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While cheering on their favorite canine competitors, audience members can meet dozens of rescued dogs seeking forever homes, learn how inmates train rescues to work with wounded military veterans, browse dozens of unique pet product vendors and even bring their own pets up to date on their shots. 19, on the clubhouse commons in Naples Estates. in for a real treat, especially if you never seen a wiener dog race, said Doug Dailey, Florida Wiener Dog Derbypresident, of the nationwide craze. races are completely unpredictable. You got wienies that will run down anything in their way to get at a treat and then there are those that just want to stop and smell the roses or whatever. That why wiener dog races are so much fun to watch. experienced North Fort Myers based Florida Wiener Dog Derby team will bring its colorful demonstration doghouse starting gate with all its race trappings to the Naples event. From the bracket board to the checkered flag, spectators whether they own a dog or not will get plenty of chuckles, if not actual belly laughs, from the unpredictable antics taking place on the 50 foot race course. Race divisions include puppies under age 2; adults age 2 to 7; and seniors over age 7. Wiener dogs can compete for age group awards, and for the title 2013 Collier Classic Grand Champion plus prizes from Agave Southwestern Grill. As for other small dog breeds, never fear. Naples Estates property manager Terri Passaro says there a Wiener Wannabe division, for any dog that can fit safely and comfortably into one of the doghouses. just love dogs and I think this will be the most fun event of the season, she says, toying with the idea of entering her own chihuahua dachshund mix in the race. so, so curious to see how my Bella might do, but it wouldn be fair for me to enter her. pet product prizes will be raffled, including a $100 gift certificate to Pet Supermarket, courtesy of Animal Specialty Hospital, a $45 professional portrait sitting and several gift baskets. Rescue organizations at the fair include D4DV, Dachshund Rescue of South Florida, Collier County Domestic Animal Services, Brooke Legacy, Cat Coalition of Collier County, Abby Little Friends, the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida and the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. In addition to an on site, low cost vaccination clinic and portraits by former New York Daily News photographer Julene Dolewah, vendors will be selling everything from holistic pet food and innovative fencing/restraint systems to designer pet clothing, toys and training programs. Food and beverages will be available to purchase; coolers are not permitted. Guests are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets on which to sit. Admission and parking are free. Cost to enter the Collier Classic Wiener Dogs Races is $10 for wiener dogs, $5 for wiener wannabes in advance; $15 and $10 the day of the event. 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Here We Provide So Many Kind Of Nike Roshe Run PRM Men Obsidian Volt Sail White,Roshe Run PRM Men Navy Metallic Silver Lightning Yellow The meandering prime minister had long stood convicted in the court of public opinion, guilty of crimes like incompetence and corruption. Now he has also earned the sobriquet of being indicted in a court of law. But we know what will happen. Unlike any ordinary law abiding citizen who would hang his head in shame for falling foul of the law, the prime minister will instead wear this stigma as a badge of honour. He has been heard talking about how he has chaired more cabinet meetings than late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto; has served longer than both Mr Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir; and will bring honour by being the Seraiki to sacrifice himself for the party instead of being one to sacrifice the party for his own personal motive (ala Farooq Leghari). Noble words indeed but the reality remains that he has been indicted for refusing to honour the verdict of the highest court of the land, and there is no honour in this. But a word here for the honourable court as well. Hopefully, it will also not shirk from passing similar indictments and convictions against erring generals an opportunity that may soon be coming its way in the form of the Asghar Khan case. And talking of generals, till a few days back, the chief of the army staff had felt it beneath his dignity to attend even 'official' functions of the prime minister who had spoken unkindly of him and his institution. There was talk of the army doing 'everything' to help the judiciary take the memo affair to its logical conclusion. Assurances were meted out to Mansoor Ijaz, the other joker in the jester deck, to come to Pakistan and nail the matter for good. Then something happened. What? We'll never know. But what we do know is that the security forces quietly conveyed their inability to provide him impregnable security as the government had not appointed the "army as the lead agency". Next, both the COAS and the DG ISI called on the prime minister aday before his departure for Davos. Barely had this sudden development been digested that the prime minister returned the favour by giving the duo a clean conduct slip and then slipping away to Davos. On the sidelines, Mansoor Ijaz huffed and puffed and decided to be a no show in court. Whether there is credence in the latest talk about the US establishment pressurising him through his business partners again we'll never know. The supreme court for its part threw in its two pounds of goodness by refusing to allow the judicial commission to travel abroad. And of course, Haqqani too was allowed to leave Pakistan, which he promptly did. Everyone, it seems suddenly wanted to just hush up the matter and move on with life. Everyone, it appears knows something about a dirty deal here, but we'll of course never know. One day the country was faced with a near existential threat. The civil and military