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Studs, Caulks or Calks are metal devices that are screwed or driven into the bottom of your horse's shoes. By protruding from the bottom of the shoe, they can help to provide traction over muddy or deep footing, such as sand, and help your horse jump more confidently. Before using studs, holes are "tapped," or drilled, into both heels, and sometimes the toes, of the horse's shoe. Obviously the size of the hole must accommodate the stud and generally in the US, farriers will tap a hole that supports a 3/8" diameter stud. Therefore, unless you have a special requirement for a smaller hole, such as a pony with very small feet, you should try to stick with 3/8' studs. The first time you ride your horse with studs you should fit him with some small road studs and let him walk around unmounted for a while to get used to the new feeling (this does not mean turn him out in a field with studs in horses should never be turned out in studs!) Here are some simple rules for using studs. These relate to "screw in" studs rather than "drive in" studs because screw in studs are by far the most commonly used types. ALWAYS use the smallest stud you can, considering the conditions. While slipping is dangerous for your horse, a little slipping is much better than jarring your horse's legs with huge studs. Try to find a stud that allows a little slipping, but not so much that your horse's balance will suffer. Studs should be selected that will sink fully into the ground; otherwise they will unbalance the foot. ALWAYS try to have someone help you by holding your horse when you are putting studs in, especially if you will be using a Tee Tap (see below). ALWAYS be very careful if you have a horse that is likely to kick out at other horses or people. If you have such a horse, try to limit the amount of time you use studs. A selection of studs. A horseshoe nail or some type of flat but pointed "pick" to remove stud plugs. Screwdrivers are generally not suitable as they tend to be too "fat" to fit between the plug and the shoe. A stud hole cleaner. This is used to remove any debris from the stud hole. Some people use the horseshow nail for this, but there are many specially designed tools that will work faster. A tap of some type. This is used to clean and sharpen the edges of the threads your farrier drilled into the stud holes. There are many types on the market. The traditional type is a Tee Tap or T Tap, so named because it is the shape of the letter "T". Recently round "Safety" Taps have become available on the market. These are safer because if your horse steps down on a Tee Tap it can cause an injury whereas a Safety Tap is less likely to cause a problem because it is flat and shaped like a hoof. There are some self tapping studs starting to come onto the market that should remove the need for a separate Tap, however it is still a good idea to keep a Tap on hand. A wrench. This is used to tighten and then remove the studs. You can use a regular adjustable wrench found in most toolkits, although over time the wrench may wear the edges of your studs, making them difficult to use. There are also a number of special wrenches made specifically for horse studs. Even if you use a purpose made wrench, it is probably not a bad idea to have an adjustable one too. A box to keep everything in one place! Studs have a notorious "homing" instinct and will disappear at the smallest opportunity. If you don't capture them in a box, you will never find them again next time you need them. Rags or a small sponge. For removing oil or grease from your studs (assuming you oiled and stored them correctly the last time you used them) Studs are definitely slippery when greasy and will jump on this opportunity as part of their escape plan! The following items are also nice to have: A magnet for your arm or a magnetic dish. This is useful for keeping steel studs in one place while you work and will reduce the possibility of your studs escaping! Rubber or cotton plugs or blanks. Most people put plugs in their stud holes when they are not using studs. This keeps the holes clean. There are rubber and cotton plugs and also metal stud blanks. If you use cotton plugs, soak them in oil to prevent the holes rusting. Stud blanks are metal screw in plugs. If you use these, you will also need a. Blank Wrench or Flat Head Screwdriver. A Blank Wrench is an Allen Key and is inserted into the stud blank to screw the blank in and out of the stud hole. Some stud blanks are designed to be inserted and removed using a Flat Head Screwdriver instead of a Blank Wrench. Stud cleaner and lubricant. Your studs will last much longer if you clean and grease them after use. Many people wrap them in an oily rag for storage, or you can use a product such as WD 40. Pretty much anything that repels water will work. There are also specially made stud cleaners available on the market. Ideally you should take a lesson from your farrier or trainer before attempting to put studs in yourself. Make sure you and your horse practice at home, until you can put them in and take them out easily, before using them at a competition. If your horse has plugs in his stud holes you will need to remove these first with your horseshoe nail or other implement. HINT: It is a good idea to take the plugs out, clean the holes and replace the plugs before you leave for a competition. