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It's December 30 and welcome to great special edition of first shed and Jennifer Vaughn. If I'm Tom Moore back. Judge wanting thirteen marks the 61. Year and Automotive News staffers have been marking their ballots for the story of the year. And today it we're going to count down the top ten stories of the past year. At number muscle returns with a redesigned Corvette the staying where. The seventh jet that landed at dealerships in October. In just a few weeks ago Ford unveiled the sixth generation Ten number nine Mercedes Benz that looks to change that dynamic and electric car market by introducing the front wheel drive. The Alley that can't. And pricing it below 30000 dollars before shipping. At number eight nation's massive re branding effort for most of the company's 226. Stores. Longtime regional brands were dropped from dealerships. In replaced with the AutoNation moniker. Tussle vs Steelers is our seventh biggest story. State housing courtroom battle raged between Tesla which wants it's all cars directly to consumers in French and dealers. Each side won and lost cases. To number six the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau squaring off against auto dealers and lenders. The issue. The CF PB's is giving dealers discretion to mark up interest rates can lead to discrimination against minority buyers. Dealer groups deny that their members tolerate discrimination. And number five the Fed's extracting one point eight billion dollars in criminal fines. From the automotive supply chain and that number is growing. At last check that two year old US price fixing prosecution parts makers most of them Japanese. Has ensnared at 23 companies and when he thinks individuals. It is already the largest antitrust case in US automotive history. Ford troubles at number four. First up my Ford touch the system has hurt the global ratings in several quality surveys. Meantime quality glitches delayed the launch of the Lincoln and please see. Later in the year Ford cut the stated fuel economy rating of its indexed hybrid a rare and costly move. And finally the never ending rumors of CEO Alan Mulally leaving the auto maker ahead of schedule. To run software giant Microsoft. But hey he's still at the blue global in despite all of this Ford is gaining US market share. Our number three story tell us again. After enduring years of barbs that the model electric sedan wasn't achievable pipe dream. Test blood begin feral production in earnest this year. But three road fires in model hands in October and November. Haven't spent investigating. And Tesla that sky high stock price fluctuating. Our second biggest story of 2013. Soaring US sales new light vehicle sales surpassed forecasts month after month. Behind the Lower interest rates longer term loans mass market brands embracing leasing. Pent up demand due to the Great Recession. Totaled 2013 US sales are on track to rise 8% the fourth straight year of growth following the reception. And that brings us to our top story of the year. And time not a huge surprise here coming in at number one then naming of Mary Barra and the next CEO of General Motors. We are succeed Dan Akerson next month she'll be the first woman to head of global automaker. It'll be a watershed event for a GM can't entire auto industry. In addition to building on the mementos and GM has gained since its bankruptcy. Barak top lieutenants now take on an additional challenge. Showing the old GM is truly gone and the new GM can stand on zone. Certainly a big month over General Motors. Thanks so much for watching Automotive News TV here in were already gearing up for a very busy 24. They care and happy new year. 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Recent research applying bioinformatics and biometrics to the study of plant form and function is presented in a special issue on Bioinformatic and Biometric Methods in Plant Morphology, published in Applications in Plant Sciences. The methods presented in the issue include automated classification and identification, a new online pollen database with semantic search capabilities, geometric morphometrics, and skeleton networks, and present a picture of a renaissance in morphometric approaches that capitalize on recent technological advances. Worms, flies and humans. Our common genomic legacy, key to understanding cell biology CRG researchers contribute to a project that pointed out key sets of co expressed genes that may be fundamental for animal cells. Scientists compared the transcriptome of three very evolutionarily distant, yet well studied model organisms: the worm C. elegans, the fly D. melanogaster and the human H. sapiens. They found sets of genes that are co expressed in each of the three species, all of them mainly involved in development. NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute Contact: Laia Cendr Study shows promise in automated reasoning, hypothesis generation over complete medical literature With approximately 50 million scientific papers available in public databases and a new one publishing nearly every 30 seconds scientists cannot know about every relevant study when they are deciding where to take their research next. The scientists say their laboratory findings in mouse models of the disease could lead to a more targeted and effective molecular therapy that would also reduce the harmful side effects of current treatments. National Institutes of Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research Signatures of selection inscribed on poplar genomes In a study published ahead online Aug. 24, 2014 in Nature Genetics, a team of researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, and West Virginia University used a combination of genome wide selection scans and analyses to understand the processes involved in shaping the genetic variation of natural poplar (Populus