Largest Best Cheap Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite With Discount Off 56 78. Men Nike Free Run 3 Dark Grey Prism Blue Sale Online Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Outlet Sale Womens Mens 2015 hit the roof if that was put in the public domain." The story is below. I'm flying to Barcelona to spend the weekend with LeBron James. We'll all be staying at the W Hotel I can see it from several miles away, from the airport taxi. An implausible sail shaped glass structure, presumably sitting on a beach somewhere. It's got a big W on it: a logo stitched in painted steel 20 feet high. It's a cloudless pale blue summer evening and we're headed for the tourist strip, where all the buildings look like blueprints of buildings and some of them are still being built. My Nike contact has promised me "Total Access," which means I get to tag along after LeBron and see his life. The press conferences and shopping trips, the cocktail parties. On Sunday I get 20 minutes to interview him, one on one, and this is what worries me. Smart people have done this before and said more or less everything worth saying about him. Meanwhile, he's already answered every question you could ask him and managed to make the answers as smooth and revealing as the windows of the W Hotel. first professional game, in Sacramento. He was fresh out of school, and the world's media had gathered to watch him play basketball against men in their prime who were themselves the product of fierce global natural selection. He knocked down his first three shots without touching rim and ended up with 25 points, a solid, mid season, All Star kind of performance from an 18 year old rookie. Not only journalists, but Hollywood actors and millionaire football players made the journey up to Sacramento. I remember being struck after the game by the way all these guys recognized each other, palled up, flirted with the 6 foot show dancers who entertained the crowds during the commercial breaks. You needed a pretty steep ante, of looks and talents, to make it in their crowd. After college I spent a year playing minor league pro basketball in Bavaria, and even at our level the social hierarchy was strict. Inequality on court played itself out in lots of ways off it. Better players talked more on the bus and in the locker room, won the arguments, made the jokes that people laughed at. For some reason, benchwarmers like me let them have their way. The season left deep marks on me. Being an athlete teaches you pretty quickly where you belong in the scale of things. Five year olds often think they're the fastest kid in school. And then they learn. It's a pretty basic thing that happens to everybody: You realize that other people are better than you. Except LeBron never had until last season, maybe. For the first time in his life his teammates were good enough to win a championship, and the reason they didn't win is that LeBron got outplayed by Dirk Nowitzki, who happened to be the star of the league I played in 15 years ago. We checked into the hotel a few hours before LeBron, then a couple Nike reps took us out to dinner. Everything depends, they said, on the great man's mood. He was flying in from China, where he had spent the past 10 days. Nike had put together a tour to raise his global profile ahead of the London Olympics. But who wouldn't be in a good mood showing up here, on a hot Friday night? The W had its own private beach. A mole of concrete dice rolled out to sea at the foot of the hotel softened the blow of waves on shore. But there were no waves or wind, just a clear blue perfect summer evening sky. The whole place, in fact, had a slightly imaginary feel. The W itself, someone suggested, had been built on a strip of reclaimed land, a long lagoon added to the old city and taken over by international hotel chains. Hotel flunkies, friendly, Spanish, handsome, their English faintly American, Hollywood flavored (another unreal touch), opened doors and carried bags. Rich ugly men came in and out with half dressed women. You got more vividly than normal a sense of the sexual economy at work. Pretty young Spaniards got jobs; pretty girls got holidays; rich men got company. Two thirds of the way up the curving implausible silhouette of the hotel was a series of bright lines, hundreds of feet long, made up of lights. Apparently these described the outline of the suite LeBron James was staying in. The idea that I might meet and talk to him seemed as unreal as everything else. James emerged from the hotel the next morning throwing a large green apple in the air, catching it with a crunch in his big hand, but not biting. He wore Nike shoes ("shiny" black he calls them in one of his commercials, with joyful, ironically childish delight) and work out shorts. On all sides I could see, indiscreetly placed, security in open necked white shirts and black suits and shades. They sweated by the hotel door, in the backdraft of the air conditioning. They waited on the steps of the promenade. I talked to the head of security, a nebbishy sort of figure, with a cigarette in hand, burning away like worry, and Nike sneaks, and comfortable standing around all day kind of clothes. Does LeBron always have this much security, I asked him? Even at home? Sure, he said. The NBA paid for some of it, but he has his own team, too. So this is his life, I thought. Behind James walked a tall, soft kneed guy, holding a bag against his hips with a couple basketballs inside. Just past middle age, light skinned black, with a genial tough look and