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to remove a plug when you only have 10 minutes until you should be warming up your horse! Next you will need to clean out the stud hole with whatever tool you have chosen. Make sure that you remove all traces of dirt and debris. Putting studs into dirty stud holes can ruin the threads on your horse's shoes. Then (unless you are using self tapping studs) you will need to tap the stud hole with a Safety Tap or Tee Tap. Unless you have a very quiet, experienced horse and are experienced with studs, we recommend using a Safety Tap. Basically, you will place the end of the Tap into the stud hole and screw it into the hole. Another benefit of a Safety Tap is that you can't screw the Tap in too far and potentially bruise your horse's hoof, which is possible with a Tee Tap. HINT: Self tapping studs are a new option where the stud has a special thread that will clean the threads on your horse's shoes as you insert it. Because they are new, these studs are more expensive than traditional studs, but as long as you don't lose them, they could be a great timesaving investment. Now you can insert the studs. Begin by screwing them in by hand and finally make them nice and tight with your wrench. Be sure that you don't over tighten them so that you can't undo them after you finish riding! When you are finished riding, remove the studs, plug the holes and store the studs in some form of oily rag or plastic bag with a water repellent any kind of oil, grease or WD 40 will work. Make sure you keep some rags or a sponge on hand to wipe up the grease! Nike Roshe Run Women Red Silver White ,Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Grey Cool Grey Volt Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Blue Yellow Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Navy Dark Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Lime Yellow Nike Roshe Run Men Black White Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Sun and Cassatt confirmed the move. Green originally started at Sun in 1989 but left in 2004 to become executive vice president of product development at Cassatt, a start up focusing on managing large groups of servers. He had been leading Java work at Sun as vice president of programming tools. "It was too compelling to stay away," Green said in an interview Monday, arguing that Sun's open source software work is making it relevant again. Software is a key part of the company's effort to return to sustained profitability and revenue growth, and its new chief executive, Jonathan Schwartz, rose through the software ranks. At Sun, Green will choose a small set of focused priorities for the software group's "very large portfolio," Green said. "There are opportunities to say, 'Here are the two or three or four key market initiatives that Sun is going to pursue now and in the next few years.'" Sun's last executive vice president was John Loiacono, who left Sun for Adobe Systems in March. Newly named Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz, who held the software chief post from 2002 to 2004, had been acting software executive vice president. During his tenure at Sun, Green was instrumental in ending a long running dispute with Microsoft, hammering out a $1.95 billion payment to Sun to settle an antitrust lawsuit and license patents. Now at Sun, he'll oversee a massive attempt to make Sun's software relevant and profitable by making it free and open source. Green is one of several returning executives who Sun Chairman Scott McNealy likes to highlight as the company tries to argue that it has its dot com mojo back. "We've got them coming back in droves Andy Bechtolsheim and Mike Lehman and Peter Ulander and Karen Tegan," McNealy said in an interview last week. "There's a boomerang hitting my door, it seems, every five e mails these days." But at least one Java executive won't be returning to Sun: Rob Gingell, who also left for Cassatt in 2004 and who will replace Green, said Steve Wilson, Cassatt's vice president of product marketing. Gingell was instrumental in building the Java Community Process by which the software technology is jointly governed by Sun and a host