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What Is a Horse's Hoof?Horses have a single hoof (unlike cattle, that have 'cloven' hooves). This means that they are actually standing on one toe. The hoof itself is made of keratin the same stuff as our fingernails. Keratin is a 'dead' material, and a horse's ability to feel through its feet depends on pressure of the hoof on the soft tissue underneath or pressure on the frog of the foot. If you lift a horse's foot, you will see that the hoof forms a ring around the sole, and also a triangle that protrudes from the sole, the point forward and the back leading to the horse's 'heel' (which is actually what's left of what would have been a pad when horses had paws). This triangular structure is the frog, and it comes into contact with the ground when the horse travels. The frog is extremely vital to a horse and should never be trimmed or altered. Without it, they can't properly tell where they are putting their feet. Basic Hoof CareAs a bare minimum, a horse's hooves and feet should be inspected daily. A hoof pick is used to clean the dirt and mud that tends to collect against the sole, between the frog and the hoof. Most people will also clean their horse's hooves inside and out using a stiff bristled brush. Some horses have extensive hair falling over their feet, called feather, which also needs to be brushed. If the horse flinches when the hoof pick or brush comes into contact with the hoof, then there is a problem, most likely a bruise or an abscess, that needs to be addressed. Horse ShoesThe majority of working horses are shod. Shoeing slows hoof wear and many believe a shod horse is more comfortable. Traditional horse shoes are made of iron or steel and are nailed onto the hoof. As the hoof is dead material, the horse does not feel pain when shod (unless, of course, the person doing it screws up, which is rare, but not unknown). In hot shoeing the horse is either taken to the forge or, more likely, the farrier brings a mobile forge that runs off of a van engine, and the shoes are heated, shaped, and then immediately applied. Cold shoeing means applying a shoe of standard size that was made earlier. Cold shoeing is cheaper, but some people believe hot shoeing results in a better fit and, ultimately, a more comfortable horse. Racehorses are often shod differently. Most racehorses are shod using shoes that look the same as normal riding shoes (although they are specially designed to give the horse better traction when running flat out, but are made of aluminum rather than steel. Aluminum shoes wear faster, but are much lighter, and in racing, every bit of weight that can be saved matters. Yearlings and racehorses in training, and some trotters, are shod with steel so that when they are switched to the aluminum shoes their hooves feel 'lighter'. Some racehorses are shod with extremely light composite shoes that are glued to the hoof rather than being nailed on. Shoeing and TrimmingHorses that wear shoes generally need a visit from the farrier to reset or replace (depending on wear) their shoes every six to eight weeks. Horses that do not wear shoes also need attention in the same time frame. As domestic horses do not cover the same distances looking for food as wild horses, their hooves tend to grow faster than they wear, resulting in balance issues and, eventually, permanent damage to their hooves and feet. A farrier both trims hooves and shoes horses. A trimmer or barefoot trimmer only trims hooves and may charge less. It is also possible to learn to trim hooves yourself, although this takes a lot of time and is only worth it if you have several horses. A good farrier or trimmer will also do a thorough inspection of your horse's feet and may well spot a problem before the horse actually becomes lame. It is never normal for a horse to be lame or sore immediately after its hooves are done, whether shod or barefoot. The Barefoot IssueThere is a strong movement, especially in the United States, to completely eschew the use of shoes. Some people consider that shoeing a horse reduces the shock absorbency of the feet, making lameness higher up in the leg more likely. They also argue that it has a negative effect on hoof quality. Many horses are quite capable of working barefoot. I have seen ponies and cobs do several hours a day, including trotting on concrete, with either no shoes or just shoes in front, and suffer no hoof problems as a result. Others really do need shoes. Thoroughbreds, for example, are more likely to need shoes as their soles tend to be lower to the ground because of their hoof conformation, selected for speed although I have seen Thoroughbreds that are quite happy barefoot. The decision of whether or not to shoe should be made by considering the horse's conformation, hoof quality and work load. For those uncomfortable with the idea of nailing shoes to their horse's hooves, there are alternatives. Glue on shoes are one possibility. If you prefer no shoes, then it is often worth investing in a set of hoof boots. Hoof boots slide on and secure over the hoof to provide temporary protection, for example if trail riding on rocky ground. They're basically the same thing as the shoes we wear ourselves. My personal philosophy is that horses should be barefoot if possible, shod if necessary. Corrective Shoeing and TrimmingJust as people sometimes need to wear a certain kind of shoe to correct a foot problem, so some horses need corrective shoes or a special trim. Navicular, a condition common in stock horses that is characterized by inflammation of the tissue between one of the small bones in the foot, the navicular bone, and the flexor tendon that allows a horse to bring its hoof backwards, is often treated with