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There are over a million reasons the pregnant lady may be crying, but I thought it be fun to showcase 100 reasons the pregnant lady may be crying. I cried at The Wedding Singer. The part when Adam Sandler character sings to Drew Barrymore character on the plane. It just looked so real! Drew Barrymore was shaking as tears were forming in her eyes; Adam Sandler genuine smile melted my heart. She stepped on a LEGO. Seriously, that crap hurts like the dickens. She heard a sad or sentimental song on the radio. She can eat because she's puking everything up especially her favorite foods. She didn get outside fast enough and missed the ice cream truck. Spilled breast milk. The commercials for the SPCA. Sarah Mclachlan must stop. She has zero help from her spouse and is so tired from taking care of the other kids, housework, working full time, all star practices and play offs, cooking dinner, etc. She can see her feet anymore. She can see her vagina anymore! Her spouse is snoring and she can fall asleep. She just wanted a snack and the vending machine was broken. She got home from McDonalds only to realize the sweet and sour sauce for the nuggets wasn in the bag and that made the nuggets inedible. Men Nike Free Run 2 Green White Turquoise ,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Soar Blue Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Green Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Game Royalblue Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Gym Red Reflective Silver Pro Platinum Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Green Hello my name is David Brown and today we are going to talk about how to select a running shoe. Now selecting a running shoe can sometimes seem very daunting especially since there are so many different styles and colors and brands that are available out there. A variety of runners can fit into many different categories of shoes and we've been able to get them into three or four. So the first thing you've got to look at is what kind of foot do you have. Now a good way to know what kind of foot you have is what is called the wet test or once you step out of the shower you want to step on to a paper bag, lift your foot up, and see what kind of shape you see. If you see a very thin line you know that you have high arches. If you see a very flat line you know you have flat feet. Most of us fall somewhere in between but if you know you have very flat feet or high arches, this is going to require a very special shoe and sometimes even inserts called orthotics. Now once you know this about your foot you may want to do some other research by looking at some of your other running shoes or perhaps some walking shoes and you want to see where they wear. Do they wear mostly on the outside or mostly on the inside? Do they wear more on the heel or more on the forefoot? You'll be able to tell right away. On this shoe what I am talking about is you can look at the heel down here or the forefoot down here. I am talking about the outside of the shoe here or the inside of the shoe here. You can look at wear points on all of these spots so why am I telling you to do all of this research? Well that's the very next step is to go to a very nice running store. Don't just go to any place to buy your shoes, especially running shoes but go to a running shoe store. Tell the people there what you've found. Now they may even be able to do some other steps like have you run on a tread mill and be able to look at your feet and see how your feet land. But at the end of the day this is a scientific process and we are trying to find the right shoe that fits you. So after you go to a running shoe store decide what kind of budget you have, also let the people know that. Now the final thing is also how much are you going to run? If you are training for a marathon or you are just going to be running a few times a week this could also dramatically effect your choice of shoe and your purchase price and when you put together what you could afford and what science tells you you should buy, you should be able to know what running shoes to select. Men Nike Free Run 2 Green White Turquoise,Fast and dependable 24 hour race machine Consider the following numbers: 386km (240mi) and 6,630m (21,760ft). That's how far Trek Racing Co Op team rider Kelly Magelky rode and how much climbing he did during this past weekend's 24 Hours of Moab, which also served double duty as the 24 Hour US National title race. Though Magelky ultimately wasn't able to catch eventual winner Josh Tostado (Bach Builders), he did push Tostado to his physical and mental limits, finishing barely one lap behind and with the confidence moving forward that he can one day win. Like most elite 24 hour solo riders, Magelky's bike is a decidedly standard machine with none of the fancy ultralight bits typically found on dedicated short course cross country bikes durability and reliability are more important over the long haul here, not shaving a few grams. In fact, everyday riders will be comforted to see that the bike is a nearly 100 percent stock Trek Top Fuel 9.8, not the top end 9.9 SSL. Though the 9.8 shares all of the 9.9's features and suspension technology including 100mm of travel, the one piece magnesium Evo upper link, Active Braking Pivot rear end and carefully tuned Full Floater dynamic shock mounts the OCLV Black carbon fiber blend (instead of the 9.9's Red series mix) and workhorse Shimano Deore XT componentry (instead of the 9.9's XTR and custom FSA two ring carbon crankset) obviously add some weight. Substitutions and upgrades from stock are also few and far between, including a matching Deore XT cassette and Shimano chain, ESI Racer's Edge silicone foam rubber grips, and a faster rolling Bontrager Revolt Super X rear tire. Magelky has even retained the bigger and heavier 180mm diameter front rotor in spite of his wispy 65.7kg (145lb) weight, if only because he couldn't be bothered to make the switch. Total weight is a reasonable but far from superlight 11.44kg (25.1lb) complete with his requisite spare tube, CO2 canister, rear light, and bottle cages. But don't think the extra weight slowed him down much: Magelky's 1:03 first lap was the fourth fastest of