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Halle Berry will play Aretha Franklin in an upcoming biopic about the legendary singer life. A spirited Franklin, thought to have prostate cancer, appeared healthy recently in a talk, where she revealed a film is in the making after many failed attempts. For many years, fans and industry pundits have put forth their bestpredictions on when a biopic about the Queen of Soul would take place and who would be the person challenged with stepping into her shoes. Finally, on a segment of the Wendy Williams Show, a healthy Aretha Franklin dished on her upcoming role in consulting with producers on a biopic about her illustrious life, on and off stage, according to the Huffington Post. star revealed that Oscar winning actress Halle Berry has been selected to take on the role.Franklin said that for many years it has always been part of her wishes to have the Catwoman star fill her shoes in a biopic. With such a dynamic history of acting in various roles, Halle Berry appears to be a wise choice to play the legendary star on screen.No official word has been announced about the release of the biopic.However, Aretha Franklin told Wendy Williams that the money is on the table and not one, but two projects are in the works as part of the financing. As far as her recent pancreatic cancer scare goes, the R superstar stated that her personal health is no one business but her own and that she does not know where the rumor about the cancer originated.However, she denies that she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Loud and clear, Mrs. Franklin. Your thoughts?Do you think Halle Berry is an ideal choice to star in an Aretha Franklin biopic?What about Kerri Hilson, Gabrielle Union or Jennifer Hudson? Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt ,Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Women Nike Free Run 3 Light Bone Vivid Orange Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Yellow Grey Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green on Tuesday. Henne is a strong armed quarterback with a Michigan pedigree, a combination that seems to have worked nicely for the Patriots. I can't help but wonder why the Dolphins are quitting on him. I think he's a solid reclamation project, especially for a championship caliber team looking for a quality, experienced backup that wants to re establish his career. Running back Mike Tolbert Short, thick, powerful inside runner that provides pop on the goal line and in short yardage and excels as a receiver and pass blocker. Tolbert caught 54 passes last season and he's the perfect back for a team that wants to throw the ball. His running skills have been hidden in San Diego's pass oriented offense and Tolbert might break out as Michael Turner did when he left the Chargers for the Falcons. A big play receiver early in his career, receivers have a way of using guile and savvy to lengthen their careers. He appeared in 2011 to still have game. Dependable tackles are hard to find. Chris Kemoeatu Wanna run the ball? This is your guy. He's a big, powerful road grader that can pull and lead a back through the hole. The downside is that he's not nearly as accomplished as a pass blocker and he'll cost you 10 yards at least twice a game, and often at the worst times. So why hasn't he done it? If a team can figure that out, they might reel in a Ryan Pickett type of player that blossoms into a fixture at defensive end in the second half of his career. Carriker should be coming into his best years. Mays is a rugged, hard hitting inside guy that brings toughness to your defense and special teams. He's young and his arrow is pointing up. Porter gave the Saints some very good years and one very big interception. He's a free agent on a Saints team that has too many to re sign them all. Porter might be ready to take his game to a higher level. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt,There are many benefits for golfers to wear golf shoes. One of the main benefits is the cleats at the bottom of the shoes, they give you stability and traction. You need a lot of traction to perform at your best. They promote a well balanced swing and confidence knowing you are not going to slip if you take a huge swing. This alone will change your game dramatically. They are also very useful in sand bunkers when you need to take a shot from this position. Golfers are not allowed to ground their club into the sand or take a practice shot. What you can do is ground your shoes into the sand in a side to side motion giving you a lot of traction and stability. Then you can take your shot with ease. It is not unusual to have moisture on the course, this is another area where they are valuable. Sprinkler soaked fairways and rain are very common, there are times when your feet can get drenched if your shoes are not waterproof. It is important to invest in a pair of waterproof golf shoes, they will keep your feet warm and dry. Paying golf in wet feet is not fun and very uncomfortable. If you are into fashion you will be happy to know the style and fashion of golf shoes have improved a lot over the years. In the past they looked ugly and old fashioned with horrible tassels, but now they mimic the designs of athletic shoes. So now you can look and feel your best playing a game of golf in your favourite styles and designs. Comfort is another factor to consider. Traction and balance are nice, but not if you have a nasty blister. Fortunately the days of stiff heavy shoes are now over, thanks to the advanced technology of lightweight, flexible materials like memory foam and sockliners. They have taken the technology from athletic shoes to give more comfort and no blisters, making it more enjoyable to play golf and walk all 18 holes. Now lets talk about the price. Golf shoes are not exactly cheap, it really depends on what you want and of course your budget. The price of a pair can be as low as $60 to $75, there is plenty of choice in this range. You can get a sweet pair for around $150 and a top of the range pair can cost as much as $400 or more. So golf shoes are useful, comfortable, stylish and waterproof. They make you look like a golfer, they are designed for golfers, just like running shoes are designed for runners and basketball shoes designed for basketball players.