corrective shoeing. A normal horse shoe is open at the back to allow the frog to touch the ground. Shoes for horses with navicular are called 'egg bar' shoes, because they resemble an egg, surrounding the horse's hoof completely. These are generally used in conjunction with a rubber pad to support the frog. Another approach is barefoot with a special trim to change the angle of the horse's foot. I have seen both methods work to provide relief, and believe that it may well depend on the individual horse. Corrective shoeing or trimming is also sometimes used on foals and young horses. For example, a farrier may trim one side of the hoof shorter than another to help straighten a crooked leg. Horses that have foundered, which I will discuss in a moment, may also benefit from special shoes. FounderThe term 'founder' is a nautical one that refers to sinking. When a horse founders, the bone in the hoof rotates downwards. In severe cases, the bone may come through the sole of the foot horses that suffer from this problem generally have to be euthanized. Founder has two main causes. The less common, these days, is 'road founder'. Road founder is most often seen in carriage horses that work on the road all the time, hence the name. It used to be a common problem when horses were the primary means of transportation. Sometimes, it is seen in competition and race horses asked to compete on very hard ground. It is caused by pure mechanical trauma. The more common cause of founder is laminitis. Laminitis is an inflammation of the tissue that supports the hoof, and can cause founder and hoof loss (which also generally ends with euthanasia). Laminitis is, quite simply, a disease of obesity. It is most commonly seen in ponies and Draft horses that tend to be easy keepers, and is prevented by keeping their weight down. Some ponies may have to be kept on extremely harsh diets most of the pony breeds were developed to endure and thrive on poor fodder and when they are put on good grazing they turn into little balloons on hooves very quickly. A horse that has had laminitis will have to be kept on a strict diet for the rest of its life. Regardless of the cause, founder requires hoof care for treatment. A heartbar shoe that provides full support for the frog is often used. Special trimming, with or without shoes, is the best treatment, however. The farrier or trimmer will aim to adjust the support in order to take pressure off the sensitive structures within the hoof and encourage the bone concerned (called the coffin bone) to return to its normal position. A horse that has foundered once is extremely likely to do so again. They need to have their weight kept down (even if it was mechanical founder) and their feet very carefully monitored. In some cases, it may be necessary to restrict the amount of weight they are allowed to carry to ten percent of their body weight rather than the normal fifteen to twenty percent. Shoes For CoursesMost ordinary riding horses wear ordinary shoes. Racehorses and competition horses, however, often have something a little more special. As previously mentioned, racing shoes (called plates) are often made of aluminum. They are also carefully designed to increase grip and traction for a horse running all out. Trotters wear different shoes from Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds. Their hooves are also trimmed in a way that has been proven to increase traction and, thus, speed. High end racehorses often receive custom shoes, made to give that particular horse the best chance of winning it has. For other horses, special shoeing often revolves around studs. Carriage horses and in some parts of the world most riding horses (in England, for example, it is often impossible to avoid riding on the road) are shod with road studs. Road studs are often, but not always, permanently attached to the shoe. They are small, blunt and located on the inside. Road studs are designed to keep a horse from slipping on smooth tarmac. Competition studs are generally more like bolts. The shoes are designed with screw holes in them and the studs are attached as needed, then removed before turning the horse out or to replace them with a different stud. Because competition studs are taller than road studs, they are kept in only when riding the horse. Most competitors have several sets of studs (they're cheap) designed to use on different goings. For example, one might use pointed studs designed to penetrate the ground on hard going and rounded ones to give traction in mud. 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The walls are totally messed up with vandalis done by the previous occupant. There are food marks on the kitchen wall or floor and one cannot tolerate the foul odor of the entire home. If this is the situation, one should not worry because we can do something about them.1. Put on some working clothes that will protect the body from dirt and possible mess. The best clothing that we can wear is an over all style.2. Wear working shoes that are comfortable.3. Prepare all the things that we need in cleaning the entire home. Prepare all the things that we need like rags, paper towels, spray cleaners knife or scraper, broom, dust pans, garbage bags or thrash bags, soaps, water, pail, water hose, rubber gloves, sponges, antibacterial cleaner, grease remover, and a vacuum cleaner.4. After we make sure that everything is already settled, then we can start cleaning the entire home.5. As a reminder, before we start cleaning the entire home, we should also prepare ourselves of the heavy work that we need to finish.6. The first thing that we should do after we prepare all the things that we need is to clear the space, get rid of old stuck of newspapers, used towels, old tooth