has an alignment grid on its base as well as standard and metric measurements so you can make sure you're going to cut just enough. There's also an angular guide so you can cut on an angle if necessary. 3.) It provides great results and safe operation. You'll find it very easy to get an accurate cut with the HR120 because it's equipped with a cutting line that lights up. This feature will let you see where you're paper will be cut so you can make any adjustments before moving the blade. There's also a paper clamp will keep your materials in place so you won't end up with a skewed cut. As far as safety is concerned, the blade is encased in plastic so your fingers won't get cut. 4.) It can withstand frequent use. The HR120 is very durable so you'll be able to use it for years even if you cut materials with it everyday. Also, this trimmer looks very contemporary so it will look great in your workspace whether you're using it in a print shop, school, or office. It won't take up that much room either because it only measures 13" (width) x 22.5" (length) x 5" (height). 5.) It has an excellent warranty. Martin Yale obviously takes a lot of pride in this product because they've given it a limited lifetime warranty. It doesn't get much better than that. Also, this product is pretty affordable so it won't break your budget. The Premier HR120 StakCut sure is a great rotary paper trimmer, as you can see after reading the list above. This device can slice through a good amount of paper at once and it will will give your documents the clean edge they need every time you use it. Using this trimmer is far preferable to using a knife and straight edge to cut your documents, and you'll end up with better results as well. Take a look at the HR120 today so you can start trimming your documents with it as soon as possible. Jeff McRitchie regularly writes articles, reviews and blog posts on topics related to binding, laminating, paper shredders and office equipment. With more than 2,500 articles that have been published in thousands of locations on the web. If you are looking for a binding machine, report cover, 3 ring binder, laminator, lanyard, badge holder, paper shredder, whiteboard, paper trimmer or paper folding machine his articles are a good place to start. Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted,Children: The Worst Target Audience Ever This may sound ridiculous to some of you but, children make the worst gamers ever. Sure, games are meant to be just games but gamers take them seriously. Despite what the rest of the world tries to convince us, we teat that shit like art. But, kids, they don't see it that way. They walk into Gamestop and demand the first thing they see just because it's shiny and new and they get bored with what they already have really fast. They treat a video game like they treat a Happy Meal You companies don't like to think about what you're doing with a game. You release your tie in games like a frat boy drinks, unrestrained and unregretted. Seriously guys, when you watch a movie or TV show and say "wouldn't this be really stupid as a video game" and then find out it already is, it's not a coincidence. The world really is as retarded as you imagined it was. 2. Remember: Video Games are not TOYS! Well, at least, not anymore, anyway. This seems to be the mindset that makes people disobey Rule 1. Video Games have evolved from being toys a long, long time ago. It is now considered and respected as a form of visual media. The Nintendo Game Boy being added to the Toy Hall of Fame is the last time you will ever hear video games being referred to as toys. So, back off merchandizers(or whatever it is you people in charge of that are called). It's okay for you to advertise through any other type of merchandize, but you respect the gamer world. 3. Not everyone can be a video game character. You guys seem to be under the delusion that if you try hard enough, anyone can be a video game character(I'm looking at you, Disney). Well guess what, it's not! Gamers(yes, I realize that casual players might want to play too, but, forget them) want to use a character we can easily step into their shoes and use their abilties to our advantage. Someone we WANT to be and will give us a sense of control and domain. But a certain company insists on making 'em based on characters who seem to be immune to the very concept of power, talent, or even model personality. 4. Know what genre the game is going to be. The genre is practically the most important part of the video game. It basically tells you what the entire game is going to be like. If you still haven't decided whether your game is going to be a hardcore bloody shooter or a family friendly party game, you know you must be doing something wrong. Yet somehow, licensed games manage to skip even that step. It's unclear what genre tie in games happen to be in. many of them resemble a combination of both a cheap platformer and a horrible action adventure. Though sometimes, these studios realize that it's not always a good idea to have their characters randomly smash their way through mindless AI for no reason. But even then they like to come up with an even more retarded solution: A crap colection of bad minigames. Not like those party games, I mean just nothin' but 10 or 12 horribly boring minigames. The kind you find at websites of kids TV channels that kids love to play because they still haven't found out that the internet can do other things. So, please just do something about that. It can't be that hard to come up with your own concept. 5. If you're Disney, just don't even bother. seriously, Disney, if it's not Kingdom Hearts, we don't wan't to know about it. Just stick to making feel good animated movies and believing that it was a good idea to premiere "High School Musical 3" in theaters.