establishments openly squared off against one another. It had come down to being a do or die situation. Ambassador Haqqani lost his job, and his freedom. The president reportedly lost his mind. The COAS came close to losing his pips. The judges faced the dilemma of losing their credibility. Meanwhile the country lost whatever little remained of any semblance of working order. Then, in a few days, magically, it was all over. The judicial commission stands almost decommissioned; Mansoor Ijaz is Mansoor who; Haqqani is free without anyone being told why he was 'incarcerated' in the first place; the judges enjoyed their share of popularity without having to make hard choices; the Americans are happy for securing the future of both favourites. Net losers: the people. Ah, the shameless dirty deals of our dirty power elite. Neither the sherwanis nor the uniforms have managed to remain spotlessly clean in the memo affair. Will this shameless circus of dirty power arrangements ever end in Pakistan? Will there ever be closure on issues? Because unless matters are taken to their logical conclusions, things will keep recurring and with greater ferocity. Absence of desired accountability only guarantees the presence of undesirable happenings. The prime minister's indictment, being seen by many as a prelude to serious accountability, has started the next round of political uncertainty in the country. The loyalists will deem it the latest threat to democracy at the hands of an activist judiciary. The complexion of matters to come will however be decided not by the judges but by the response of the ruling coalition. The prime minister's future may stand threatened by the judges but not of the democratic system and this fine difference must not be deliberately smudged. Ironically, the charging of the prime minister may prove the finest hour for democracy in our political history. Could there be a greater example of the maturing of the political system than an elected prime minister submitting himself to the supreme court and for the democratic process to cough up his replacement were he to lose his job in the process? The judges may have contributed to adding to the uncertainty of affairs but the real challenge to democracy comes not from a bunch of judges but from the future actions of those lording over the parliament. How the democrats behave today will determine democracy's future in Pakistan. The prime minister still has nine days to comply with court orders and avoid any extreme action but judging from the mood of the PM house and the presidency, defiance will persist. And this may make political sense for the PPP in particular because the beleaguered party could easily use another political martyr in the coming elections. Gilani has almost run his entire term in office and even if the PPP were to come to power again there would be a new prime minister in office. Surely, Gilani would have little desire to sit in the same house as an ordinary parliamentarian. Were he to remain steadfast in his stance and be convicted by the court he would then go out in a blaze of glory. He would secure a special place in his party's history and also ensure loftier perches for his children, all of whom are already active in politics. On the other hand, were he to beat a conviction somehow, he would emerge as a much stronger prime minister. The issue of writing the letter will not go away with Gilani and any future prime minister too would have to face the dilemma, in theory at least. In practical terms, the issue would be as good as dead if Gilani was mowed down in this standoff. It's not easy for even the mightiest of supreme courts to strike down two prime ministers in one case. Gilani's replacement would definitely get time from an 'understanding' court for formulating his/her actions. The PPP leadership would be able to get through with the Senate elections and the new prime minister could then announce early elections and thus set the transition process in motion. In such a scenario, where general elections are scheduled, say, a few months down the road and matters like the formation of a truly independent election commission cobbling together an acceptable interim care taker setup etc are being tackled, the supreme court will surely be weary of upsetting the delicately balanced apple cart by insisting on another conviction. Three cheers for democracy, PPP style; three cheers for justice Pakistan style. "How the democrats behave today will determine democracy's future in Pakistan". We know the ingredients well that makes these so called democrats and also know the rule that, they cannot change their genetic constitutions. Prime Mister's boasts of chairing more cabinet meetings than any, is equally chairing the meetings of Ali Baba of 40x chours. His playing "Seraiki Card" is also equally obnoxious being the divide and rule ploy. About his sacrifice, let him explain if he has ever given a "personal sacrifice" for the welfare of nation, as Quaid e Azam mystically prescribed being one of the four (4) essential ingredients required in a true national leader (other 3 ingredients being, Honesty, Integrity and Incorruptibility)???" Talking about indictments of erring generals, let it be known that, those making conditions conducive to the enforcement of "the doctrine of necessity" are the real culprits in each case. If fire burns, you cannot blame the fire for it. About Ejaz Haqqai affair, we know that, today not even a feather (evil) in this world stirs without the will of the evil US. Therefore, we know that, without securing the release of Raymond Davis, "Operation Abbottabad" was not possible and we should conclude that, without the release of Haqqani, the lid on Ejaz could not have been re placed. Of course, we know for sure who is talking about "no interference in Pakistan's internal affairs" and pulling hidden strings that move everything. We can equally conclude that, on every moment of national re alignment of course for correcting path, operatives like Zulfikar Mirza