a faint mustache. I didn't dare talk to James so I talked to him. He turned out to be the director of basketball development at Nike his name was Lynn Merrit, and I later heard that he was responsible for bringing LeBron to Nike out of high school. We had a nice chat. I said I was interviewing James and wanted to get on court with him. Really I just wanted to shoot around, I missed playing. Talk to this lady here, he said, moving on to the bus. Hi, I said, introducing myself again. I'm etc. There were a lot of people standing around, not only security, but publicists, communications directors, assistants, managers, friends, and hotel guests, taking pictures on their phones. Over paella dinner the night before, I had teased one of the Nike reps that I planned to wear Adidas trainers in the morning. She looked genuinely unsettled. People won't like it, she said, so I wore sandals on the day, and a cheap baseball cap and shorts, and a crappy bag, which I clutched to my ribs, anxious middle aged American father on European holiday style, because someone had warned me about Barcelona pickpockets. This is the guy LeBron faintly registered coming out of the hotel: a 30 something white dude, tall enough to be an ex player, but too skinny, with a skinny man's Adam's apple and stooped neck. Then suddenly everyone was moving. I rode in a Nike car (a sleek Mercedes, black, artificially cool; its side pouches were loaded with bottled water), behind another such car, behind an escort of two upright well dressed uniformed figures on motorbikes the Catalan police behind the VIP minibus in which James himself was riding. He would have spotted me again half an hour later, in the sidestreet where our convoy pulled up. I was hanging around outside the minibus, in the stopped traffic, among the sudden growing curious crowds of passers by, pointing my phone at him as he stepped out. Then I followed the cameramen who followed the cameramen who followed him, as he climbed the stairs of the old Barcelona apartment block that Nike had decided to rename, for 48 hours, the LBJ house. There were about 60 reporters already inside, sitting on high bar counter chairs. It was as hot as a laundromat. A single AC unit pumped its exhaust through a plastic tube, through a balcony door, but the opened door let the heat in, and nobody could feel the artificial air. There was a makeshift stage on one end, backed by a larger than life, computer generated image of LeBron, pasted against the wall. We sweated quietly and waited for the man himself. I talked to Lynn again. What would you ask LeBron if you could ask him anything, I said. "For a loan," he joked. At one point his voice changed abruptly and he said, "Are you questioning me?" No, no, I tried to assure him. I'm just talking, we're just waiting around. This is what I felt but I also knew it wasn't entirely true. Probably my favorite piece of sports writing is Normal Mailer's account of the Ali Foreman fight in Zaire. He describes the effect Ali has entering a room. "Women draw an audible breath. Men look down." LeBron's entrance (he strode muscularly in, through the tangles of legs and tripod legs and cables, in the slightly stiff, forceful manner of athletes) sparked an ambush of clicks and flashes. Like all celebrities, he gives an impression of familiarity, but with a movie star your second thought is, how small and human. Most people you know from TV look ordinary in life. LeBron in life has the scale of a movie house image. Mailer's book was on my mind for a number of reasons. I even thought of buying a copy, to give James after our interview by way of thanks. Boxing offers obvious correlations to the interviewer's art; in basketball you also talk of going one on one. I thought of describing, for James's sake, the problem he posed me in basketball terms. You've answered too many questions, they've all been asked. The old questions have become too predictable you know how to guard them. Recent events had made him more guarded still. For the first seven years of his career he had been a media darling an upright, well spoken, respectful young man, who played unselfishly and gave time and money to underprivileged kids. Then he spoiled it all by signing with Miami, joining a team already rich in talent, and joking publicly about the six seven eight championships he planned to win with his superstar friends. The backlash was so severe Nike ran a 90 second TV spot to address it specifically. "What should I do?" James asks the camera. "Should I be who you want me to be?" Some of the resentment he inspired for moving to Miami was unhinged, possibly racist. It's equally true that LeBron's media handlers made a mess of announcing his "decision," and that LeBron himself should have chosen a better phrase for breaking hometown hearts than "I have decided to take my talents to South Beach." But all of this had been repeatedly said; even the response to the backlash had been exhaustively made, the point about racism, too. GQ ran a feature on him arguing that he moved to Miami to play with buddies again; he wanted to recreate the feeling of brotherhood he shared with his high school teammates. Maybe this was worth a question for our personal interview, but I didn't feel like going over such old ground in front of 60 reporters. One of them asked about the lockout, so I followed up. "Are you concerned," I said, while the cameras flashed, "about the way it looks, with the economy in bad shape, for the NBA players and owners, all rich men, to argue over how to share a very big pile of