You Can Find The Latest Style Of Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite LeBron James informed the Miami Heat that he is opting out of his contract that would pay him $20.6 million next season, meaning he will become a free agent on July 1. So now that he will have his choice of teams, where will James end up? Here are his best options: They are the top option for a variety of reasons. The Heat can offer James the longest and most lucrative contract. If Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade return, that's still a pretty good core. He has won two championships with the Heat and more are possible if the Heat make the right roster improvements. It's Miami. He and his family like it there. But winning titles sooner rather than later still remains at the top of James' priority list, and the Cavs are not championship ready now. A first year coach (David Blatt) with no previous NBA experience and a first year GM (David Griffin) aren't strong selling points. Los Angeles Lakers The big question here: Is Kobe Bryant willing to cede control to James? Can you see Bryant doing so? But there's no question the Lakers believe it can work and will do everything they can to convince James they are the team for him with Bryant and without Bryant down the road. The Lakers have the money to sign James, and will have money for another top notch player either this offseason (if Steve Nash retires) or maybe even next offseason. But, like the Heat, can the Lakers add enough quality players around James to compete for a championship? Los Angeles Clippers James, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin would automatically make the Clippers favorites to win the Western Conference. But like Houston, the Clippers would need to make a series of moves, including a sign and trade, to get James from one coast to the other. Doc Rivers would love to coach James, and James has strong respect for Rivers' Celtics teams. But there remains that pesky little Donald Sterling issue. There's no guarantee that situation is resolved by the time James needs to make his choice, and his direct comments about Sterling not belonging in the NBA would make it difficult for James to go to the Clippers as long as Sterling still owned the team even if he has no control of the team. Phoenix Suns It's a long shot, but point guard Eric Bledsoe and James share the same agent (James' longtime friend Rich Paul), and the Suns are a promising team. They won 48 games last season in the ultra competitive West when many expected them to tank. They have a solid coach (Jeff Hornacek) and a talented and young roster (Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Markief and Marcus Morris, Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee). With the right additions, the Suns could be appealing to James, at least enough for him to hear their pitch. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt Once you have consumed the fruit and other contents of your fruit basket, do not throw out the basket itself! These containers that hold a bevy of edible goodies are perfect for a number of clever uses around your home. From storage to decoration, the basket portion of your gift will allow you to keep enjoying the present long after the fruit has been enjoyed. Today's fruit baskets are using more unique and less traditional containers, ranging from colanders to planters. If your fruit basket has a container that is other than a basket, then you will probably already have a good idea for which it can be used. However, many fruit basket recipients find themselves puzzling over how to use their baskets. If you find yourself in this head scratching crowd, consider these fantastic options: Storage: Baskets today are making a comeback and are used for storing everything from your favorite pair of shoes to your kid's building blocks. A trip to your favorite home dcor store will present you with tons of baskets in every shape and size, so consider using your emptied fruit basket in the same manner. Tuck towels into your basket and use it to add extra storage space in a tiny bath. Put a basket in your car to keep items from rolling around in a trunk or back hatch. Hang a basket underneath the garage to hold sporting equipment or use them inside your home to hold magazines, cleaning supplies, toys, and anything else under the sun! Function: Many families designate each family member a basket, allowing them to pick up their items left around the home. This is a great idea, since you can keep things better organized and teach all family members (even the adults) tidiness. Decoration: Many homeowners use baskets as a decoration, filling in blank corners or bare tops of furniture. Fill your basket with greenery or flowers and use as a centerpiece. Use your basket as a planter and move your live plants to a more aesthetic location. Baskets are also a great way to cover less savory items that have become a necessity in your home, especially wires and electronic equipment that is threatening to take over your room. Re use: Instead of using boring gift bags or clumsy boxes to house gifts, consider using a basket! Half the impact of the gift is its presentation, so you can guarantee your gift to be a hit if you tuck the treasure inside a basket. Whether you choose to make your own gift basket or just use the basket for wrapping and transport, reusing your basket is a great way to pass on a lovely item to a friend, family member, co worker, or neighbor.

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