would continue to emerge to do the necessary diversions to miss people's targets. Dirty favors exchanged in dirty deals, as usual, to perpetuate dirty demoNcrats in our dirty politics of doom. Honor killing In both situations guilty person don feel shame and is not afraid of any punishment. Memo was settled outside Pakistan and we all know as soon as Haqqani runs for America, US State department issued statement of how pleased they were and happy of settlement. So, there was no hidden things. I fail to understand what will be the exclusive outcome of ISI case of Asghar Khan. Actual Person GIK is no more among us and all the players were only obeying orders of Supreme commander (GIK). All Generals are retired and there is no receiving slip of money being given. I feel it will also anti climax and nothing exciting is in that case. To be honest, I never expected that Mr. Malick can write this good. But I had a question in my mind and was hoping that any anchor person or journalist will ask this question from Imran Khan one day, but unfortunately no one asked. The question to Imran Khan was that he was the one who actually initiated this issue of memo gate in the general public. In Lahore he for the first time took name of Hussain Haqqani claiming his, Zardari and PPP government involvement in memo but what happened after this public gathering. Was it just a political point scoring slogan? If this was really a serious matter why did he not took this matter up seriously? Nike Roshe Run PRM Men Obsidian Volt Sail White Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner each had two interceptions, Marshawn Lynch ran for three touchdowns and the Seahawks set a franchise record for points. They forced eight turnovers and kept firm grasp on the final NFC wild card spot. Seattle (8 5) also holds a slim chance of catching San Francisco in the NFC West. Wilson became the first rookie quarterback to start and win his first six games at home since the 1970 merger. This was really a different game. This is so much different than everything we've played, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. It's a nice reward. Sometimes you get a chance to win big like that and we haven't had many since we've been here. After two straight weeks of games decided in the final seconds or overtime, the Seahawks got a chance to relax. Seattle also picked up its first division victory of the season and gave Carroll his first eight win season in three years here. But no one could have expected this kind of rout. Leon Washington's 3 yard run with 2:32 left pushed the Seahawks past the old record of 56 points scored against Buffalo in 1977. The eight takeaways were their second most, equaling a 1998 achievement. Lynch ran for 128 yards on 11 carries and scored on runs of 20, 4 and 33 yards. His last score on the first drive of the second half tied his career high for TD runs in a game and was the capper to his afternoon. Lynch's backup, Robert Turbin, also topped the century mark with 108 yards. And there were numerous statistical oddities. Tight end Anthony McCoy, who had a 67 yard reception to set up one of Lynch's TD runs, became the first Seattle receiver to top 100 yards this season. Sherman got the Seahawks their first defensive touchdown of 2012 when he intercepted John Skelton and returned it 19 yards in the second quarter. He also recovered a fumble. I've never been involved in anything where the ball falls your way every single time. It seemed like if the ball was going to come out it was going to fall our way, Sherman said. Even on the fumble where I fell on it and got the recovery, it just kept bouncing around. I was like There is no way this ball is going to bounce right to me' and it did. Wilson wasn't asked to do much, completing 7 of 13 for 148 yards and one touchdown. But unlike last week in Chicago, the Seahawks didn't need any heroics from Wilson. Matt Flynn finally got his first regular season action in a Seahawks uniform and finished 5 of 9 passes for 68 yards. I'm glad we had a win like this. We needed it especially for our confidence, Seattle fullback Michael Robinson said. The Seahawks scored nearly every way possible, turning their first home game in about a month into a rout that will only increase debate whether Ken Whisenhunt will be back as Cardinals coach. It was an effortless performance by the Cardinals (4 9), who have lost nine straight, the longest slide for the franchise since 1944. The Cardinals gained just 154 yards and had almost as many turnovers as first downs (10). Larry Fitzgerald had one reception and that didn't come until the fourth quarter. Skelton made numerous ill advised throws into coverage and was intercepted four times. For them to come out and dominate the way they did in every phase of the game it's embarrassing, Skelton said. Arizona actually started well, with Skelton completing his first three passes. When Skelton finally threw in the direction of Fitzgerald the day quickly spiraled out of control. Wright, tipped from hitting the ground by Walter Thurmond and into Wagner's hands. Wagner's return set up the first of Steven Hauschka's three field goals and Lynch added touchdown runs on consecutive drives for a 17 0 lead. That's when the turnovers became comical for the Cardinals. Skelton was stripped by Chris Clemons and fell on the loose ball. He followed that by throwing into triple coverage to Fitzgerald and Sherman returned it 19 yards for a touchdown. Patrick Peterson muffed a punt the ball was batted and eventually tipped to Malcolm Smith, who caught it out of midair at the goal line for a 31 0 lead. And finally, Peterson was hit from behind and fumbled on a punt return late in the first half. Wilson hit Zach Miller for a 24 yard TD with 6 seconds left in the second quarter. About the only bit of fight shown by the Cardinals came late in the third quarter when some pushing led to Daryn Colledge getting a personal foul. By that point, the Seahawks led 51 0.

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