trichocarpa) populations. The approach applied genomics to ecological questions, and could help developing more accurate predictive climate change models. Biomarker in an aggressive breast cancer is identified Northwestern University scientists have identified a biomarker strongly associated with basal like breast cancer, a highly aggressive carcinoma that is resistant to many types of chemotherapy. The biomarker, a protein called STAT3, provides a smart target for new therapeutics designed to treat this often deadly cancer. Using patient data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, the researchers used bioinformatics techniques and found that a small number of genes are activated by STAT3 protein signaling in basal like breast cancers but not in luminal breast cancers. H Foundation, NIH/National Cancer Institute BGRF announces OncoFinder algorithm for reducing errors in transcriptome analysis The BGRF proposes a new concept for signalome wide analysis of changes in intracellular pathways, called OncoFinder, which allows for accurate and robust cross platform analysis of gene expression data. This new technique will allow scientists to derive useful information from and compare the hundreds of thousands of data sets obtained using legacy equipment as well as data sets obtained from biological samples preserved in paraffin blocks and partially degraded samples. Insilico Medicine, Inc., Pathway Pharmaceuticals A shift in the code: New method reveals hidden genetic landscape With three billion letters in the human genome, it seems hard to believe that adding or removing a base could have much of an effect on our health. Yet, such insertions and deletions can dramatically alter biological function. It is has been difficult to detect these mutations. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists have devised a new way to analyze genome sequences that pinpoints insertions and deletions in people with diseases such as autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, and Tourette syndrome. National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Stanley Institute for Cognitive Genomics, Simons Foundation Make your mobile device live up to its true potential as a data collection tool Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed Easy Leaf Area, a free software that calculates leaf surface area from digital images. Leaf measurements are often critical in plant physiological and ecological studies, but traditional methods have been time consuming and sometimes destructive to plant samples. Easy Leaf Area described in a recent issue of Applications in Plant Sciences allows users to accurately measure leaf area from digital images in seconds. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V3 Anthracite Black White Green,If you are looking for a new television that has the latest features but is simple to use then look no further than the Sony KDL 46EX723U 46 inch LED Full HD 3D television. 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How Much Are The Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V3 Anthracite Black White Green,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red You are only limited by the thoughts inside your mind. In your mind the omniscient power does exist. To activate this creative thought process, just envision your thoughts as building blocks to create things. Have you ever heard someone make statements like, "Pride goes before the fall" or "It's not your time yet," or "Wait your turn?" But wait for what, when is a better time to dream and desire to the utmost? No one will be short changed out of his or her abundance if they truly want what they desire. It's your birth right; there is an overabundance of wealth, success, and happiness to go around for everyone who wants or desires it. When you decide that you are in total control of your life, you will become more aware of what you give your attention to and to whom. Would you walk into a shoe store with your desire all planned out and allow the shoe sales person to tell you which shoes to buy? No, you would not because you know what kind of shoes you like and you know what feels good on your feet. The moment you realize that you create your own reality and that people who may have your best at heart can't create your life, you will pick superlative words and choose positive thoughts to describe yourself just as you would pick top grade ingredients to bake a prize winning cake. As you acknowledge this truth, you will not entertain lack and limitation in your mind on any level. The moment you start to worry about your desire which is creating in the negative, or use the word "but" which negates everything you just said, you are throwing your thoughts away. The mind cannot focus on the pleasures of your desire and the inner negative doubts of failure at the same time. One of these energies must dominate your thought process. Do not allow negative thoughts, old beliefs, the voices of naysayers and people with pessimistic views to convince you there is not enough prosperity for everyone. Changing your lack consciousness to one of abundance will not happen right away because of thoughts of limitations you have previously set in motion. If you start using affirmations, it will happen sooner rather than later. Using positive affirmations will neutralize some of the negative thoughts that you have all ready vibrated into the universe on a conscious and unconscious level. Start by posting pictures of your dreams, desires and goals. Listen to songs of empowerment to reprogram your thoughts. Also, use a storyboard to map out where you want to go in life. Through the constant repeating of positive affirmations about wealth, abundance, success, and health, you slowly erase old limitations. The more you expect your desire the faster manifestation will happen. 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