all participants multi person pro teams included (Tostado was just four hundredths behind) and the conservative parts pick netted a mechanical free run throughout the race. And don't forget that that first lap also included Moab's traditional Lemans style start. So no, kids, while super tricked out bikes are undoubtedly nice to have, they're clearly not an absolute necessity to go fast. In addition to the short course cross country speed, Magelky's laid out short course cross country position stands in distinct contrast to the more relaxed setups preferred by some of his competition. Though he stands only a moderately tall 1.83m (6' 0"), Magelky rides Trek's largest XL frame size and runs a 120mm long stem flipped down. "I've lengthened out a lot more and my bars are a little lower. I feel like any time my bars are higher I have a lot more pressure on my hands," he said. "My bike is pretty much set up the same way if I did a two hour cross country race or a 24 hour race and I've had no issues with my back or anything like that." According to Magelky, that efficient position is only possible through lots of off season core work in the gym a key pointer he picked up from long time 24 hour veteran Mary Grigson. "She was always an advocate of a lot of core strength," he said. "I would see the difference going to the gym all winter long and then staying on top of the fit ball, especially before 24 hour races. I would realize that I was very comfortable, even 18 hours in." Magelky's training regime is fairly classic but his race day nutrition is anything but, including virtually everything but typical energy foods. According to the self employed video producer (whose high powered clientele includes National Geographic and musical group The Fray), 'normal' grub ruled the day. "Corn chips, tomato soup, oatmeal anything that's warm in the middle of the night that can keep your morale up and has good calories and good salt," he admitted. "I drank an Ensure pretty much every other lap, Snickers bars, Kit Kats, gummy bears you name it. If it was sweet and had sugar and had calories, I was going to eat it. Quick calories but my stomach was 100 percent fine at the end of the race." Magelky's stomach wasn't the only thing that was fine at the end of the race as he looked surprisingly fresh when he came into the finishing tent for the last time and also maintained fairly consistent lap times to the bitter end. Indeed, Magelky says he's never felt fitter or faster than this year's event and save for two separate instances of light failures during his night laps and a lapse in concentration, one can only wonder what might have been.

Mens Men Nike Free Run 2 Green White Turquoise,Women Free Run 3 Prism Blue Reflective Silver Pure Platinum Volt Parents of teenage daughters know how difficult it is to stay one step ahead of her, when it come to shopping for formal attire, whether it is for a formal dance or the prom. An even more monumental task between parent and teenage daughter is shopping for "the perfect" shoes to go with "the perfect" dress. When I attended these formal occasions, a couple of decades ago, you picked out a satin pump to dye to match your dress (very easy, huh?). Gone are those days. Girls have a wide variety of dress shoe options, anywhere from flip flops to stilettos. Once the decision is made between flats or heels, then comes the decision of embellishments, no embellishments or as my daughter would say bling or no bling. Recently, I was shopping with my daughter for dress shoes to go with a dress for a formal dance. I received a crash course on shoes for formal wear. My daughter tried on flip flops with clear rhinestones, flip flops with colored rhinestones, shoes with wedged heels, stilettos with no embellishments, stilettos with embellishments, shoes in a number of colors including shoes in gold, silver, and bronze. Some of the shoes slipped on, some buckled, while other shoes tied around the ankle. Like any parent, in this situation, I longed for the days when she was five years old and that I could buy her a pair of black patent t strapped dress shoes. Then a second thought crossed my mind, and that was that I wish I would have had all those choices when I was her age. Men Nike Free Run 2 Green White Turquoise Perry still doesn't know what led to her mother being hospitalized Wednesday, but understands Lane was hospitalized in the Emergency Room for being intoxicated in public. VIDEO: Cynthia Lane's daughter speaks out Lane, 57, of Salinas, wrestled with an alcohol addiction for most of her life, and was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, Perry said. Lane donated all of her free time to working with her church, Victory Outreach, and local charities, her daughter said. "My mom is very loving with a big heart. There's a lot of people who love her whose hearts are broken," Perry said. "She's very non judgmental and gets along with everybody. She loves her grandchildren, and I haven't told them yet. They're going to be devastated." Lane has nine grandchildren. Perry was still trying to notify family members that are spread across the country on Thursday night. Wednesday on East Laurel Drive. Lane had just been released from Natividad Medical Center's emergency room when she fell in the street. Rascon had followed the patient outside to return a backpack she forgot in the hospital. After seeing Lane fall, the security guard rushed to help her,police officer Gerard Ross said. While Rascon was kneeling by the patient, Francisco Miranda Jr., 23, of Salinas, was driving in a Ford Taurus toward them, Ross said. The Ford Taurus was traveling 45 mph when it hit both women. Rascon was flung nearly 50 feet, and Miranda ran her over a second time before fleeing the scene, Ross said. Lane and Rascon died within minutes. "Miranda reeked of marijuana, as did the car," Ross said. "Miranda admitted to smoking (marijuana) and submitted to a blood test." Investigators determined Miranda had been driving while high on marijuana. He was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail on two counts of murder, felony DUI, felony hit and run, and driving with a suspended license. Miranda had already been convicted of DUI twice in 2013.

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