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A loafer is footwear having slip on construction first sighted in Norway and popularized by American Tourists. A Penny loafer is basically a loafer with a narrow band stitched onto the vamp customarily having a festooned opening in the center into which a penny may be placed. It got its name by the practice of American Prep students inserting a penny in the diamond shaped band across the vamp of the popular 'Weejun' penny loafer intending to make a fashion statement. The Men's Penny Loafer Flex Welt Suede Special is a stunning design featured in the Alden collection. This penny loafer has a soft smooth suede upper in a penny loafer construction featuring the characteristic band with cut design across the vamp. It has an apron closed round toe design with stylish stitched detailing on the vamp and back heel. This elegant loafer has a soft leather lining and padded foot bed for comfort. It has a smooth hand stitched leather sole with a combination rubber and leather heel base for grip. The David Spencer collection features stylish and debonair designs in penny loafers. Men's Lorenzo by David Spencer has a glossy calfskin leather upper in a classic penny loafer design featuring the distinctive band across the vamp for holding a penny. It has an apron toe and stitched accents for a smart appearance. It has a smooth hand sewn leather lining and a detachable padded soft foot bed for comfort. It has a smooth leather sole with a raised base heel. The Classic Penny Boat Shoe from Timberland has a sporty and hip look. It has a superior full grain oiled leather upper with a slight twist to the traditional elegant penny loafer construction featuring dual eyelets on the side step in addition to the trademark penny loafer band across the vamp. It has a handmade construction with stitched accents and an apron toe design. Its leather covered 3/4th EVA insole provides a comfort fit. The upper is directly sewn onto the rubber outsole for snug fit and durable design. Men's Dot Plot by Kenneth Cole is a sophisticated and stunning penny loafer design. This penny loafer has sewn accents with smooth round apron toe. The distinctive penny loafer leather strap is stitched onto the apron. It has a soft padded foot bed with a puncture instep and lightly flared tongue for snug and custom fit. It has a tough midsole and smooth leather outsole with 1' stacked heel. Mezlan has a collection of flamboyant and elegant penny loafer designs. The Santander by Mezlan has a striking design in a classic penny loafer construction made from superior Italian leather. It has a smooth round apron toe with stitched accents for a neat look. This loafer has the traditional penny loafer band across the vamp and is decorated with two leather tassels and a leather fringe. It has a smooth leather lining and soft cushioned insole. The shoe has a flat leather outsole and stacked dress heel. Get your stylish penny loafer and make your own fashion statement. 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But make 'em all 18 and it's ANYONE'S BALLGAME!!! Sorry, LiveJournal. Some of his sexier acquaintances were barely 18, but still 18 nonetheless. Compliant with Muggle and Magical law, everyone now wore ID badges that read "Yes, I am at least 18." These badges were prominently displayed above or near some sexy ass titties. Some even showed nip. Harry awoke in the Dursley's empty home, number 4 Privet Drive. He had long since murdered all three of them, as he was tired of fucking around for several chapters before anything interesting happened. He sat up in bed, thought of Hermione, had his first j/o session of the day, and then ate some breakfast. Today he was to return to Hogwarts Magical School of Wizardry, Witchcraft, and Sexual Exploration. His bag was already packed, meaning he needed to drain his ball sack again, so he had another epic j/o session. Wasting no time, other than those initial two j/o sessions, he grabbed his packed bag (meaning his luggage), and headed out the door. "What did you do this summer?" a soon to be wizard would ask. "Oh, you know," a different soon to be wizard would reply. "Thought of blow jays and Quidditch or some other bullshit." This continued for some time as they all ate candy and tried to hide their boners and wetties, depending on their gender. The Headmaster looked quite aged, but still up for pretty much anything as long as there was no cuddling afterward. "Thank you all for enduring that excruciating Sorting Hat Ceremony," he whispered. "Let us all please try to wake up for the introduction of your new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Professor Bonebubble." He gestured to his right where a tall leggy blonde stood. Her tits were like ba dang, her ass was like ka pow, and Harry bet her pussy tasted like sweet butterbeer. Professor Bonebubble walked to the podium as all eyes ogled her, even the girls' eyes. Not all the girls, of course, as Hermione got instantly jealous. So jealous, in fact, that she reached down and placed both of her hands on a cock, one belonging to Harry and the other belonging to Ron. One was significantly larger than the other, but she would never reveal which until the following year's Truth Or Dare Magstravaganza. "Greetings, students," cooed Bonebubble. "I look forward to enlightening you all in the ways of curses, boogerboos, cunderclits, and other such magical nonsense." She pushed her breasts together as if to say, "Mmmm hmmmm. yeah." The hall let out a collective moan, except for