money?" The reason, he said, they needed to get this thing sorted out was for the fans. It turned out he was good at playing journalists, too. He spoke fluently and looked courteous and interested, and said things so obviously true they didn't mean much. You didn't need to remember what he said. You could work it out from the question. Are you surprised that the Barcelona club beat Kobe Bryant's Lakers in a preseason match? It's two teams trying to win; the score starts at zero zero every game. Etc. At the same time, he gave a strong impression of being the most reasonable man in the room. Maybe this is a natural side effect of celebrity. The fever around them makes people silly and intrusive. The habit of dealing with this silliness gives celebrities a patient tolerant air. LeBron seemed extremely patient and tolerant, but as soon as his publicist called time, he disappeared. Then someone ushered in a group of "underprivileged" kids. They were waiting to meet LeBron and fidgeted like teenagers at a wedding. You could imagine one of them saying, at just the wrong moment, I need the bathroom. We all began to wait for LeBron. I made my way out to the balcony, which overlooked a private square. There were pots and trees in the square, dead still and wilting in the noon sun. On the far side you could see the jumbled faded colors of the backs of residential buildings. An old man, shirtless, hung a sheet over his balcony to let it dry. A kid on a trike went around in circles in the shade of an entrance awning. Outside the LBJ house, the city went through its daily routines. Inside, an advanced new computerized basketball game, projected onto a big white screen, had gotten stuck on a loop. It kept intoning: five second violation, five second violation. Then LeBron came in behind me and met the boys I watched him through a crack in the balcony door. Suddenly something intimate was happening; happiness had entered the room. One of the kids, posing for a group picture, dared himself to rest his hand on the shoulder of LeBron, who smiled continuously, holding it for the cameras, but also keeping it fresh. Afterward LeBron and some of the kids sat down together to play the computer game. One of the Nike reps, for the first time showing amusement, asked another hanger around, "Do you think he's playing himself?" because an image of LeBron was on the screen, faintly digital and unrealistic, a more anxious jittery menacing version of the real thing. Meanwhile, the real thing, thumbing away, controlling his own avatar, played games with the real kids. Then we all filed down to the cars to go shopping. The cavalcade moved off again, the VIP minibus, the police escort, the two black Mercedes following sleekly behind. Eventually the bus pulled over on to the curb, by the side of a four lane avenue. There were grand apartment blocks to either side and wide glass fronted stores. We squeezed in behind. LeBron stepped out to visit one of the shops. The slow pile up of passersby began. People stood around, pushing buttons on their phones. My guess is many of them didn't know who LeBron was. But they saw the bus, and the scattered security presence, and the flies of press photographers buzzing, and stopped to find out what the big deal was. After five minutes sitting in the car I got out and said, "I'm going for a walk." Maybe an hour later nobody had moved. I had walked the streets, looked into a Gaudi house, its dappled green and yellow walls and dream shaped stairs, stopped at a bank, at various shops, and finally approached one of the security men stationed outside the store LeBron was still in. Are ordinary customers allowed inside? Of course, he said, so I walked in. How do you decide not to buy something if you're LeBron? He once expressed his ambition to become the first billionaire athlete. Why? he was asked. He didn't want to have any regrets, he said. He wanted to look back knowing he'd "maximized his potential." But maybe you don't have to buy anything; people give you stuff. I could see LeBron several rooms away, sitting down, but I moved past quickly to look at some shirts. One of the Nike reps called to me. "Ben, Ben," she said, in a low voice; and then, "Do you mind giving him some room? This is his down time. He doesn't want to see the same faces all the time.".

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Vermont finalist entries will be exhibited at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland this summer. All 50 state winners will have their doodles displayed in a special exhibit at the New York Public Library. The idea is to give students a blank canvas to harness curiosity, by imagining the past, present, or future. The contest invites K 12 students, nationwide, to use artistic talents in redesigning Google's homepage logo for millions to see. This year Google encouraged students to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, "If I could travel in time, I'd visit unveiled her creation to about 800 students in a school assembly with the help of Google representatives Kathleen Chen and Clem Wright. She held a microphone tight and said, "If I could travel in time, I'd visit 14th century knights, a joust, and share a story of dragons." Milton Elementary School fourth grader Kaziah Vaughn, 9, of Milton sports a special shirt given to her by Google of her medieval castle and dragon doodle. Her Doodle 4 Google win was announced in a school assembly on May 2. (LYNN MONTY, Free Press) It all started with a few art supplies her mother provided her. Christine Vaughn said her daughter is always on the lookout for scholarship opportunities, so she gave her the Doodle 4 Google entry. "I was a little shocked to find out Google had called our house," Christine said. "It never occurred to us that this would happen. Her favorite childhood story book is Willems' Knuffle Bunny. Kaziah could be the lucky artist to take home a $30,000 college scholarship, and $50,000 technology grant for her school, among many other prizes. Her father Richard Vaughn said he was very proud of his daughter. "She loves to draw," he said. "I am not at all surprised by the doodle's mediaeval theme. 