70 Off Free Shipping Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted But mayor Alice Glachan, deputy mayor Cr Neville Hull, Cr Daryl Betteridge, Cr Robert Angus, Cr Patricia Gould and Cr Philomena Sawyer have all said they will run. Cr van de Ven said he would not approach his No.2 from 2008, Craig Taylor, whom he urged to form his own ticket if he wanted to stand. "If Craig stands he would have learnt enough to have his own ticket," Cr van de Ven said. "I need to move down a different direction. "He needs to try something different to get on in his own right." The council erupted again recently when it considered 11 code of conduct cases with Cr van de Ven lodging one against Cr Neville Hull. "The ratepayers can see who is making the right decisions for Albury," Cr van de Ven said. "I hope the media gives everyone a chance to stand on their merits and not with what has happened in the past. "But I know there is always going to be history with these things." Cr van de Ven has failed three times to become the mayor. Two years ago he lost a lucky dip draw to Cr Glachan. Harness racing and golfing identities Jeff Hogan, Chris Martin and Louise Briers also stood on Cr van de Ven's ticket four years ago. twice, photos, videoA century on and a sonar blip: has navy found WWI submarine? Bunbury set to be home to state biggest film companyMemorial planned for MH370 victimsTroy Buswell "honoured" to serve photosThe world in pictures: A look at September 11, 2001Why I robbed servo with an axe . twice, photos, videoA century on and a sonar blip: has navy found WWI submarine? Bunbury set to be home to state biggest film companyBoree Creek tragedy Communities rocked by Hunt family deaths Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted ABC News Australia via Reuters Rescuers respond to a fatal shark attack about 90 miles north of Perth, Australia, on July 14. A surfer was killed by a shark, bringing to five the number of fatal attacks in Western Australia in the past year. Following a record number of attacks this year, and retracting his earlier stand, the leader of a state on Australia's west coast announced Thursday that any great white sharks seen near beachgoers would be killed in order to prevent attacks on humans. "We will always put the lives and safety of beachgoers ahead of the shark," Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett told ABC Radio Australia. "This is, after all, a fish let's keep it in perspective." Previously, sharks could only be hunted if there had already been an attack on a swimmer and, even after a fatal attack last March, Barnett had ruled out changing that strategy, saying "the ocean is the domain of the shark and we go there with a risk always." But the state has now seen five deaths this year out of a total of just 12 recorded over the last 100 years. The new strategy includes more watercraft and helicopter patrols as well, but it was not welcomed by everyone. The Conservation Council of Western Australia called it a "guilty until proven innocent" approach, The Australian reported. The shark was believed to be at least 13 feet long. NBC's Duncan Golestani reports. "This may be the most reactionary and archaic response I have seen in my lifetime of shark study," added George Burgess, curator of the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File. "Such methods run totally in contrast to modern scientific thinking," he told NBC News, noting that "no evidence" from the 5,000 attacks on file suggest that sharks have become more aggressive toward humans. In fact, only two or maybe three of those attacks can even be attributed to one shark involved in multiple strikes. Western Australia's strategy, he added, "is particularly ill founded in that it involves a protected species an animal already acknowledged to be in trouble not only in Australia but in most areas of its biological range. "We're supposed to be smarter than the average shark," he said, adding that scientists know general shark migratory patterns and that can be used to better warn beachgoers and even close beaches ahead of time when needed. Great white sharks have been a protected species in Australian waters for more than a decade, but Barnett's fisheries minister last July suggested it might be time to review that. A great white shark attacked and killed a 33 year old diver in Australia, the fourth such attack in seven months. NBC's Annabelle Roberts reports. "I wonder if research might tell us that there are now much greater number of great whites than ever before, and maybe we should look at whether they should remain a protected species," Norman Moore told reporters. Burgess said any culling would further threaten the species. "It's sad they're going after one of the animals that can least take that fishing pressure" since it is relatively scarce in the ocean. More than 100 species of shark are found in Australian waters but most are not aggressive. The great white, tiger and bull sharks are considered the most dangerous. Great whites prefer the colder and temperate waters of Australia's south, while tiger and bull sharks are more common in northern tropical waters. Burgess said there is no evidence showing that sharks "hang around" beaches and instead they tend to follow migratory patterns in search of food like whales. "In the Atlantic, white sharks are prohibited from being landed by fishermen because of the status of the stock," she said. "NOAA is also reviewing a petition to consider listing the Pacific white shark under the Endangered Species Act."

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