Hermione, who just squeezed Ron and Harry's dicks harder. "I hope we have a great time getting to know each other," Bonebubble continued. "Although I understand that I will probably be dead or fired by the end of the year." The hall let out a collective groan, except for Hermione, who let go of the two dicks and huffed off in a puff. Dumbledore stood once more. "And now if the younger students could leave so we can begin the Porking Hat Ceremony," Dumbledore whispered. "That would be fucking great."Chapter 5: Incumtations Hermione was fast asleep by the time everyone arrived at the dorms. Normally the boys and some of the girls would love to watch the deliciously smooth skin of her deliciously delicious breasts rise and fall as she breathed in and out, but they all just wanted to have a private j/o or diddle session to thoughts of Professor Bonebubble's everything. They did and they slept soundly. No, Hermione said, sexily. I meant your penis. Oh, Harry muttered, quite embarrassed. He quickly whipped out his penis and presented it to Hermione in the most business like of fashions. She pulled out her own wand sexily and pointed it at Harrys wand. The first instance of wand meant wand while the second meant penis. Cockatum Erectum! she shouted sexily as colorful sparks flew from her wand (read: wand). The sparks settled and she could see Harrys now quite erect wand (read: penis). Time to take your OWLs or whatever, he told her. But Harry, Hermione began, sexily. OWLs arent for another couple of weeks! Harry remembered what Dumbledore always said about the charms of Swibberdot Gwindlebarm and collected his thoughts/penis. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red,A women's beauty lies in her feet and the way she dress up with the footwear available. There are different types of women having variety of taste in the choice of footwear. The footwear also reflects the type of personality the women is. Diesel shoes for women are really sexy, creative, innovative, and fresh and give an image enhancement to the modern women of today. Diesel shoes are designed and created by team of talented people who are always ahead of the time and so the women's Diesel shoes are really attractive and they never look obsolete. 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You Will Have a Good Time While Buying Discount Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red,Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Volt Reflective Silver Platinum Finally you have reached the most important and exciting phase of your wedding planning. With just 4 weeks until the big day, it is time to make sure all arrangements are in place, all bookings are confirmed and the fine details in place. Wedding Checklist: 4 weeks to go! Arrange a final fitting for your wedding dress. Take your chief bridesmaid along with you, particularly if you will need some help with your dress on the day. Confirm with your attendants (bride's and groom's) that they have all the attire and accessories, know their duties and the schedule for the day. Confirm details with all your vendors caterers, florists, baker etc. Write and print out your wedding program. If you have out of town guests coming, make up some welcome baskets or bags for them. If you will be living elsewhere after your wedding, send change of address information to the post office. Write out your thank you cards for wedding gifts as you receive them. If any guests have not yet confirmed, ask your mother or chief bridesmaid to contact them. Wedding Checklist: One to Two Weeks Ahead Organize your seating plan and write your place cards. Confirm the final guest numbers with your caterer and confirm any last minute details. Prepare the wedding toasts for your rehearsal dinner and the reception. Break in your wedding shoes by wear them around the house and on carpeted floors. Arrange for someone to come in and take care of any houseplants/pets while you are away on honeymoon. Have fun at your hen/bachelorette/stag/bachelor parties. Give your family your travel information and contact numbers in case they need to contact you. Make the final revisions to your seating plan. Wedding Checklist: The Day before Your Wedding Take some time out to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Delegate responsibilities to members of your wedding party including whole will hand out the button holes and corsages, greet the guests and check on vendors/suppliers. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red One of the easiest ways to treat tired legs is simply to prop them up and rest them. Find a comfortable location, stack some pillows and elevate your feet and legs to relieve some pressure. Morning stretches can help get your legs in shape for the day. Then, throughout the day, rest your legs as often as you can to help limit the strain on them. Massaging your legs can help relieve tension. Get enough potassium in your diet throughout the day to help prevent muscle cramping. Eat a banana to raise potassium levels. Also get sufficient amounts of calcium, protein and vitamin E each day. Drink a glass of orange juice that has a teaspoon of cod liver oil mixed in to stop legs from hurting. A glass of warm water with honey and lemon juice helps as well. Cut down your intake of alcohol, refined sugar, tobacco and fatty foods. These can contribute to muscle aches if you aren eating a properly balanced diet. Staying well hydrated also is important for reducing muscle aches and tiredness.

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