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Buy Online Stylish Trendy Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite,Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum OAKLAND, California needed about a half to join some illustrious company. Foster bounced back from an early game benching for disciplinary reasons to rush for 131 yards and score two second half touchdowns, helping the beat the 31 24 on Sunday. An undrafted free agent who spent last year on the practice squad, Foster has been an early season revelation for the Texans (3 1). With his big day Sunday, the NFL's leading rusher joined (1995) and (1980) as the only players with 500 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving in the first four games of a season. "Hopefully it shows my teammates and my coaches that they can count on me," Foster said. "I didn't take it lightly that I sat out the first quarter. I can get the job done, and they can count on me from here on out." Foster was benched for the first 23 minutes for violating undisclosed team rules. He returned in time to score on a 74 yard run and a 10 yard catch in the second half, helping the Texans get off to the best start in franchise history. Foster acknowledged not handling his "business off the field" and apologized for his transgressions, promising his teammates he wouldn't make the same mistake again. "Bottom line, we all have responsibilities and over the course of the past few weeks he's neglected responsibilities, he's been unaccountable in a couple of situations," coach said. "When that happens you've got to learn a lesson, pay a price. I'm disappointed in him, but proud of him coming back and playing well today." Foster took the game over in the second half. On the second play from scrimmage, he burst through a big hole and raced to the 74 yard score, breaking a tackle by on the way to the end zone. Then on the first play of the fourth quarter, Foster caught a short pass from to give Houston a 31 14 lead. Schaub also threw an 11 yard touchdown pass to and scored on a 33 yard run before Foster entered the game. The Texans won despite playing without injured leading receiver , who has a sprained right ankle. They simply had too much for the Raiders to handle, finishing with 441 yards of offense, including 249 on the ground. The Raiders' latest loss came in front of a crowd announced at 32,218 the smallest in a non replacement player game for the franchise since 1967. "We can't give up 250 on the ground," defensive tackle said. "You can't win that way, especially when they don't (have) the man outside. We just got to go back to the drawing board. Whatever we're doing, we need to make some adjustments in it, tweak something, because we're not executing right now." Raiders quarterback turned the ball over three times, losing a fumble to thwart a drive in Houston territory late in the first half with the game tied, and throwing the two second half interceptions. The first came one play after gave the Texans a 24 14 lead with a 35 yard field goal in the third quarter. Five plays later, Foster beat rookie linebacker in the flat for the score that put the Texans in control. Gradkowski, who was sent to the locker room briefly in the second half after a hard hit by , tried to lead the Raiders back with a 14 yard touchdown pass to early in the fourth. Gradkowski also set up a 39 yard field goal by that made it 31 24 with 6:13 remaining. After the Raiders' defense came up with a second straight stop, Gradkowski got one last chance at his 25 with 3:04 to play. But his fourth down pass went through 's hands and was intercepted by Nolan with 1:40 remaining. One more first down by Foster helped Houston run out the clock as the Texans' dominance of the line of scrimmage decided the game. Gradkowski was 24 for 39 for 278 yards, throwing a 13 yard TD pass to in the second quarter. Miller had 11 catches for 122 yards. "You can't sugarcoat it," Oakland coach said. "When you get your rear end kicked like that it is what it is. You don't sugarcoat that, you don't talk around that. You have to deal with that." Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Cleaning is one area where it's undoubtedly a good idea to go green. You can easily change your cleaning habits to reflect an eco friendly mindset without sacrificing sanitation. If you're looking to make a change, here are some tips to get you on the road to going green. Use green cleaning products. Cleaners made from renewable resources like tree bark and plants are not toxic and are biodegradable unlike many other harsh cleaning solutions. Most eco friendly cleaners contain one or more plant based essential oils. For allergy sufferers or people with sensitive senses, you can find many fragrance free cleaners. Since these substances come from nature you know they won't damage your family or home. Second, make your air quality better. 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