brushes, or any other old stuff left by the previous occupant. It is easier for us to clean the entire home if we have eliminated all those stuff.7. Start cleaning the attic or the upper floors of the house. Start cleaning the ceiling first, followed by the wall, and then the floor.8. Clean the bathroom and sink with some solutions and a scrubber to remove stains.9. After scrubbing the walls, then we can start cleaning the floor. Prepare yourself to scrub. Make use of the vacuum cleaner or the brooms to sweep the floor from dust and dirt.10. After dusting, its time for us to mop the floor. Use soap, antibacterial cleaning agents and the floor mop.11. Dry the wet floor using dry towels or paper towels.12. After we make sure that everything is clean, use some air fresheners on the entire house to clean and sanitize the air inside.13. Put all the garbage collected on a garbage bag and call a junk removal or junk hauling company who will collect all the unwanted thrash. One can sit back and relax after all the work is already done. Next >Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 July 2011 21:06Who's OnlineWe have 272 guests online Site StatisticMembers : 51015 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15248914 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue,Customer Service. Crocs shoes are perfect for work, as people in the medical or nursing field have made Crocs shoes a popular choice. 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Online Store Find The Latest Style Of Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue,Women Nike Free Run 3 Light Bone Vivid Orange Although swimming and competitive diving are both separate sports, much of the equipment is the same. While there are specialty swimsuits designed to promote faster swim times, some suits can offer additional skin protection to divers. Equipment needed for swimming and diving varies greatly when it comes to training gear. Swimmers use a variety of tools to help them build strength, gain proper form and reduce swim times. The equipment used by divers is primarily boards, trampolines and surfaces outside of the pool to help practice proper form. Proper swimwear for swimming and diving is important. For those looking to get a workout from swimming or diving, comfort and fit are the most important aspects of a proper swimsuit. New fabrics can eliminate resistance and have been proven to improve times in competitive swimming. Durable fabrics can help reduce wear and tear on suits, particularly in those using chlorinated water. Weighted suits can help in training and lighter fabrics can improve buoyancy (and therefore overall performance). Eye protection is available in the form of masks or goggles, although masks are not used by divers. Anti fog goggles, prescription swim goggles and nose covering masks are all types of eye protection offered by swim companies. Additionally, specialty sprays can help reduce fog on traditional goggles or masks. Mirrored goggles that can help divers and swimmers see the water's surface also are available. Ear and nose protection comes in various types and is used primarily by swimmers. Silicone, wax and rubber ear plugs can all help reduce water in the ears and the instances of infection, and water resistant ear phones can help plug ears to both protect and entertain swimmers. Nose plugs, nose clips and mask/snorkel sets can enhance the swimming experiences of both amateur and experienced swimmers. Head protection in the form of swim caps or hair gels that protect and coat hair strands from sun and chlorine are used by many swimmers and divers who train both indoors and out. Skin protection in the form of shirts or full body swimsuits help prevent rashes and excess sun exposure. Body glide gels and sticks help swimmers glide through the water and anti chlorine body lotions can keep chlorine from absorbing into the skin while swimming or diving. Training gear for swimming can include fins, weighted fins, hand weights, kickboards for sidekick workouts and to relieve neck pain, pull buoys to promote upper body strength, finger paddles to enhance breaststroke training, ankle locks to prevent feet from splitting during sets, hip rotators to help with upper body roll and fitness gloves to improve glide through the water. Hydro resistant dumbbells, weighted belts, leg training weights and jog belts are all used by swimmers in training. Waterproof wrist watches with timers and water shoes are also used by those who practice resistance training in the water. Training gear for diving includes springboards and trampolines, portable platforms, water agitating systems to help divers see the water's surface and balance boards to build strength and balance. Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Runway Satin Bow Platform Booties are a funky shoe from the Miu Miu Collection. This style is not for the shy at heart or the cautious fashion female. This style takes a fashion risk and are certainly a statement shoe. These heels are daring and discounted from their original price. Designer Shoe on Sale from Saks Saks Fifth Avenue normally retails this shoe for $895.00. Right now, this designer footwear is available for $358.00. That is quite a deal for a shoe from Miu Miu. The shoe is made in Italy with a snake print heel and leather lining and sole. This is certainly a time to grab a great deal from Saks!Outdoor exercise tips: What to wear for cold weather workoutsWhen there is a chill in the air, it's easy to think you'd be better off to put in a workout DVD, take your daily walk indoors at the local mall, or better yet, skip it all together. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants.

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