of other interested companies. "We wish Rich nothing but the best," Wilson said. "With all the changes at Sun management, he's got a big opportunity to influence change at one of the biggest companies in the world." Sun has held out against making Java open source software, though it has pledged to share everything else, and Java isn't as proprietary as some software. Green declined to comment on the open source issue. In the years he has been away, though, the open source Java issue hasn't gone away. In 2005, the Apache Software Foundation announced Project Harmony, an attempt to make an open source version of the core Java software. IBM, a major Java ally, joined Project Harmony months later. There are some opportunity costs to keeping Java proprietary, argues Chris Blizzard, manager of Red Hat's desktop group. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Nike Roshe Run Women Red Silver White,After the market's close last Thursday, Weatherford International (NYSE:WFT) reported adjusted Q1 2013 earnings per share of $0.15, in line with consensus estimates. Over the course of the following day, the stock rose 7.1% as investors seemed relieved by the absence of additional shoes dropping. The fact that this kind of rise in stock price occurred on a report of no unexpected bad news says a lot about where the company is currently positioned. In a strictly objective sense, Weatherford's quarterly results appear mediocre. In a more subjective sense, however, they indicate the company's beginning to "walk the walk" in terms of making constructive changes to its strategy, operations and culture. Importantly, management continues to say the kinds of things that suggest an understanding that its way of doing things needs to change. In the past, the company has had a tendency to focus on an issue, declare victory, and then move on. However, we believe leadership now understands the company's culture can't be "fixed" by simple decree, revision of the employee handbook, or instituting other superficial measures. It takes years to build a winning culture and organization, and it will take years to fully turn around Weatherford's. But, if successful, it will be current management's most enduring legacy. We were particularly encouraged to hear CEO Bernard Duroc Danner articulate a more focused, returns oriented strategy one centered around what the company sees as Weatherford's core competencies in well construction, artificial lift, and formation and well evaluation. EnergyPoint Research's data have long indicated customers are more inclined to reward a supplier financially when it provides a consistently superior customer experience in a handful of products and/or services. In other words, bigger is not better. The areas of focus identified by management also jibe well with results from EnergyPoint's most recent annual customer satisfaction survey. The survey shows Weatherford rating well in such areas as sand control, casing and tubing handling and installation, and logging while drilling services. And given the pending purchase of Lufkin Industries (NASDAQ:LUFK) by GE Oil Gas (NYSE:GE), we also believe Weatherford will be well positioned to potentially add to its already strong market position in artificial lift should GE pursue a more heavy handed integration of Lufkin. Also, in addition to freeing up a projected $1.5 billion in cash via new capital efficiency efforts, the company intends to further reduce financial leverage through the sale of non core assets. Taken at face value, "non core" assets should mean any operation or asset falling outside its well construction, artificial lift or formation and well evaluation segments, suggesting significant deleveraging over time. Once accomplished, lower leverage should benefit operational performance as the company gains greater capability and flexibility to invest in its people, processes and businesses across the cycle, rather than having to ineffectually hire and fire as demand ebbs and flows. In summary, EnergyPoint's data suggest Weatherford is steadily writing a "new chapter" for itself. In the process, it appears to be emerging from the depths a better and stronger competitor. While the company remains far from enjoying elite status in the eyes of many customers, we believe the strategic and tactical changes underway at the company will almost certainly allow it to more effectively differentiate itself in the market place. Source: Weatherford Is Starting To Walk The Walk Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. (More.) Business relationship disclosure: My firm, EnergyPoint Research, does and/or seeks to provide for fee data subscriptions to oil and gas industry participants and stakeholders, including companies covered in its posts, reports, articles and surveys.

Where Are The Best Sites To Buy Nike Roshe Run Women Red Silver White,Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Tennis elbow is a condition wherein the tendons in the elbow are inflamed. This is caused by the constant tearing of the tendons and overworking them. This condition is most common for people who do manual labor as well as people who love playing sports. Manual laborers often use their hands to work. Therefore, they are more prone to having tennis elbow. These manual laborers include the gardeners and plumbers. Aside from manual laborers, athletes are also prone to developing this condition. This is especially true for people who often play racquet games as they always use their elbow and forearm when playing. Other sports that can lead to inflamed elbow tendons are sword games and golf. There are several symptoms that you should watch out for in order to find out if you have tennis elbow. You know you have the condition if you are experiencing pain when you are lifting objects. People who have this tendon problem also feel pain on the elbow. Normally, the pain is not that strong. However, for severe cases, the pain may suddenly arise unexpectedly. There are many ways to diagnose tennis elbow and the most popular of all is through X ray. However, in some cases, the X ray results may not show any problem on the tendons. In order to be sure, it is advisable to undergo several other tests such as MRI and nerve conduction. When should you decide to seek treatment? You have to seek treatment as soon as you notice the symptoms. If you are unable to carry objects unlike before, then it is time to consult your doctor because it can already affect your everyday life. You may also need a thorough check up when you start having pains in your elbow during the night. This will not only bring you discomfort but it may also lead to sleeping problems and reduction of productiveness. The same response should hold if you are having a hard time flexing your arm or if you notice any bruise. Before anything serious happens, you should immediately be diagnosed properly if you have the condition or not. There are several steps on how you can treat tennis elbow. However, you need to remember that treatments are normally done on a step by step basis. You cannot jump to more intensive therapies unless you have finished the simpler ones. The step wise treatment is also helpful in determining which treatments are effective for you and which are not. Non surgical treatments for tennis elbow usually take months for the patient to recover. For those who want a faster cure, they sometimes undergo a surgery. People who have done rehab exercises for several months already but have not had any desirable results can also resort to surgery to treat the problem on the elbow tendons. Tennis elbow is not something that you can put aside. In severe cases, it can affect the whole function of your arm. You need to take action as soon as possible to prevent more severe cases from happening. Nike Roshe Run Women Red Silver White A Soft Soled Baby Shoe Robeez knows all about what a baby shoe should be like: made of leather with a soft suede sole that conforms to the foot and protects baby's feet from harm while, at the same time, ensuring baby's comfort. Unlike many other shoes for babies and toddlers, these Robeez soft sole shoes can't be kicked off easily. They have an elasticized band around the ankle that helps keep the shoes on baby's feet. For years I cared for toddlers for mothers who worked part time or needed a break from child care now and then. Many of these mothers used Robeez baby shoes for their little one's feet. The designs are adorable and they are practical, too. The American Podiatric Medical Association approves of these Robeez shoes because they give lots of room for developing feet to wiggle and grow, and they have non slip soles that are still soft enough for baby to feel the floor, important for a little one learning to walk. You can find Robeez baby shoes to fit the personality and interest of most babies and parents. Designs range from animals to princesses to diggers and trains. Some styles feature flowers, others dinosaurs, still others penguins. I have arranged these shoes and booties according to themes, rather than in "boys" and "girls" categories because, although some of these shoes have a definite masculine or feminine character, others could be worn by either sex. I also thought that this gives you a wider color choice from which to choose. All of these Robeez shoes and boots are cute as can be and will keep your baby's feet covered and cozy in all times of the year. Isn't there a pair of Robeez baby shoes that would be perfect for a little one you know? Robeez Baby Shoes with Animal Designs Robeez Beach Bear Baby ShoesCute Pink Baby Shoes with Bears These adorable pink baby shoes feature bears in their polka dot dresses carrying an ice cream cone. The leather shoes have micro suede soles that are great for babies just learning to walk. The elastic around the ankles keep the shoes on baby's feet. They are easy to wash, either by machine or by hand, and best of all, they get the seal of approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association, so you know they are good for your baby's developing feet. Little Lambs for the Toes of Your Little Lamb Robeez Baby ShoesThese little lambs are fuzzy white with pink and white striped legs and a perky pink bow for their heads. So sweet! Robeez Soft Soles Touch Feel Lamb Crib Shoe (Infant/Toddler)Adorable lamb shoes for a sweet girl. Robeez Shoes on eBay Gently Used Baby ShoesBecause babies grow so quickly, sometimes an item of clothing, including Robeez soft soled baby shoes, only gets worn for a short time before they are too small. This most often happens when a well meaning friend or relative miscalculates the baby's size and gets a pair of shoes that are too small at the start. These still good, lightly worn shoes often find their way to eBay at a bargain price.

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